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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 21

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

The sweat wey dey my head come multiply, na so my heart beat ma come increase, na me be dis, kai, see S#xual harassment but as a bad boy, as the conductor just show my place I just comot money pay for the two of us.

The babe just roll her nyash come press my J0yst!ck well well in appreciation, na so my waist just enter automatic mode just move on im own accord come press her nyash wella.

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My breath ma come draw inside, my lap just hot, my heart come dey beat for my J0yst!ck.
Na today I dey do bad thing, thins one wey be say na she carry herself come, I go make sure say she go stop to dey harrass masses for bus with her big nyash. Wait o!!! no be me say I go stop to dey enter dat bus fro m dat day… Na mouth I make cos my mind come make himself automatically say “before im go stop to dey enter subsidy after dem revert the price of fuel go back N65, wey me no say no dey possible”.

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As the conductor just pass go back from wia she comt from, I just stare around come swallow small spit come make sure say everybody dey follow discuss one kind mumu topic wey some guys dey argue, na so I just settle down to work. I first move my body close to the babe come ask her if I dey press her, in reply the babe just look me, come smile one kind smile. Hand wey she fold for her b0s0m, na so she carry am come down like say she wan scratch something com use style grab my J0yst!ck come sqeueez am lightly.

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Na so I shudder, my mind come dey ponder, infact I come dey wonder…. With wetin happen the last time with dat other babe, me no want make e repear imself o. I just respect myself draw back small, as my J0yst!ck leave her nyash, na so the cap of my J0yst!ck just throb, d tin come pull e slightly inside, come vibrate small. Sho, wetin my J0yst!ck mean na, abi na im own way of protesting the subsidy wey I just do for the nyash? As my J0yst!ck react like that, I come feel one kind uneasiness, na so I tell myself say, even though I dey weak, I no go let this kind big nyash pass me by, I must touch even though I no Bleep….. na from their na im I pick the tempo from my J0yst!ck hand o….

I must consume this nyash whether the nyash like am or not.

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