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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 20

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

After the breath taking Bleep, I went into the bathroom and took my bath, all this while, my mind replaying all that had happened.

As I dey tink am dey go, na so my J0yst!ck wan react but omo menh, me just hold d thing still say make im relax. Rose herself don use style comot from the rest room. As I bath, na so I change… When I reach outside, omo, night don do finish but no yawa, me go still enter house dat day. I dragged myself from the gate till I got to the junction, then boarded a taxi to d bus stop I am supposed to enter a cab from.

As I reach bus stop, me just go join queue.

Normally, for this kind situation, instead of following traffic, I go jump am go dey argue say I must enter.

As my turn reach, car don full, na so I enter don already put am for mind say, “guy, plus all this tiredness, na still stand you want stand abi”?…

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I just enter d bus, stroll go the extreme end come stand dia. Na so one babe ma follow me come stand for my front. I look her, the babe guage die but for my mind, I just dey swear for toto…. After I don finish Bleep calabar booty, where this one con comot from, abi na fate send am come make e come tease me… For my mind, na so I say, fate don fail cos nothing dey happen. I just stand my ground gidikpa until the bus come full to the brim so tay sef people dey troway as we dey proceed dey go.

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Na there and then n aim I tell myself say na today go be the last wey I go enter Subsidy.

But me no even know say na just mere raking as wetin come happen come make me get second thought.

Na so the journey progress o, small small me just hang on dey swear for the badluck abi na Goodluck wey make me stay behind Bleep toto…. I just dey wonder o…. Na so I just hold on to the railings dey look outside window, I no even care say na nyash dey some few centimeters from my J0yst!ck. Like as e dey be, the conductor come wan come collect transport money, as she dey advance na, she dey say make we adjust, because of the vex wey I dey vex, na so I bone. The babe wey dey my front come adjust, as she adjust, na so her big nyash come land for my J0yst!ck. I just take in deep breath come tell myself say I can do it.

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I ignore the softness of her nyash but my J0yst!ck get im own mind. Na so my J0yst!ck just react slowly. As the J0yst!ck dey try rise, me dey do psychological practitioning on top. For where, as the tin no want relax, na so sweat come break out for my head.

For my mind I come dey say which kind wahala be dis… On a very good day, me go even move go close to the nyash but today, history come re-write imself. I just dey pray for my mind make the babe no just try anything funny, dey raise head dey look here and there to make sure say people mind their own business.

The babe just relax like say nothing dey happen.

Me come say make I kuku adjust go back a little, na so I draw go back small. As I dey happy say my J0yst!ck don get breathing space, na so the babe come move her nyash come back, locate my J0yst!ck come adjust am in such a way wey be say my J0yst!ck come dey rest for the crack of her nyash.

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