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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 2

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

The first day of the job just dey boring, omo imagine say dem sack person take me replace am and like play play, nobody do any handing over to me. The thing tire me no be small.

Before ten o’clock I don sweat full body all in the name of say I want put things in order.

Person wey talk say Calabar girls no dey homely and comely, no get talk. Make dat person go look for chair Kack. E get this fine receptionist wey dem de call Roselyn for the place. As I enter that morning, she come carry herself come meet me tell me welcome. O boy see sweat na, the girl just come siddon for the hand of my chair come carry her hand dey rub my head. Like play play, instead of make I relax, I come dey sweat for fore-head. See wetin man pikin go put imself inside. She come dey tell me say for here na help me I help you o, say as per say my position dey important, make I use am dey help dem small dey give small info.

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Unto bad guy from a good papa, I come use style do as if I wan arrange my hand na so im come touch her bossom, the thing soft no be lie. I carry style look her face whether she go sq££ze am, the expression wey I see there show me say I dey in for a bumpy ride.

The player in me just activate automatically na im I look her tell her say, “well, management, day wen dem employ me no tell me say na brotherly and sisterly love dey happen for here but since you don talk, I fit adjust a little just to favour you”. The yarn make her laff come playfully rest her b0s0m for my head, O’boy, see waves wey pass through. As I say make I begin dey relax, n aim my intercom beep o.
I pick, the voice for the other end na Madam o. she tell me say make I report sharpaly to her office say she wan see me.

My mind shake small, wetin I don do na. I never even spend five hours na im dem dey call me come office. Na so I do sign of the cross before I stand up, reach her door, I cross myself like three times. As I enter the office, my breath seize. E be like say dem import the office come put inside the hotel as the place dey cool and well furnished. Just imagine say person carry im living room come put for office, na so the place be. See big flat screened plasma TV, huge fridge, confirm paintings for wall, the rug soft for leg as if na vitafoam I dey waka on top.

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Men!!! This is life… But as I just raise my eyes carry meet my madam own, mehn, na so d sweat begin dey pour like shower. Immediately na im my mind start to dey recite Psalm23….

Who go see better thing wan leave am.
My madam look me, come ignore me like say I no dey there, na so she just bend down dey write for her executive table wey all this kind olden days carvings dey on top. I stand there for like five minutes dey pray, come even switch enter fasting mode say I no go reason any n.ude thing till I leave there.

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