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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 19

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

I looked straight at the lacy [email protected], the wetness trailing it and I got a harder J0yst!ck.

I used the tip of my nose to caress the mound, then opening my mouth I placed it on the [email protected] I gave it a deep sU-Ck and had the fluid fill my mouth, I paused for a while to taste the fluid before finally swallowing it. I lifted my hands up and dragged the [email protected] slowly until it got to her knees, the I made her face the wall and buried my face in-between her arse with my mouth having direct access to the [email protected] hole. I sU-Ck the Pour dripping out and then proceeded to tease her [email protected] hole with my finger, I’ll dipp my finger into the [email protected], finger Bleep her, then I’ll put my tongue in place of it. Rose was m0an!ng silently as she doesn’t want to free herself totally.

Looking back now, if Rose had yelled, maybe I won’t be writing this, instead, I’ll be at home cursing her for causing my downfall.

Women [email protected] sweet, any guy not eating [email protected] should consider himself unlucky o.

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As I sU-Cked and grinded on her [email protected], I felt her vibrating, gosh!!! She was about Approaching and there is no way am going to allow that passing me by. I licked her [email protected] furiously and tactically, concentrating more on her femalecore. I wasn’t surprised when she poured her Pour right into my mouth and I swallowed everything, even smacking my lips in the process, I made sure I cleaned everything with my tongue. As I stood, she remained in that position, her arse protruding backward; I took my J0yst!ck and pushed it slowly into the [email protected] hole.

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The way her [email protected] received my J0yst!ck was astonishing as it sU-Cked it in, I had to pull it out mid-way (Na me dey in charge). I pushed it in again, this time putting in almost half of the length, then pulled it out slowly, Rose who was recovering told me in a voice I did not recognize that I should Bleep her cos she wants to get going. She has left her duty post for too long. (Du ba wannan yarinya, da na gamma sha mata duri ne ta san wai za ta koma aiki…. Ba damuwa). Because of what she said, the third time, I rammed with full force into [email protected] and this made a loud scream to escape her mouth. E be like say she no know say I dey test run her before I finally enter.

As I felt my J0yst!ck buried deep inside her [email protected], I paused for a moment to get the feel of the [email protected] on my J0yst!ck.

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Then I started grinding her slowly, increasing the tempo with each passing moment.

As I grinded, I held her two breasts from behind and bleeped her on and on. I bleeped her with a speed that I was running out of air and all I could hear from Rose was gasping and deep throated m0ans. She was also trying to make me Pour faster as she contracted the wall of her [email protected] and was meeting my every thrust for a return trust. I felt myself Approaching and I practically went crazy as my eye rolled up, I sq££zed her b0s0m tighter and vibrated with a alarming speed.

I exploded deep in her [email protected] and the force the final thrust pushed both of us to the wall as my J0yst!ck went into the deepest region of hey [email protected] I panted and tried to catch my breath with her also doing the same. Damn…. It was really a nice Bleep from a Calabar lady even though I seemed to be in charge.

I kissed her on her neck with my J0yst!ck still buried in her but was beginning to lose size and was sliding slowly out of her [email protected]….

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