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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 18

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

I used my hand to push my J0yst!ck in between her thighs right under her [email protected]

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Then pushing my other hands down I kneaded her butt0ckz, the other hand joined na with the two I kneaded away, my lips buried in her lips.

I pushed slowly to the wall, when we got closer to the wall, I turned her round and rested my own back on the wall. Then using my finger still standing, I inserted it into her anus. A m0an escaped her mouth. Then slowly I started digging in and out of her arsehole.

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I was enjoying everything. I got tired of that soon enough as there was more serious business waiting to be completed. I removed my hand and then bent slowly and practically swallowed her hard Tips. I sU-Cked and teased it with my tongue while Rose body was quivering.

I bit the Tips in between the sU-Cking, as I sU-Cked, I moved slow my tongue slowly across her b0s0m, (this babe is gifted, yansh wisely and b0s0m wisely), pausing to kiss here, and bite there. It was really something I had always fantasized on doing. I just couldn’t bring myself to hurry. As I came to her stomach region, I turned her round and made her lean on the wall while I kissed slowly downward.

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I got to the belly button, I played around there a bit kissing and sU-Cking it, I pushed my head downward a bit and took those little hair trailing down to the [email protected] in between my teeth and pulled a bit. I got a reaction as she pushed my hear downward.

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