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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 14

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

The moment I see her, na so my mind just go far, kai…. Na so I just continue with the work wey I dey do dreamily…. I just no send again say I suppose go house sef, looking back now, I still dey wonder wetin give me that rest of mind.

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As I finish the last work, by that time, na only people wey dey for night shift na dem dey, I just turn to her side as she stand for reception dey look.. I just tell her say “ Rossy, I wan start to dey go o…. I no want make hold-up keep me for this mumu road till ten o’clock”. As I talk am, her colleague come dey use sweet mouth dey tell me say make I just stay with them through out the night make I keep them company. O boy, me I no just send, I tell her say wetin I get to do for house important pass the gist wey I go dey gist them…. Na so I just voice am out say I wan go change my clothe, na that moment ma na im Rose carry her self comot. I come stay small make the other babe laugh…. To be sincere, the other babe ma try but she too dey act dull plus her body mass dey give me fear…

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Who want make massive flesh crush am? As I yarn finish, na so I just stroll confidently and innocently dey go changing room.

The changing room dey serve as both bathroom and conveniency for us guy, na one passage as e be say female own dey for front and na only on wall divide the two place.

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The moment I stroll enter, I just go straight to my locker place, peel of all my clothes come Unclad…. Na so I turn make I enter bathroom go baff….. Na who I see with one kind wicked smile for her face…… ROSE

I shock because I come dey wonder how she take get that kind mind enter inside men rest-room, another thing ma dey my mind, this girl no know say me na new staff and my stay never dey stamped? Which kind devil work be dis…. What if one of this night shift guys come catch abi na see us? That na very bad thing o…

If them come fire me, na wetin I go go say make them fire me for house?

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