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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 12

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

I went to work the following day feeling depressed… I could barely walk, yet I just had to go hustling, no point in giving an impression that am a lazy fellow who automatically falls ill after the first day on the job. In fact, they will start asking for my health pass report…. Abi na blood test them go subject me to, the doctor fit come discover say I dey run low on Pour…

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Tufiakwa…. Allah Sowake….. I got to the office that morning feeling all used and in a very bad mood, as soon as I stepped into the hotel through the backdoor, (that’s where you follow to sign in) lo and behold, there was Rose bending down, her arse protruding and she was signing in. On a very good day, I’ll just test the water my coming close to her and allowing my J0yst!ck brush against her arse just to see the reaction, but that morning, I just looked at the arse in a disgusted way. Feeling my presence, she turned towards me and caught me staring at her bum-bum, but wetin man go do, instead of adjusting my eyes, I just kept on staring lazily. That look passed a wrong message as Rose just looked at me and smacked her lips, the smacking brought me out of my reverie, Mehn… Wetin come be dis… I looked at her and asked her if she had honey on her lips that she’s smacking it, instead of answering, she just came close to me… (Kai!!! Wannan yarinya ba kyau… ba ta gani wai na ci duri har na kusa mutu, kai, Innalilahi wa innaliwa raji’un ) abeg I no fit translate….

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Before boko boys go show my base….. Trust all this kings guard security men, the one on duty just asked if I wanted to sign and I should come over and get it done instead of standing and teasing a lady. What’s this guy’s own self?

I walked lazily towards the desk with rose blocking my path… I already knew what she was going to do so I made no effort to stop her; she quickly dug her hand under and felt my stuff… I no just send, no reaction.. No feeling…

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I just walked on like she was holding my hands….(Kai!!! Na gode wa Allah wai ban mutu ba… Dama an giya mun wai duri tana kasha mutane… Jiya na sanni, amma duk da haka, zan cigaba da ci…. Bari na dan huta….)

Thank God I did not die… I have been told once that Kitty-Cat kills but I refused to believe.

Yesterday it dawned on me but no matter what, I will keep on Bleeping, let me rest for a little while. MUST HUMAN BEING HEART DEY CORRUPT AFTER CLOSE SHAVE WITH DEATH…..? BIG QUESTION ON MY MIND

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