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The Male Secretary (18 ) – Episode 10

The Male Secretary (18 )

The Male Secretary (18 )

Picture me seating on a couch, almost lying down on it then a lady ontop of me with her pants slightly down and her b0s0m right in my mouth with my hardened rod in-between her legs. Very uncomfortable abi? That was how I felt, but the s£nsat!on I was feeling at that moment made me to over look it, infact I no even mind at all. I just kept up with the fingering, my J0yst!ck at its bursting limit.

I moved her a little bit so that that my Johnson could get a little air, then this crazy idea occurred to me. As my J0yst!ck was in the open, I stopped the fingering and used the hand to undo my zippers, move my boxers to a side and brought out my Johnson. As it came out, I bent it a little bit, searching for the Kitty-Cat.

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As the arse came back on my lap, I slowly inserted my J0yst!ck within the trousers towards the dripping Kitty-Cat. With her trouser still on, she adjusted a little then from outside, used her hand to guide my J0yst!ck into her Kitty-Cat. Gosh… The s£nsat!on that went through my body and the satisfying m0an she gave when I entered with the tightening of her Kitty-Cat muscle made me feel the rush of my Pour. I paused a bit, swallowed saliva to stop the Pour from cuming (English from Havard), then started rocking her from below (no word spoken between us). The Kitty-Cat was a little tight, the arse massive and the body perfect.

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I just held unto her arse, opened it wider so I could gain deeper penetrations as she bounced slowly on top of me. This continued for the next five minutes, then her bouncing started accelerating, her m0an become louder “ash… ooooh…..sssssss……’s sweet……” I just half la!d there giving her my J0yst!ck slowly and taking deep breath.

Then pulling her trouser down a bit (still riding me), she proceeded to ride me faster, my breath was now coming in puffs, when all of a sudden, she removed my J0yst!ck from her Kitty-Cat, fixed it in between the space between her trouser and her Kitty-Cat, then bring my J0yst!ck to her Kitty-Cat, she started rocking her femalecore with it. Bouncing up and down and rubbing it, the s£nsat!on was so out of this world. Soon she started vibrating, shaking violently and then let out a loud m0an…. She came all over my trouser… as she was trying to catch her breath, I promptly inserted my J0yst!ck into her and she moved a bit then I started rocking her again.

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As I fuccked her furiously from under, she bounced harder from the top. I continued until I started feeling myself coming….. Noticing it, she bounced all the more faster, me just bone, no wan allow any sound comot from my mouth except the puffs, this made her to bounce all the more faster, and then she started vibrating.

Her Kitty-Cat wall engulfed my d.ick in a tight embrace and as she came… with a loud roar (I surprised even myself), I came, shooting my Pour deep into her puss.y.

I was breathless for like thirty seconds….

Mehn!!! TOTO sweet… No be lie…. Even strangers own.

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