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The Makings Of A Triangle Love – Season 1 – Episode 7

I woke up in the hospital. My family was there to comfort me but my father depressed me more, he
said “ ba Josh didn’t I tell you about these women you like. So if I had not introduced you to
business you would have been broke, I always told you to take it easy. All we know is Cindy is in
Australia we don’t even know where exactly she is. For now forget about her and focus on the
child you have with Mandy, maybe marry her since there is an open vacancy for a wife.”
I was depressed for months, I couldn’t believe Cindy would do that to me. My family kept
pressuring me to marry Mandy but I wasn’t ready for any relationship talk less of marriage. Due to
pressure from my family and Mandy’s I decided to marry her to please them. I wasn’t a
man. Mandy and I lived like roommates instead of husband and wife. Mandy kept pressuring me to
have a second child but I refused.
A year later I received a call from a lady called Bella, she said she wanted to meet me in private.
She said she was Mandy’s friend. I left my office and went to meet Bella who said “ im your wife’s
friend. Mandy and I have been friends for over 10 years. I was shocked to hear you guys got
married. Are you sure baby Stanley is yours? It’s not jealousy or what but after hearing what you
went through with your ex-wife, I don’t want you to go through that depression again. The thing is
that the period you and Mandy started dating, she was seeing a guy called David who lives in
Atlanta now and that guy also pays child support. I won’t say the child isn’t yours but he looks
more like David. It shocked me to hear you guys are married, hope Mandy isn’t planning
something but to be honest with you she is still seeing David so be careful with her.” My life was
crushing right in my eyes. The past two years I knew Stanley was my son and hearing such news
was so depressing. I went home but I didn’t ask Mandy anything I just monitored her movements.
A few weeks later Zola called me to have some drinks with her. I won’t lie, Zola and I had fun. She
invited me over to her house but I refused. I got home drunk so I had courage to ask Mandy what
was going on, I asked who Stanley’s father was. She claimed I was his father. The next morning
she told me “you were quite drunk last night, you were acting funny. Even saying Stanley isn’t your
son. Why would you say that?” I just looked at her and left the table.
3 months later, David was in Zambia and all of a sudden Mandy started working late. She had so
many excuses for coming home late. One Friday, Mandy called me saying she had a workshop
coolval stories
and she would be home very late. That same night my friends invited me for some drinks saying
their friend from Atlanta wanted to chill with them so I decided to join them. Little did I know their
/> friend was David, who kept on saying his girlfriend would join us soon and behold Mandy walked
in the room. David said “ guys meet my woman Mandy, I actually came to make things official with
her, she accepted my proposal so we are starting to do some paper work then travel back to
Atlanta with our son.” Everyone at the table was quiet because everyone knew Mandy was my
wife. Mandy just looked at me and excused herself. I followed her outside and she said “Josh I’m
sorry. I didn’t mean for all this to happen. I only married you because David said he wasn’t ready
for any serious relationship. The period I got pregnant I was with you and him so I didn’t know who
impregnated me between the two of you, you were more mature and ready to settle down that’s
why I told you I was pregnant but when Stanley was born he looked exactly like David. So David
and I started seeing each other and we love each other. Hope you will forgive me for this mess.
I’m really sorry.”

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