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The Makings Of A Triangle Love – Season 1 – Episode 5

I just ignored Cindy and slept. In the morning I went to see Mandy to explain to her my situation. I
even told her I was forced to marry Cindy, I told her I loved her and not my wife.
Things were back to normal for me and my Mandy, we were a happy couple. Mandy was 6
months pregnant and I was so happy and proud. One day Mandy came to my office and said
“where is our relationship going? Are we going to get married or what? I know you love me but
why are you still with that woman you call your wife. Your wife is 35 and you are just 30. You need
a young woman like me. When are you divorcing that old woman?” I told her it wasn’t an easy
thing to do, then she started shouting at me and it was quite embarrassing. That
evening I just
went straight to the bar to drink some beer so that I drown my sorrows.
I got home past midnight and went straight to Cindy’s bedroom, she was just from taking a shower
so she was just in a towel. I couldn’t control myself so Cindy and I had sex. The next day Cindy
and I were quite romantic, we acted like a happy married couple, we even went to church as a
family and after church we went to the park to have some fun. Mandy kept calling but I ignored her
Two months later, Cindy was pregnant again but this time around I was happy. Mandy was in
labor so her best friend called me, I went to the hospital till she delivered, Mandy delivered a baby
boy and I named him Stanley.
Baby Stanley was just 3 months when Mandy’s father suggested that I marry Mandy. I told Mandy
I wasn’t going to divorce my wife and I wasn’t going to marry her. I told her to forget me but I was
going to be there for baby Stanley but she said “you are joking. You want to leave me after giving
you 3 yrs of my life. You wasted my time Josh, besides who can marry me now, I already have a
son for you. Ok marry me as your second wife. This embarrassment is too much for me. What will
I tell my friends and my relatives? “I just walked out and went home to my wife and kids.
I decided to visit my father for some advice then he said “Josh… you and your women stories.
Josh you have no ears or what because you never listen. So what happens to your son born
outside wedlock? Is your wife going to allow you to take a second wife? I know you love this
Mandy girl but Cindy has 2 kids and expecting the 3rd child soon. Mandy just has one kid and is
still young so she can easily find someone else so I think you need to let Mandy go.” I was so
broken because even if I started developing feeling for Cindy, I still loved Mandy more. I decided
to talk to Cindy about me marrying a second wife then she said “hell no. you think I will allow you
marry someone else, you must be joking. You
have no shame to even ask such a stupid
question.” Even though she answered me that way, I knew I wasn’t going to stop seeing Mandy.
Cindy delivered our 3rd child, a baby girl. Mandy kept on pressurizing me to marry her and that
stressed me out. Cindy became a more nagging wife and Mandy on the other hand became a
baby mama straight from hell. These two women kept on fighting each other, embarrassing each
other even in public.
We had an end of year party at the office, I took neither Cindy nor Mandy because I felt out of love
with both of them. Suddenly one beautiful curvy woman caught my attention, so I went to join her
on her table. I introduced myself and she told me her name was Zola. After the party Zola and I
exchanged numbers. We would communicate once in a while on whatsapp.

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