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The Makings Of A Triangle Love – Season 1 – Episode 4

Cindy and I got married but I wasn’t a happy man because I never loved her. Meanwhile Mandy
and I continued getting closer and we developed feelings for each other and eventually became a
couple. I never told Mandy I was married because I truly loved Mandy and I was scared that she
would dump me.
3 months later, my boys and I were having some drinks so I went home drunk. That night when I
got home, Cindy looked so attractive in my eyes. She looked like a goddess. Cindy and I made
passionate love, it was a romantic night but in the morning when I sobered up all those feelings
had gone.
Exactly a month later, Cindy was pregnant. And this time around I couldn’t even tell her to abort
because she was my wife. I really didn’t want Cindy to keep the pregnancy but I had no choice
to accept.
It was Valentine’s Day, Mandy invited me over to her house. We had a great night and made love.
I spent a night at Mandy’s house and Cindy kept on calling my phone till I decided to switch it off.
In the morning I decided to take a bath and while I was bathing, Mandy switched on my phone and
found messages and missed calls from Cindy. She continued going through my phone and saw
pictures of Cindy and Josh junior. When I finished bathing I noticed Mandy wasn’t in a good mood.
I tried talking to her but she just gave me a serious face. I said bye to her and left. Mandy decided
to call my wife without even informing me, so when I got home Cindy was very upset plus she was
9 months pregnant and very hormonal. I asked her what the problem was then she said “where did
you sleep last night? Don’t tell me you were working because I called your office and the secretary
said you left the office early. Anyway some girl called me this morning, she says she is your
girlfriend. So Josh you now have girlfriends huh? I’m not enough for you?” I just lied to her saying
Mandy was my bitter ex-girlfriend.
A few days later Cindy delivered a baby girl and we named her Natsai. I was a good father but
absolutely not a good husband. Cindy tried to please me but I told her I no longer loved her. I told
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her we had to get a divorce but promised to take care of her and the kids but she refused.
Mandy and I travelled to siavonga for fun and while there she said “babe I’m two months pregnant.
My father says you need to come see him. He also said you will have to marry me because no
other man will marry me.” I told her marrying her will be quite difficult. Mandy stopped talking to me
for a whole month. One Saturday she came with her uncles to my house. Her uncles insulted me
and shouted at me for not being man enough. They told me to marry Mandy but as usual I
refused. Cindy heard some loud noises outside so she came outside. I felt embarrassed and didn’t
know what to say then Mandy said “Josh who’s this? This
better be your maid, what is a woman
dong in your house this early morning?” even before I could open my mouth, Josh junior came
shouting “daddy daddy, Natsai has woken up. Mummy who are these people, they look upset.”
Mandy started crying on top of her voice like someone had just died then she left with her uncles.
The whole day Cindy didn’t ask about the scenario that happened in the morning, she was just a
good wife. She cleaned the house, she baked and cooked for me and the kids. At 22hrs as I was
about to sleep, Cindy comes in my room looking upset and said “ bwana please explain what the
hell was going on in the morning? Is that your girlfriend? She looked surprised to see me, you
didn’t tell her you were a married man with 2 kids?”

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  • Why continue with Mandy even after he the second child with Cindy who have proven to be a good wife

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