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The Makings Of A Triangle Love – Season 1 – Episode 3

chapter 3
That night I couldn’t even sleep. I was so anxious and happy to be working for the president.
Monday came and I had to report for work, I made sure I looked so smart and clean. I had no car
so going for work was a big struggle but since I was going to the State House, I booked a taxi.
My first assignment was to take photos at the first lady’s birthday dinner. The first lady came down
the stairs with a very long sexy green dress, her beauty and curvy body was all I could see. Indeed
she was beautiful. After the party the first lady decided to have a conversation with me. We
laughed a little as I was taking pictures of her. She told me to accompany her to her husband’s
office, when we got there she told the president that I couldn’t go home because it
was late and I
wasn’t driving. She insisted I spent a night at the state house. I was given a very luxurious room
and some clothes to wear.
Just as I was about to sleep, a fair tall lady walked in my room and introduced herself as Mandy
the first lady’s young sister.
Mandy and I became very good friends, we would hang together and we had good times together.
After working at the state house for close to 6 months, I was promoted. I was given a big office
and a car. I was so happy that day so I went out and had a few drinks with friends, while out I met
Mandy chilling with her friends so I told them to join us. Mandy got so drunk so I drove her to my
place for her to sober up. The next morning I prepared some breakfast for us and at the table she
said “Josh am I that ugly? We have been friends for almost a year now and I’ve been waiting for
you to ask me out but you never do. Getting drunk last night was intentional because I knew you
would bring me to your house but you never touched me.” I just told her I thought she was cool
with us being friends but she said no.
I hadn’t seen my son in over a year so I tried calling Cindy who was hesitant to allow me see my
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son but she finally brought him to my house. Cindy and I talked and she told me she got divorced.
I felt bad for her because I knew she loved her husband so much. I asked her why she didn’t try to
work things out but she said “my husband was not only doing business abroad but he got married
and he has twins with his new wife. He asked for a divorce and left me with no property because I
had an affair with you. To be honest life for me and Josh junior has been difficult since I got
divorced. The day you called me I was actually happy because I knew you were going to help us
somehow. “I promised to help her and my son so I went to see my people to ask for some advice
on what to do but I was forced to marry Cindy, I
refused because I had fallen out of love with her
but my father said “ I was not there when you were lying in that bed impregnating each other. You
impregnated another man’s wife Josh and she got divorced in the process. I always told you to
change your ways with women but you never listened to me. Now you are going to marry a
woman who is 5 years older than you. Clap for yourself for you are the heavy weight champion.
Besides its better for Josh junior to grow up in your house. So from now on you and Cindy are a
married couple. Congratulations to the newest couple in town.”

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  • So sad for how Cindy life turn out to be,stay with the mother of your Child age is just a number

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