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The Makings Of A Triangle Love – Season 1 – Episode 2

The more I ignored Cindy the more she fell for me. I was working late one Friday and at about
20hrs Cindy walked in my office dressed seductively with a bottle of glenfiddich in her hands. She
asked me to join her and because she was dressed so seductive, I couldn’t think straight. We had
a couple of shots of glen and got so drunk (I guess you know what happened next, one thing led to
another.) Cindy drove us to her house, her husband was out of the country for business. All I
remember is we went to her matrimonial bedroom and the next morning we woke up naked. Cindy
felt a little bit embarrassed about our love making but as for me I was cool with it.
A month later Cindy called me to her office and said “Josh I haven’t been feeling well for the past
two weeks
so I visited my doctor who ran a few tests, I’m pregnant Josh and its definitely not my
husband’s because he hasn’t been around for four months. Congratulations, you are going to be a
father”. I just stood up, walked to the water dispenser and poured myself some water. The office
felt hot, I was sweating like no man’s business. I sat down and asked her the way forward and she
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said “we are keeping the baby. I know I’m married but what’s marriage without kids. I’ve been
married for close to 5 yrs now. My husband keeps travelling in and out of the country. I’m not
getting any younger, I’m 32 yrs old for crying out loud. I know my husband will be upset but I’m
keeping this baby.”
I was only 26 and the thought of impregnating a married woman was quite embarrassing so I told
Cindy she just had to terminate the pregnancy but she refused. I became a laughing stalk at work
because my workmates knew I had an affair with our CEO.
Cindy was 7 months pregnant when her husband came back to Zambia. To my surprise the man
wasn’t so upset with the wife but he fired me. Life became hard and I couldn’t afford to pay my
house rent so I moved to my older sister’s house in Makeni. My sister found a small job for me at
her shop of which my salary was so small but it was better than nothing.
Cindy delivered and she called me to go see our son, I was scared but she assured me that her
husband was not around. I went to Cindy’s house, we talked and I saw my son. Cindy told me “ I
know you can’t come back to the office because my husband will kill you, I know life is hard for you
right now and it’s all my fault but I promise to get you a well-paying job if you promise never to
come to my house to claim your son.” I told her yes then she told me she got a job for me at the
State House as one of the professional photographers there. I was so excited and I agreed to work
for the president.

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  • He shouldn’t have accept to forsake his child,and Cindy seems to only use him to get what she has been looking for if not she would have choose him over her husband that couldn’t get her pregnant for good five-years

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