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THE LOST KINGDOM – Season 1 – Episode 6

The lost kingdom
Episode 6
written by chichi tonia
Obata: yes your highness we will do as you said (and
they took the babies to the evil forest and buried them
When they returned back to the palace, the king was
with the queen and his two sons discussing (when the
guards came in)
king: have you done what i ask you to do?
obata: yes your highness, we have done it.
queen: done what?
king: The wife of late anayo gave birth to a set of
twins, which is a taboo in our land. so i ask them to
bury the babies alive.
queen: what! it can’t be because i know that nkiru
gave birth to one child not twins.
king: that is the truth dear, her friend ada came to me
when i was with my cabinets.
queen: Aww, what a bad friend
king: what do u mean by that? when you know that the
tradition have always been like that right from our
queen: but, you are the king u suppose to change that
stupid tradition, and you know that nkiru have been
looking for a child for the past 17years and you still
went ahead to kill the babies. that is wickness, what of
if i were the one that gave birth to a twins will you bury
them alive? no you will not do that because they are
your children that stupid tradition must stop.
i feel for that poor woman, she must have been going
through alot by now.
king: she knows the tradition she will soon get over it,
she is not the first to lose her twins.
Jekwu: your highness please i have something to say
king: And what do you have to say.
Jekwu: when we took the babies from her, she fought
me and i mistakely stab her with my matchet (he said
with a shaking voice)
king & queen: what! (they said at the same time)
king: who ask you to stab her? and where is she now
obata: Am sorry your highness, she is dead but before
she died she lay a curse on the land that there will be
a great disaster.
king: you guards are careless just a simple task you
cannot carry out, now you have killed the woman. oh
gods of our land have mercy on us, and as for what
she said is just a mere talk i don’t believe on
curse,……… as for you three guards get out of my
presence simple instruction you cannot do.
queen: i cant believe this is happening, they took away
her babies and still killed her …………
This is all your fault, if not for this tradition, the woman
would have been alive with her children (she angrily
walked away and her two sons followed her)
One month later later
The unexpected began to happen to the land. the king
was in the palace having a good moment with his
family, when all of a sudden they heard someone
screaming outside the palace, they rushed out
immediately to know what was going on. when they got
outside the palace they saw a woman carrying her
dead son
king: woman what is going on? and what happen to

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