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THE LOST KINGDOM – Season 1 – Episode 3

The lost kingdom
Episode 3
Ada: Ah what happened inside to for me to see the
baby beside the baby is too small to bring outside
Nkiru: you can’t stay inside, the heat inside is too
much, don’t worry i will bring the baby outside for you
to see.
Ada: anyway, no problem bring the baby out let me see
let me see him (so nkiru went inside and bring out one
of the twin)
Ada: wow this baby is beautiful, welcome to the world
(she said and carry the baby) and she and nkiru started
but nkiru’s mind was not at rest because of the other
twin she left inside
Ada: what is the problem? you don’t seems to
concetrate on what we are discussing or are you not
happy seeing me in your
Nkiru: why will u say a thing like that? of course am
happy seeing you (they continue with their discussing
all of a sudden the baby inside started crying)
Ada: what is happening? don’t tell me that you have
another baby. because the cry is coming from inside,
or are u hiding something from me? talk to me am your
Nkiru: can i trust you for what am about to tell you
(she said in a shaking tone)
Ada: why not, what are friends for you can always
count on me just tell me what is going on.
Nkiru: em….. em……., what am about to tell you,
promise me that you will keep it as a secret until i
figure the right time to escape with them.
Ada: i promise with my life that no ear will hear about
it, i will keep anything you tell me as a secret.
Nkiru: The truth is that i gave birth to a set of twins
and you know how long it took me before i have them,
even my husband risk his life just for me to have these
children, i can’t bear to lose them.
Ada: Ah, you mean your husband risk his life? i don’t
understand pls explain better. (nkiru explained how
everything happened)
Ada: chia, i felt for you my dear friend, don’t worry your
secret is safe with me (after they finished with their
discussion ada left)
Later that night
Ada was in her house talking to herself
Ada: so all this have been going on and nkiru have
been hiding it away from me, and now she want me to
keep it as a secret. when she knows the tradition of
our land. no way i must tell the king tomorrow that she
gave birth to a set of twins.
The whole villagers must hear about this.

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