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THE LOST KINGDOM – Season 1 – Episode 19 [Completed]

The lost kingdom
king :ikuku what is happening? there is no sign of rain
does it mean she’s still angry with the land.
ikuku : that I can not explain , let’s exercise more
patient to see whether it will rain.
1st elder :ah, if it doesn’t rain I will leave this village
with my family I can’t afford to lose any of them
(talking to the other elder )
2nd elder : me too, I will also leave with my own family
if it doesn’t rain.
ikuku :it have been taking long maybe , she’s still angry
with the kingdom .I have done my own part am leaving
to my village (as he was about to go ,a heavy thunder
blowed , lighten everywhere before anything could
happen it started raining , ikuku turned back and said
to the people it is done , she has forgiving the land you
are now free . everybody was in the mood of jubilation
also dancing in the rain)
king: great eyes of the gods thank you very much for
what you have done for this kingdom , you are indeed a
great one
ikuku :Am the messages of the gods , only doing what
the gods ask me to do , you people should live in peace
(he said and left)
Throughout that day it rains in the kingdom of okiji, the
whole villagers rejoice, singing and dancing celebrating
the restoration of their kingdom .
Two days later the king summoned ejike, and reward
him handsomely.
The king also went to the houses of those that lost
their love ones inside the forest and compasate them
with huge sum of money and some food stuff.
One year later
Ejike later got married and have children and he still
fulfilled his promise he made to obinna by taking care
of his wife and children, he make sure they never lack
Ada remain barren, and couldn’t bear children for her
husband, so he sent her away and married another
wife who bear him children.
The king later abolish the tradition of killing twins .
And the whole villagers lived in peace and harmony.
The End
A story written by Chichi Tonia.

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