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THE LOST KINGDOM – Season 1 – Episode 18

The lost kingdom
(semi final)
When ejike arrived to their kingdom, the villagers were
happy to see him, while some that their loved one’s
went with ejike to the forest that didn’t return with him
started crying and wailing.
At the palace
the king and the queen were in the palace talking,
when they heard noises outside the palace.
king: this one am hearing noises outside the palace,
are u sure another person have not die again? oh gods
of our land pls save us in this situation.
queen: my king let’s go outside first to know what is
happening (and they both went outside, ……. and to
their greatest surprise, they saw ejike holden a golden
calabash with some of the villagers that followed him
to the palace, some of them were jubilating, while
some are crying.
King: welcome my son, …….. but were are the others
that went with you to the forest, did they go to their
various home without coming to the palace first?
Ejike: am sorry your highness, they couldn’t make it
they all died.
king: oh no! what a pity i felt for them, just look at how
their families are crying.
The next day, they summoned ikuku to the palace.
king: welcome the great eyes of the gods. i summoned
you here, because they have bring the mystery water in
the golden calabash. so what is the next thing to do?
ikuku: i know that they have bring the mystery water i
saw everything. now what we will do is to go to the
grave where they buried the woman and pour the
mystery water on her grave to appease her spirit to
forgive the kingdom, for what they did to her.
king: so after pouring the mystery water on her grave,
how are we going to know that she has forgiven the
ikuku: it will rain, that is the sign of her forgiveness.
elder obi: and what if it doesn’t rain?
ikuku: then the kingdom will be doom.
king: so when are we going there?
ikuku: right now, so take me to her grave (and the
king, ikuku and some of the king’s cabinet all went
,when they got there)
king: that is were we buried her (pointing at nkiru’s
grave) and the king gave ikuku the mystery water in
the golden calabash.
After a moment of silence, ikuku do some incantation
and said.
ikuku: nkiru ………. the daughter of eke, i call upon
your soul to forgive the kingdom, which you lay a curse
on i know they did a terrible thing by killing you and
your twins. please forgive them they are very sorry, as
i pour this mystery water let it melt your soul, and stop
all the whole disaster happening in this kingdom, which
is also your father’s land (so he poured the mystery
water on her grave but nothing happened, no sign of
rain the king and the whole people there began to
king: ikuku what is happening? there is no sign of rain,
does it mean that she’s still angry with the land.

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