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THE LOST KINGDOM – Season 1 – Episode 16

The lost kingdom
Episode 16
Ejike: my decision is final, am going back (so as ejike
was about to go, the great ikuku appeared and they all
got frightened)
ikuku: ejike where do u think you are going, when you
are almost close to where you will get the mystery
water in a golden calabash.
obinna: but great one, are we still going to make it?
when four of our brothers have died.
ikuku: they died out of ignorance, now listen to me
three of you, as you are going you will see two roads,
one to the left and one to the right, then take the left
road, don’t look back when you are going, and don’t
allow anything to distract you. i repeat don’t look back,
as you follow the left road you sight a hut, when you
get there you enter inside the hut, but make sure you
put your leaf on your mouth, when you enter there the
queen of the python will appear to you then you
remove the leaf from your mouth and tell her what you
came for (he said all that to them and he disappeared)
so they went and did exactly as ikuku instructed when
they got to the entrance of the hut, as they were about
to put the leaf on their mouth, all of a sudden ofia
heard his name and he immediately turn back and he
ejike: nooooooo……. ofia
obinna: pls ejike don’t look back, ofia is gone just put
your leaf on your mouth let’s go in (so they both put
their leaf on the mouth and slowly walked into the hut
tremble with fear, when suddenly the queen of the
python appeared to them she was scary, they almost
ran out of the hut with fear) but the queen stopped
queen: stop, or i shall strike you to death, what brought
you two into the sacred forest of the python?
they remove the leaf from their mouth and said.
obinna: great queen of the python, we came to seek
for the mystery water in a golden calabash (still
queen: ha,ha,ha…. you mean you came for my mystery
water in a golden calabash?
ejike: yes great queen of the python, we came for it
because is the only solution that can stop the disaster
happening in our kingdom.
queen: ha,ha,ha, can you take the risk that follows it?
obinna: what risk? great mother of the python.
queen: one of you must sacrifice your life before i give
you my mystery water in the golden calabash.
obinna & ejike: what! (they both said at the same time)
obinna: how is that possible? is there no other way
great queen.

hmmm….. this life is not all about smartness, boldness,
or carefulness, but is all about grace. what a pity that
ofia has gone.
now ,who among this two men that will sacrifice his
life for the mystery water to save their kingdom?

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