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THE LOST KINGDOM – Season 1 – Episode 15

The lost kingdom
Episode 15
written by Chichi Tonia
Apani: you are very stupid for telling me all these
obinna, somebody is here dying of hunger and you are
here telling me rubbish.
ofia: Akpani get up let’s go or we shall leave you
behind (he said in a loud tone) as they were still
quarreling and arguing, when all of a sudden they heard
a female voice behind them calling akpani!
They all turned, to their greatest surprise it was
Akpani’s wife standing holding a plate of food on her
Akpani: uju what are u doing in this deadly forest (he
said with a surprise look on his face)
uju: my husband i know you must be hungry by now so
i took the risk to come and give u food.
ofia: don’t listen to her she is not uju your wife but an
evil spirit that took your wife form don’t go near her.
uju: my husband don’t listen to him am your wife uju, i
cannot deceive you, come and have your food.
obinna: pls akpani don’t go close to her what ofia said
is the truth she’s an evil spirit.
Akpani: you people are talking nonsense she is my
wife, she cannot decieve me am going to collect the
food and eat whether you like it or not (as he was
about to go ejike stopped him but he pushed him and
went to collect the food)
ofia: pls akpani, don’t eat that food you will die i beg of
Akpani: you are wasting your time ofia, because i must
eat this food. before anything could happen he began
to eat the food and all of a sudden he started vomitting
white foam and he fell down and died. the evil spirit
that took his wife form disappeared.
ofia: not again i warned him but he wouldn’t listen.
Ejike: Am tired of all this, infact am going home am no
more interested in this journey.
obinna: ejike don’t go, don’t give up now, the life of our
villagers is atstake here pls don’t change your mind
ejike: what’s the need we are still going for the search
when we know that we are all going to die
ofia: please we are almost getting there don’t give up
ejike: my decision is final am going back (so as ejike
was about to go, the great ikuku appeared and they all
got frightened)
ikuku: ejike, where do u think that you are going, when
you are almost close to where you will get the mystery
water in a golden calabash.

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