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THE LOST KINGDOM – Season 1 – Episode 14

The lost kingdom

Episode 14
Ejike: how are we going to pass here now that the
ground have divided itself.
obinna: and we cannot go back because we have come
a long way.
Akpani: what are we going to do now?
ofia: i know what to do, so he brought out egg inside
his bag and broke it on the ground and it covered up at
once, and they passed (as they were going an old in
form of ejike’s father appear holding a staff)
old man: ejike my son
ejike: papa, what are you doing here? i thought u are
old man: yes, am dead but i came to end this your
suffering in the forest by giving you this staff which
will lead you home safty.
ofia: ejike, don’t listen to him is an evil spirit (in loud
ejike: how can you say i should not listen to my father
(in angry tone) don’t you know that am tired of this
ofia: pls i beg of you don’t go near him (feeling
obinna: ejike pls listen to us, remember your parents
died long time ago this can’t be your father.
old man: ejike don’t mind them, they want you to die
with them in the forest, come and take this staff it will
lead home safty (so ejike was about to collect the
staff when ofia pushed him aside and brought out the
power substance which he pour on his and blow it on
the old man’s face immediately the man disappeared)
ofia: you guys should be very careful, let’s go and they
left that side and continue where they are going.
Akpani: Am tired and very hungry, i don’t think that i
can continue with this journey, and all the food and
water we brought have finished, i need to eat so he sat
down on the ground ofia: pls akpani, just hold yourself
very soon all this will be over.
Akpani: when? is it when we all die of starvation
(akpani & ofia started arguing)
Ejike: pls two of you should stop arguing over nothing,
and you akpani get up from that ground and let’s
continue our journey.
obinna: just look at how big you are, sitting on the
ground like a baby and you called yourself a married
man with two kids ,just look at how you are mishaving
get up let’s go or do you think that you are the only
one hungry.
Akpani: you are very stupid for telling me all these
obinna, somebody is here dying of hunger and you are
here telling me rubbish.

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