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THE LOST KINGDOM – Season 1 – Episode 13

The lost kingdom
Episode 13
Remaining four in number, and they continue their
journey into the forest, so it was getting dark.
Akpani: is getting dark already, let’s look for
somewhere to lay our head, me am tired ooo…..
obinna: for the past three days now we have been
walking around this forest without any rest, pls let’s
spent the night under this tree by tomorrow we shall
continue our journey.
Ejike: yes they are right, me am also tired i need rest
ofia: alright, but be vigilant sleep with your one eye
open because this forest is not safe (they all went to
sleep but ofia did not sleep he was vigilant as their
leader, all of a sudden he heard a strange noise and he
wake them up)
obinna: can’t somebody sleep in peace anymore.
Akpani: why did u wake me up?
ofia: shhh……… can’t you hear the strange noise am
hearing (they all became frightened) and they saw an
horrible monster coming towards their direction.
ofia: all of you should put your leaf on your mouth
(they all put the leaf on their mouth and the monster
passed without harming them because of the power in
the leaf.
Ejike: ah ….. me am tired of this journey, if i had know
i wouldn’t have come.
Akpani: we came here seven and now we are
remaining four, how i my sure we are all going to
survive it.
ofia: this is not time for talking let’s leave this place
because we don’t know next thing that will happen and
they left the place at once and countinue their journey
that night.
Back to the kingdom
Things was still happening, people are still dying,
starvation in the land was too much, sickness
everywhere and ikuku gave them hope that the men
will come back with the mystery water in the golden
The king and the villagers are all waiting for their
Back to the forest
The men continue their journey, as they were going the
whole ground began to open and they stopped because
there was no way for them to pass.
Ejike: how are we going to pass here now that the
ground have divided itself.

Ah, danger everywhere hmmm….
Do you think that this four men can make it to the
python forest?

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