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THE LOST KINGDOM – Season 1 – Episode 10

The lost kingdom
Episode 10
written by Chichi Tonia
The next day, they took them to the great ikuku shrine
for fortification.
ikuku: i hope you guys know where u are going to, to
the deadly forest of the python.
They all answered yes we know the great ikuku.
ikuku: good, now listen and listen attentively for what
am about to tell you all and do not make a mistake.
1. do not eat anything or drink anything.
2. whenever u see any evil spirit or anybody that is not
among you guys, coming towards you make sure u put
the leaf am about to give you on your mouth, but if u
did not put it on your mouth that is the end for you.
3. some of this evil spirits in the forest can be funny
atimes, they can take all form, they can even take your
relative, mother, father, wife, children form and come to
you don’t listem to them.
4. when you get to the python forest i will show myself
to you and tell you what next to do …..
we will all do as you said great eyes of the gods (they
all chorused)
ikuku: ofia (in a loud tone)
ofia: yes great one
ikuku: you shall be the leader of this group, i shall give
u some eggs and a powdered substance which u will
use to protect them and yourself
ofia: i shall do as you said wise one.
ikuku: i hope u all understand what i said, always look
at ofia as a leader in the search, do not fight each
other and always follow the instructions i gave you (he
gave them a leaf and fortified them he also gave ofia
some eggs and a powder substance, he and the elders
lead them to the entrance of the forest, ikuku and the
elders later returned back to their village.
while the seven men started their journey to the forest
in search of the mystery water in the golden calabash.
The seven men could been seen in the forest gisting
and laughing, when all of a sudden an old woman
appear to them they all got frightened.
old woman: and where do you people think you are
going, do u know the journey you are heading to?
ejike: yes we know where we are heading to, the
deadly forest of the python.

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