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The Last Demon – Season 3 Episode 8 – 9

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Everywhere so void and filled with eternal aura, the sky of the realm so Reddish in colour that one Could mistake it for a blood pool, the realm so filled with nothingness and Emptiness as not a single soul could be sighted, truth be told, it was indeed a realm of no return.


Seconds ticked and little sparks that could only be seen by the eyes of Supernaturals hunged round the air, Creating a slight impulse that revealed a portal which opened and showed vividly while a being whose hair was all white jumped out of the portal and landed on the ground…….. Rio.


The spot he had landed had a slight cracked as he slowly rose on his feet, sniffed the strange aura that manovoured their ways around while he heaved and then ventured into the depths of the realm, to a journey of no return.


Rio who took random steps towards the depths of the realm had a frail body and pale face, his entire hair had completely turned white while lines of an old person showed vividly on his face as they spread all through his body, the more he walked, the more weaker he got while he found it hard in standing erect.


“La.. Laura! End…. Endure it for a little bit, am…. Am… Am coming for you!”


Rio stuttered and widened his eyes as he stumbled on a rough edge of a wood and fell on the floor while he gasped as he cleared away the little blood that streamed down his nose and lips.




Rio yelled as he tried standing on his feet but ended up falling right back to the ground. A slight wind which blew pass him revealed a rod that laid beside him while Rio wasted no time as he grapped the rod and rose to his feet, his stance fully depended on the rod he held as he began venturing into the depths of Pandora’s temple once again.


Finally, Rio who finally arrived at a placement filled with few covens all around it heaved as he rested his body on the wall beside him while he coughed after sniffing the large accumulation of devious aura that evolved all round the realm.


“Pandora’s Temple!”

Rio squealed and breathe heavily as he stared at the large Coven which stood a few feet from him, one could know that he had a frightened look morphed across his face as he stared at the Coven.


Meanwhile, hidden in the shadows of the realm came Pandora who sat on a demonic throne, a veil on her head while she moved her lips a little.


“Seems he came after all, since he fell into my trap, I might as well as let him reunite with Laura for a little bit!”


Pandora smacked under her breath and with a flick of her hands, Laura who was nowhere to be seen appeared just a few metres from where Rio rested. She had her hands bound with domonic ropes and tied to a chair while she looked so weak due to the rate of the blood she had lost.


Rio whose eyes landed on Laura quickly spranged on his feet and dashed towards her using the speed of light, Laura was seen at the tip of a Coven as she struggled to be set free.


“Laura! Laura!! ”

Rio yelled as he got to her while he wasted no time as he cut the ropes loose with his hands. A happy smirked all over his face as he cupped Laura’s cheeks into her palm.

The tears which formed in Laura’s eyes began streaming down her face on sighting Rio who had completely turned into an old Man.


“Laura, I finally found you, am… Am… Am so Sorry! Am sorry I didn’t realize this sooner, am sorry I let down my guard, I…. ”

“It’s okay Rio. I have something to tell you. I’m…. I’m… I’m pregnant!”


Laura whispered while Rio who had his hands cupped round her face, wasted no time as he mouthe a kiss to her, his hands wrapped round her wasted as he deepened the kiss.


“I know, Vanessa told me everything Laura, I…. I… I’m gonna be a Father!” Rio stuttered and smiled after breaking off from the kiss while Laura nodded then gasped as a realization hit her.


“Wait, What are you doing here Rio? Pandora…. She… She’s here, it’s a trap, Leave now!”


Laura said in one breath and Rio who had his attention centered on Laura was too late to duck the force that blasted him and threw him off the Coven. A loud thud which reverberated the ground could be felt as Rio crashed on the Floor.


Seconds passed and Rio who groaned in pains due to the impact of the crash managed to rise on his feet while he gasped as he stared at the tip of the Coven above me. There standing above him was Pandora who had her hands wrapped round Laura’s neck as she lifted her off the ground, a smirk on her lips as she stared at the ground below her.


“Stop! Don’t you dare hurt her Pandora, I beg of you. I will do anything, I will do anything you want, just please don’t….. hurt…. her!” Rio pleaded after witnessing the harsh treatment offered by Pandora.


“Good, this was far easier than I had expected, she sure do have an influence on you, how pathetic of how the great demon Lord is been drawn to a low demon just because of Laura, you let down your guard Sathanas and now, the poison I have planted in your body is gradually killing you, it’s feasting on your demonic genes and organs, you won’t make it soon enough, Falcon will be so disappointed in you!” Pandora veered and tightened her fist on Laura


“Wrong, right now am only Rio and once again, you’re wrong Pandora. Am not like you, am not as heartless as you are, you may have lost your dignity and humanity the day you were raped but I still have my humanity in me Pandora ”


“Your taste for vengeance has made you heartless but am not like you Pandora, I don’t give a damn about my powers, I don’t care if I die, I don’t care if i lose them forever, all I care about is Laura and my Child, Just, don’t hurt Laura.” Rio pleaded with tears in his eyes


“Enough! Don’t you dare lecture me on my past or am gonna kill her right away…. Now, how about I make you a deal… ” Pandora veered and grin evilly as Rio nodded his head.


“Where the hell is My Dagger?”







Meanwhile, it’s been an hour, there stranded at the top of the gloomy Mountain, the home of Laura and Rio. Vanessa, Tyler, Mrs Jones and together with several armoured men and robots could be seen all staring into empty space after witnessing the Portal which Rio had jumped into an hour ago.


“He’s gone! He’s not gonna make it!”

Vanessa was the first to break the silence that ensured between them, she had her face held high as she sat at the top of the huge DPH armoured Van.


“He’s gonna make it, he’s the Demon Lord Remember?” Tyler replied and faked a faint smile while staring at the 3d Dragunov Sniper that he held in his hands.

“That’s easy for you to say, he lost his powers Remember, Sathanas ain’t protecting him anymore, he won’t last a second out there!” Vanessa replied and heaved


“He’s really a nice kid, he’s filled with determination and he pretty much have a strong will in him. But fighting the strongest demon with the highest rank ever recorded in human history all alone is suicide, how’s he gonna pull that off all by himself, we don’t even stand a chance against Pandora even if we fought her all together, if only we had some set of demons that would help!”


Mrs Jones chipped him while she unbelievably had some tears streaming down her face, it was evidence that she had a liking to Rio, just a normal liking. Vanessa whose ears caught Mrs Jones words strangely smiled and jumped down from the van while everyone had their attention centered towards her.


“What’s it Vanessa? You got anything that would help huh?” Tyler asked and also jumped down from the Van

“That’s it, I was pretty occupied with everything that I had less time thinking about about the other demons that would help us!” Vanessa replied and giggled loudly

“What other demons Vanessa? Don’t tell me they are more!” Mrs Jones asked with a faint look of hope.


“Remember when I told you on how I met Rio and Laura huh?” Vanessa asked and they all nodded

“Good, they weren’t the only demons around Remember? There was Samael who could control elements, a demon with the ability to absorb and copy others demons powers, he could also use them for his own will. There’s also Kevin but he happens to be the weakest of them all!” Vanessa Explained and paused.


“Weak? You gotta be kidding me. How weak can a demon be?” Tyler asked, already dying of curiousity

“He’s always down on the floor at every fight, He faints the entire time, that’s how weak he is!” Vanessa replied while the rest laughed out in a low tone


“Anyways guys, there’s also Michael but I think you know the rest already, he wasn’t really the actual Michael but a copy of Rio’s older brother. Point there is, if we could get them to know of the actual situation right now, I think we might stand a chance against Pandora” Vanessa replied while Mrs Jones smiled and jumped down from the Van


“That’s good. Let’s inform them already!” Mrs Jones added

“Not so fast Mrs Jones, the problem there is, We need to find the kingdom of Croxx and inform them and I don’t know how to begin doing that?” Vanessa replied

“The kingdom of what now? Let me guess, you have no idea of where the this kingdom shit really is right?” Tyler snapped while Vanessa nodded


“You’re right Tyler, the Kingdom is hidden from the knowledge of the human World, no one has ever found it ever before or heard of it, you can’t possibly expect me to know where it is right!” Vanessa smacked and sighed while Mrs Jones who had a look of hope morped across her face bored her eyes to the ground.


“Damnit, how I wish there’s some sort of device that might have a connection to the demon realm!” Tyler squealed and banged his fist on the Van

“Wait, that’s it Tyler, remember the Origin of the DPH organization, Remember the story from how it was formed?” Vanessa asked with a simple smile on her face.


“You don’t mean the tale of how your father caught the demon fox right? And probably not how he created a device that could travel through space and contact the realms unknown to man, demons included!” Tyler asked while Vanessa only nodded

“That’s right Tyler!”


“But it just a legend Vanessa, Damnit, no one had ever seen such a device and definitely not ever!” Tyler smacked and rested on the Van

“You’re wrong Tyler, what if I told you that Father left me with a device, said I will only know what it was when I was in deep needs of it and I think I kinda figured it out!”


Vanessa replied and brought out a triangular shaped device from somewhere in her waist while Tyler and Mrs Jones who sighted the device had a smile on their lips


“Oh my God!, I love you so much Vanessa!” Tyler chipped happily

“And I hate you too!”Vanessa replied and laughed

“Now, you’re the brains when it comes to Techs Tyler, do you know how to get this thing working or not!” Vanessa asked and handed over the triangular shaped Device to Tyler who welcomed it into his hands with a brief smile


“Am so happy that my hands finally landed on a device such as this, let me see what we have here, if this bolt is red and that green, I think pressing this and this and then this might pulled out something, it might trigger a pulse from the main system and I think we may have…… ”


Tyler mumbled, his hands so fast in pressing the strange patterns impaled on the device as if possess by a demon while almost immediately, a loud cheers boomed from the crowd as a huge force which glowed brightly shot out from the device and flew upwards towards the sky….


“Is it done Tyler!” Vanessa asked while Tyler smiled and turned to face them


“Let’s see, there’s Only one way to find out!”……..








“Enough! Don’t you dare lecture me on my past or am gonna kill her right away….. Now, how about I make you a deal!…. ” Pandora veered and grin evilly as Rio nodded his head


“Where the hell is My Dagger?” Pandora asked with venom in her voice while the ground shook and rumbled due to the impact of her loud Demonic voice


“No! Do…. Don’t do it Rio, don…. don… don’t give it to her, she’s gonna destroy the entire demon realm if she lays her hands on it, you…. you can’t give it to her!”


Laura stuttered while been held by Pandora whose eyes glowed evilly under her veil and wasted no time as the hatred which divulge through her mind got the best of her while she send a slap across Laura’s face, Creating a tiny force that teared her skin a little bit as blood dropped from it


“Okay! Okay!! Don’t hurt her, Let Laura go and I will give it to you, I have it with me!”


Rio pleaded and wasted no time as he pulled out a red glowing dagger from one side of his pocket. Pandora whose eyes caught the dagger smirked evilly while she moved her lips a bit


“Nay, don’t try to play smart with me Rio. Give me the dagger and I will release your precious Laura to you….. Your time is running out Rio!” Pandora said and tightened her grip on Laura’s neck who look as if she was gonna die anytime soon.


“Alright! Alright!! Have it your way!” Rio mumbled And threw the dagger towards Pandora who wasted no time as she pushed Laura down the Coven and caught the dagger in her hand while Laura who descended down the Coven landed safely on Rio’s arm.


“You….. you jerk! What the hell have you done?”

Laura asked and cried in silence while Pandora who caught the dagger smiled in vengeance and held the dagger with her hand, dark tiny veins could be seen spreading through Pandora’s body while she seemed to be consuming the powers within the dagger.


“You’ve got what you want, now let us go!” Rio yelled and rose to his feet and while a Demonic laughter which came out from Pandora echoed all through the realm


“Fool. I suffered and spend so much in getting you here, why would I let you leave so easily, after all, you have to pay for laying your hands on my dagger!”…..


Pandora replied while Rio gasped and pushed away Laura as Pandora who couldn’t be seen anywhere strangely appeared behind Rio and blasted him with a force that threw him metres away while he yelled in pains as he crashed on the hard Wall.


Rio who groan in pains widened his eyes as a large mass of lightning descended towards him and just before they landed on him, Rio did a Chinese get up and dodged the lightening which struck the ground that then emited smoke.




Rio who found it so damn difficult in summoning his powers yelled as he manipulated huge rocks and tossed them towards Pandora who countered attack by creating a lightening rain and blasted the rock into two equal halves.


Rio who stared into nothingness gasped at how Pandora had blasted the rocks like a piece of cake, by now, due to the strength he pulled in summoning the rocks, his clothes had torn off while veins showed vividly on his body and before one could know what else could happen, Rio fell weakly on his knees as he spluttered out blood from his lips


“You’re weak Rio, your powers are gone, Sathanas is sealed, you will die trying to summon back your Powers by force!” Pandora Explained with a smirk, her index finger on her lips as she took slow steps towards Rio who smiled and cleared the blood that stained his lips


“Easy for you to say, you couldn’t keep to your word to let us go but am not like you Pandora. Am willing to sacrifice myself so that Laura can leave here safely, even if it means dying here with you!”


Rio yelled and rose to his feet at once, his eyes glowing so bluish while his blue wings retracted out from his back as he levitated. The smile on his face never vanishing while a huge pain racked through his system as he forcefully summoned his powers and control earth vines and rocks from the ground.



Rio yelled as he directed the rocks and vines towards Pandora who only smiled and with a flick of her hands, the rocks and Vines that descended towards her all vanished while a tiny force created by Pandora herself blasted Rio who crashed on the ground, too weak to stand on his feet again.



Laura yelled and made to head towards Rio’s position but Pandora stopped her.


“Not so fast princess, You have no idea on how much I despise men, especially those who touched my dagger and now, you’re gonna watch him die!”


Pandora Explained while Laura kept screaming out her lungs as Pandora summoned her dagger and directed it towards the weak Rio who laid on the ground. Suddenly, just when the dagger had almost penetrated through Rio, the realm thundered and sparked while the ground began to shake and crumbles of dust rose up and defiled the gravity.


Behind the dust came a portal that appeared while a strange fireball erupted behind it and blasted Pandora who flew backwards but twisted her body while in the air and landed safely on her feet.



Pandora snapped under her breathe while the entire dust all cleared off to reveal Samael and Kevin who floated on the air and as well as Vanessa, Tyler. Mrs Jones and together with a bunch of robots and armoured men.


“Batch Six, I want all eyes on the target, I want a total of 15 men on the radar to surround her, do not lose eyes on her!” Vanessa commanded while the ground thudded as armoured all match towards Pandora and surrounded her.


“Bloody Fuck! What the hell is this place? Can’t believe We….. We…. We traveled to the great realm of Pandora!” Tyler chipped happily while he had his hand wrapped round the Dragunov sniper he held.

“Don’t get distracted Tyler, she’s so much more than you think!” Samael warned while he continually flapped his wings up above the air.


“Seems like I got myself some unwelcome guest, no one’s escaping here alive today!” Pandora yelled and smirked as Black-Green wings retracted off her back, each pair of wings so huge that they could swallowed an entire stream.


“We came pretty prepared Demon…… “Vanessa said and with a flick of her hands, the robots and as well as Tyler and Co all rained fire on Pandora who use her wings as a shield while the bullets which touched her wings all bounced backwards, though some touched her skin but none penetrated through her.


“That’s Enough! You all asked for this!”

Pandora cursed under her breath, the ground rumbling feverently while she dashed towards the figures that rained fire, all together with Kevin and Samael who also dashed towards her which then resulted into a clash that shook the realm off it’s hinges……




It’s been several minutes of Fighting, thousands of Weapons of different genres littered the Floor while burning ashes filled the air. Samael who Happened to be wounded by Pandora’s wings laid weakly at one corner of the realm as he bled.


Kevin? Kevin could be seeing lying weakly on the Floor without moving a bone while dozens of DPH robotic parts could be seen all scattered across the realm. Tyler had a wound which emited smoke on his hand while Mrs Jones laid on the floor, She was the only one without any injuries while Vanessa rested on a piece of Rock with her face staring into nothingness.


It was evident that they had lost the War with Pandora, now all hope was lost. Laura whose eyes had swollen up due to her hours of crying had Rio placed on her arms while she stared angrily at Pandora who howered above everyone in the realm.


A smirk on her lips while a force kept slicing the air as she flapped her wings. Pandora who levitated above them sniffed the air and gasped as she caught a scent, a scent so familiar than any other thing, the same scent which she had spent all her days looking forward to…….. The Missing soul.


“My other soul!”

Pandora mumbled umder breathe and retracted back her wings while she landed skillfully on the ground. She had a look of haste morphed across her face as she searched for the scent while all eyes trailed towards her, all doing nothing as no one had the strength to face her.


After several minutes of searching, Pandora smiled as she finally found the scent, a smile creeped towards her lips while she she had her eyes placed on Mrs Jones who gasped as Pandora manovoured her way towards her while she bounced backwards.


“Finally….. I found you!”

Pandora veered while her eyes glowed as she grapped Mrs Jones by her neck and lifted her off her feet, the strange aura which evolved round her got the best of her while she wasted no time as she pierced Mrs Jones palm with her claw, then sniffed the blood that dripped down her palm and then licked it off with her tongue.


“Someone do something Damnit, she’s…. She’s…. She’s gonna die!” Tyler stuttered weakly but too weak to do a single thing as he couldn’t move a bone, Laura and Rio who laid weakly on the ground only stared with tears in their eyes as they witnessed the uprising.


Second passed and Mrs Jones who floated on the air slowly tilted her head towards Rio whose lips creeped Into a smile and then nodded at her.


Mrs Jones squealed and stretched her hand towards Pandora, lightening flashed above the sky creating a turmoil in the soil as everywhere shook while the Force which came out of Mrs Jones palm blasted Pandora who let down guard while pulling off the veil that covered her face in motion, leaving behind her empty face which now became revealed while Mrs Jones fell weakly on the ground.


A loud gasped filled the entire realm as all eyes stared at who Pandora really appeared to be, the same person who had been with them the entire time, the same person who none had suspected to be, the same person who appeared as a Friend but now a villian.


As shocking as it could be, something that they hadn’t expected to happen in a thousand years to come, all eyes trailed towards Vanessa who laid on the ground and then back at Pandora who vent with anger, the wind blowing softly on their skins while they all had their lips moved at once


“What the hell! No way!! That’s….. that’s impossible……… Vanessa?”……








For those of you that kept saying Ciara was Pandora, How far for unna side O? E shock you Abi?😂😂

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