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The Last Demon – Season 3 Episode 7

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🗡️🗡️ EPISODE 27🗡️🗡️








☘️☘️☘️LAURA’S MANSION ☘️☘️☘️



It was Noon, the trees swerved and danced to the rhyme of the wind, the atmosphere looked grim as the weather had a darkened shade.


Maybe it was fate or the fact was just basically known that, an unavoidable War was about taking place moments from now and no one could stop it.


Out in the open field of a gloomy Mountain, the tiny stones that littered the ground began shaking while the ground reverberated as as a pair of two huge wings flapped together, Creating a tiny force that slice the air as it floated on the air and landed on the ground.


Rio who had an angry look morphed across his face heaved as he retracted back his wings and dusted his palms. Some lines were showing vividly on his face while he had just a little bit of hair left untill they all completely turned white.


Rio heaved as he slowly raised his head up, the wind blowing pass him while almost immediately, his eyes glowed, giving him the ability to see through the room above him as they scanned Everything that was contained in the room.

Inside the room, Fake Laura could be seen sitting on the bed with her legs crossed while she had her mind centered on a book she held in her hands.


Bone cracking sounded all around as Rio moulted his hands into a fist after seeing through the room above him, the blue glowing eyes of his all died down and took a human shade while the crumbles of dust that laid on the ground, all rose up as he manovoured his way towards the building.


Rio who wasted no time angrily barged through the door before him, his teeths gnashed with venom as he began making his way up the stairs. Little sounds illuminated the building as Rio got to the far end of the stairs.

Rio exhaled and then heaved as he stood at the doorpost, his breathe all over his face as he faked a smile on his face while the door creaked a little bit as he walked in. There sitting on the bed laid Fake Laura who had the most sexiest look that rested on Rio himself.


As Rio made his way towards her position, the huge smug that morphed across his face all vanished away as Rio found it hard in releasing his fist.

“Hey Baby!”

Fake Laura was the first to say a word as Rio got to her, an emotionless feeling morphed across his face as he halted before her.


“H….. hey…. y!!”

Rio stuttered while Laura slowly stood on her feet and pulled Rio into a hug, both breathing heavily on each others shoulders while Rio shut his eyes closed, took a deep breath and then Flunged them open.


“Rio! Your hair, Your Face, Omg!! What Happened to you?” Laura panicked

“Nay, that’s nothing, it’s just a paint I did before coming, it’s gonna wear off sooner or later” Rio replied and pulled closer

“Oh God, Thank God Rio, you really got me worried for a moment there!” Laura said and blinked


“Yeah… It’s nothing. Uhmm…. Remember that stuff that I said I was gonna give you huh?” Rio asked while Laura slowly nodded her head.


“Well, here it is…… !”

Rio added and pulled his lips closer to fake Laura who shut her eyes closed and allowed the sensation that flowed round her to divulge through her mind, her lips wavering faintly as they both pulled closer, the lights around the room all flickering together in one phase while it all happened.


“You know…… !” Rio said and paused

“This situation right now it’s quite funny and crazy you know?” Rio added and smiled as they both pulled closer

“What’s funny about this Rio?” Fake Laura asked still with her eyes closed


“The real Laura….. She never agrees to a kiss!”

Rio retorted and smirked while his eyes glowed, the lights that flickered around the room suddenly went off while Rio who pulled away strangely grapped Fake Laura by the neck and raised her off her feet.


“Ri…. Rio! You.. you’re chocking me!” Laura stuttered and chocked while Rio only tightened his fist on her the more


“Come on damnit, I know it’s you Abadon, stop playing your damn shape shifting tricks, they don’t work anymore ”


” Need to say, you were really good Abadon, how you pulled off that illusion back in the woods, how you took away Laura, how you faked to be her, you got me fooled but now…. now it’s all over. How about you show me what Pandora really gave to you!”


Rio veered within gnashed teeths while his eyes glowed the more, One could see the venom that formed in his eyes as he pinned Laura to a wall. Laura who chocked in Midair strangely, Stopped Struggling while she laughed in a Demonic way.


Seconds pass and the air around the room changed as Laura’s face began glowing darkly, her skin ripping off her face and body and as well as her clothes. Dark streamed energy showed vividly on Laura’s body which then reshaped into a man’s Figure.


“There he is!”

Rio snapped, his eyes glaring darkly into Abadon’s skin while in motion, Rio flunged the demon away who then crashed into the Wardrobe.


“Ouch! That’s hurt!” Abadon said and stirred on his feet

“It took you longer than I thought, seems like the demon sealing spell paid off!” Abadon said and in a blink of an eye, Rio who used the speed of light moved faster than the wind and connected a heavy punch to Abadon’s jaw which send him flying away


And just before Abadon could land on the ground, Rio strangely appeared before him and kicked him upwards, a slight wind blew through the window as Abadon flew upwards, blood dripping off his lips and just in the slightest seconds, Rio appeared above him and smashed him on the ground


“That’s it. You’re doing it, Give it all got Rio, give it all to me!”

Abadon said in a mocking manner while Rio who needed no further prodding fisted his hand and threw a fireball at Abadon who welcome the attack which send him crashing on the Floor as the blood that dripped on his lips came faster than normal while he groaned in Pains.


The ground thudded with low sounds as Rio’s foot landed on them while he plunged towards Abadon who still laid on the Floor.

A Demonic laughter echoed round the room as Rio pulled Abadon by the neck, grapped him and send fast punches towards Abadon who spitted out blood with every hit he got.


“Okay, That’s enough, you’ve had your fun and now it’s my turn,!”

Abadon smacked under his breathe, his eyes glowing darkly while he applied Demonic strength and caught Rio’s Punch in Midway.


The latter shrinked and yelled in pains while Abadon who strangely had the upper hand slowly rose to his feet, his hands still Wrapped round Rio’s fist who then fell on knees due to the severe pain that racked through his body.


“Get this into your head Rio, you’re weak!”


Abadon battered and grapped Rio by the neck, his lips creeped into a smile while he wasted no time as he flunged Rio towards the Window before him.


The force exacted from Abadon’s impact pushed Rio all the way through the window which then shattered to pieces, the broken pieces piercing deep into his skin as he descended down the Huge Mansion


A loud thud which reverberated the ground sounded loudly as Rio crashed on the Mansion Floor, blood dripping down his lips while he yelled in deep pains as the broken glasses pierced through his skin


Abadon who smiled in all glory could be seen descending down the Mansion, the wind blowing wildly as he flapped his wings, a slight touch which vibrated the ground could be felt as he gently landed his feet on the ground while his wicked smirk never left his face.


Rio who drown in pains slowly rose to his feet, blood dripping down his body as the broken pieces which pierced through his body all dropped on the ground while his wounds began glowing as if healing.


Abadon who couldn’t allow Rio to regain his stance applied Demonic speed as he sped towards Rio and took him down with his huge wings, Rio who felt the impact of the wing yelled as the wing slapped him across his ribs which broke almost immediately.


Abadon who had a look of trump morphed across his face howered below Rio and grapped him by his hair while he tried chocking him. A loud bang could head as Abadon rammed Rio towards a huge Car which shattered as Rio crashed on it.


Low morphings screams of Rio filled the air as he felt his bones all broken but that didn’t last for long as Abadon grapped him by the neck and lifted him above his feet, leaving behind Rio who struggled to be set free


“See, You’re nothing without Sathanas. You failed Rio, you failed Laura, you failed your child and the fun part of it all is……. No one’s gonna save you now!”

Abadon snapped while Rio who sniffed the air smiled and chuckled.


“I may not have Sathanas for now but…… Have got some friends!”


Rio said and smiled while a blue substance which was nowhere to be seen appeared and pierced through Abadon’s neck who yelled in pains as the force from the substance threw him metres away while Rio landed on his feet.


Almost immediately, the sound of armoured vehicles sounded all around the Mansion, diverting both Rio’s and Abadon attentions as it revealed the dozens of DPH vans which swooped towards the area while agents and as well as robots with plasma ray guns alighted from it and surrounded both beings.


Moments later, Vanessa, Tyler and Mrs Jones all jumped down from the van and headed towards Rio who pulled himself together while Abadon staggered backwards after removing the little pin that pierced through his neck.


“Vanessa!” Rio muttered as Vanessa and the rest all got to him

“Hey buddy, are you Okay? You don’t look so good” Tyler asked

“Nay, never mind about me, I will survive!” Rio replied


“But how did you all find me? I don’t remember telling y’all where my home was” Rio stuttered and coughed

“No you didn’t, I placed a bug on you Okay? It helped in tracing you, knew you wouldn’t handle this all by yourself!” Vanessa explained and beamed a smile

“Interesting, Is this the friends you’ve got huh? How pathetic!” Abadon chipped in and smirked.

“Is this the demon you talked so much about? Is he the one who took down my men on the radar?” Vanessa asked with venom in her voice while Tyler slowly nodded.


“Let’s take him down!”

Vanessa ordered without thinking twice

“Hey. Be careful with him Vanessa, he’s gotten so much powerful, am afraid taking him down with their weapons will be tough!”


Rio warned and coughed, blood dripping off his nose as he fell weakly on his knees.

Vanessa who needed no further prodding on sighting Rio quickly rushed towards him and with a flick of her hands, the robots and as well as field agents all rained fire on Abadon who used his wings as a shield


Seconds pass and when the raining of fire got a little too much, Abadon who shielded behind his wings smirked and levitated while twisting his body in motion, the force coming out from him became so high that when he finally released his wings, several agents were down on the Floor as a result of the impact.


Slight cracks sounded round the mansion as Demon clawed solutions kept piercing through Abadon’s skin as the robots rained fire. Abadon who gnashed his teeths due to the pain he received from the bullets, raised his hands up while conjuring some weird force and then directed it towards the robots which then crashed to pieces after been blasted by the force


“Hey, are you Okay Rio?”

Vanessa who had a panic look asked as Rio kept coughing out blood from his lips.

“Am…. Am….. Am dying Vanessa. I don’t have much time left but I still need to save them!” Rio stuttered as he poured out more blood on the ground.


“Stay here with him Mrs Jones, make sure you don’t leave his sight!” Vanessa ordered and stirred on her feet.

“Wha…. What are you gonna do?” Rio stammered

“Am gonna finish that son of a….. ”


Vanessa veered and rushed towards Abadon while in motion, pulled out some kunai knifes and directed it towards Abadon. Abadon who had his mind centered on vanquishing a robot was too late to duck the kunai knifes which slumped through his Left eye and led to severe lose of blood.



Abadon staggered backwards and yelled in pains while he found it hard in regaining his stance.

“How about you take that you bloody demon!”

Vanessa snapped and smirked at Abadon


“You’re gonna pay for this you shrimp, am gonna make sure I end you here and now!”

Abadon threatened, blood dripping down his eyes while he yelled as he pulled off the kunai knife which had already caused a fatal injury to his eyes


“My eyes! No!! My eyes!!!”

Abadon yelled, his left eye shut close while he found it hard in opening them

“Ouch, Seems like I have you under my control after all!” Vanessa replied in a mocking manner

“You will pay for this!”


Abadon yelled and retracted out his wings. Vanessa who showed no sight of fear dashed towards Abadon who also flew towards her and just when they both had almost collided, Vanessa squatted lower and roll on the floor, while throwing two kunai knifes at Abadon wings in motion


A loud crashed reverberated the earth as the kunai knifes pierced through Abadon’s wings which caused him to crashed on the floor.


“That’s impossible, my….. My…. My wings!” Abadon stuttered and rose to his feet while his wings involuntarily emited smokes and went back to their shells


“Oh, I forgot to tell you one thing demon, those kunai knifes are originally formed from Demons bones and blood, they are specifically designed for demons like you!”


Vanessa explained and then gasped as Abadon who stood on a spot suddenly disappeared, a slight touch of wind blew pass Vanessa’s face and before she could utter a word, Abadon had reappeared behind her and grapped her by the waist while smashing her on the ground in motion.


Vanessa who was fast in regaining her composure gasped and then roll away as the spot she laid on cracked after been struck by Abadon’s fist.

Vanessa heaved and then did a Chinese get up while allowing Abadon’s claws to whizzed pass her hair. Vanessa winced In pains as Abadon connected a punch to her lower knee and then flunged her towards one of the van around her.


Abadon who plunged towards Vanessa strangely fell on the floor after been kicked in the knee by Vanessa who slowly rose to her feet. The smile that creeps towards his lips slowly faded and vanished away as he felt something powerful and Demonic pierced through his heart.


Abadon who groaned and winced in pains slowly spun his back backwards while they rested on Rio who had his hands wrapped round Pandora’s dagger which glowed.

Dark smokes which glowed in the form of red could be seen Emiting out of Abadon’s body while he he struggled to finally place his hands on Rio’s shoulders


“It…. It was really nice fighting with you Sathanas but I…. I…. I need to warn you, they…. they are two, they are possess by Pandora’s wandering soul, you…. you…. you need to stop one of them before it consumes the other’s heart, before they come closer to each others, before it forms the real Pandora……. Only then can you save Laura!”


Abadon stuttered while he gasped as his entire body disintegrated into nothingness and faded away. Rio who had an emotionless face after hearing the word ‘Laura’ slowly stood on his feet and tucked the dagger into a safe spot of his.


The ground suddenly became steamed as Rio stretched his hands towards a direction which then formed a portal that glowed and awaited his presence


“What the hell do you think you’re doing Rio?” Vanessa asked Rio who walked towards the portal and then halted as he turned to face them


“What do you think? Am going to the old Coven, didn’t you hear Abadon? I need to stop her, I need to stop Pandora, I need to save Laura and besides, I have what she wants!” Rio Explained and breathe in heavily

“Can’t you see it yet Rio? It’s all a trap and you’re walking right into it, let me help you, let me help save Laura, let us help you, it’s what we do!” Vanessa stated as she faced Rio


“Maybe you don’t know this Vanessa but whosoever goes in there never returns, that’s how it has always been. I don’t want anyone else dying because of me, I need to do this myself, I caused this, I need to be the one to end it as well!”


Rio retorted and wasted no time as he walked towards the portal which closed off right before anyone could stop him……






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