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The Last Demon – Season 3 Episode 6

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🗡️🗡️ EPISODE 26🗡️🗡️











“If what you’re saying is indeed true then, you know where she’s taking the bodies to right?” Vanessa asked


“Yeah…… To a place where no human had ever been to, a place of eternal Torments, a place where demons dare not venture except my Father, a place of no retreats and Survival, The old Coven”…….









My limb felt so weakened as I slowly spun my eyes open, my breathe all over my face as I gently raised my head up. The darkness that laid before me pierced through my eyes while it all came rushing back to me.


The memories that had earlier transpired before my eyes, played through my mind as I groan In pains, Everything came rushing back to me while I widened my eyes as I came to a realization.


“My….. Baby!!”

I mumbled with tears in my eyes as I trailed my hands towards my laps, the slight touch that landed on my laps send hickeys all through my body as I made contact with the blood on my laps.


“No!!! Rio….. Our…. Baby!”

I mumbled under my breathe once again while my emotions got the best of me as I slowly bored my head on my laps and cried in silence


“Crying won’t solve anything Laura!”

A voice so demonic sounded above me while I quickly raised my head up and stared at the void placement before me, the Darkness before me was so thick that it prevented me from seeing anything beyond me.


“Hello! Who…. Are you? ”

I asked, almost in a yell as I squinted my eyes through the darkness, the sudden sounds that illuminated the room made me gasp as a being on a veil walked up to me, it was a woman I presume as the little light that penetrated through the small window shown dimly on her body.


“I guess you may have probably heard of me from the folktales been told by those Sympathetic fools….. ” The voice said while it got nearer and nearer as she squatted below me

“I am Pandora!!!”

She added while I gasped as the name Pierced through my head, it can’t possibly be true, the oldest demon said to be dead and recorded in the history of the kingdom of Croxx couldn’t possibly be standing before me.


“You….. You aren’t Pandora, you…. you… you aren’t her, Pandora is long dead, they….. they…. they told us you were dead, stop tryna play your dirty mind tricks on me, they won’t work on me!”


I stuttered in one breathe while I winced in pains as I tried moving my body. Up untill now had I realized that my body was tight to some kind of rope which glowed the entire time.


“Don’t be so suprise sweetheart, the old man didn’t kill me, he only had my soul molted into a human body and thrown into the human world but unfurtunately for me, My soul was awakened too early after Asmodeus opened my box, causing my soul to split into two different bodies, this body here right now is unstable and now that I just gained back my lost powers, I will find the last soul of me!” Pandora Explained while I felt fear grip my body almost immediately


“Wha…… what do you want? If that’s what you want then, Why kidnapped me?” I stuttered while she had her hands shut my lips as she trailed her fingers all through my cheeks

“Shuuu…… a woman with a child shouldn’t talk much, the only reason why I need you is to get into Sathanas’s head, only by kidnapping you can he bring back my dagger!” Pandora said and smiled devilishly


“Your plans won’t work, Rio will stop you, he always does!” I replied in a low tone while she spranged on her feet and laughed in response to what I just said


“How pathetic, right now there’s a fake version of you at home and Rio can’t even tell the difference. And oh, just so you know Laura, Sathanas is no more, I took care of it….. ” Pandora said and paused while the tears that boiled up in my eyes streamed down my face


“Wha…… What did…. You just say?” I stuttered


“Yes Laura, He’s turning old already, for the next 7 hours, if he doesn’t finds a way to bring back Sathanas, his whole skin will be as white as snow, his hair will turn grey and white, his entire bones will be weakened and he won’t even make it through the day!”


Pandora Explained with a smug on her face and by now, the tears that streamed down my face came down a bit faster than normal while I had my hands wrapped round my tummy. First, I wasn’t even sure if my baby was gonna make it, second I haven’t even told Rio that he’s gonna be a Father and now he won’t even make it through the next 7 hours… I thought amidst myself while I ended up breaking down in more tears


“Why? Why him?? He never even did anything wrong to you, why hunt him down” I smacked and winced in more pains

“Oh, he did a lot. His blood laid their filthy hands on my treasure, and then laid their hands on my precious dagger….. Rio is gonna pay for that, Sathanas will!” She replied


“You….. You’re gonna regret this and Rio will make sure of it”


“Good luck trying that Laura, How do you expect an old man to defeat me? Rio is weak Laura and oh, be expecting him quite soon. Am sure he will soon find out about the mole in his house and then he will come rushing for you without waiting for help and then, then he’s gonna fall right into my trap and I will make sure to give him a pleasant dead…” Pandora said while the ground made sounds as she walked away


Leaving me behind the extreme Emptiness and Nothingness as I only laid my head on my laps and cried in silence…….







Several Moments after the weird revelation on Pandora, the DPH organization was on a little lock down as every single field agent could be seen either reloading their guns with bullets or seen Making copies of Plasma Ray weapons


Rio whose hair had almost turned completely white spranged on his feet and groan as he did. The ground made tiny sounds as Rio walked towards Vanessa who had her leg on the table while she tucked a little dagger into her boot.

“Hey, can I speak with you Vanessa?” Rio asked as he got to Vanessa

“Yeah….. Sure!” Vanessa replied and placed her leg on the ground while she turned to face Rio.


“Uhm….. It’s about Laura, did she in anyway tell you where she was going or something?” Rio asked and scratched his head

“Nay, haven’t spoken to her since she left the organization, anything wrong huh?” Vanessa replied and beamed a smile to Rio


“Yeah, I….. I…. I know it sounds crazy but I don’t think she’s okay. Laura hasn’t been behaving her self since I got home yesterday…. ” Rio replied and bored his eyes to the ground with his hands on the table


“Well, for starters, let’s say she’s not really Okay. Anyways, why do you ask? Any signs huh?” Vanessa replied and hit Rio slightly with her arm


“Okay, This is gonna sound a little bit crazy but at first, when I got home last night, I happened to have met Laura fast asleep, and then when I woke her up that same night, she placed a kiss on my lips after waking up and just this morning, when I had woken, she wasn’t at home and I haven’t seen her all day long!” Rio Explained in one straight breathe


“Oh, that’s a little complicated but what do you think is wrong with all what you just mentioned huh?” Vanessa asked

“Everything’s is damn wrong with it Okay? Look, the point there is, Laura never sleeps until I get home and she definitely doesn’t kiss me first and most among all, Laura never leaves my side until am fully awake and she definitely doesn’t forget to tell me things. I…. I…. I kinda have a feeling that something’s wrong somewhere!” Rio stuttered and blinked his eyes


“Whoa, you two really have a complicated relationship to begin with but haven’t you, you know, try scenting her with your demons ability to see if something’s wrong with her” Vanessa asked

“Nay, tried that but ever since Sathanas just disappeared, Am getting weaker with each passing moments and I can’t even summon some of my abilities anymore!” Rio replied and sighed


“Shit! That’s pretty mess up and oh, didn’t she tell you that stuff already when she got home yesterday!” Vanessa snapped


“Tell me what?” Rio asked and moved a little closer to Vanessa who bit her lower lips without saying anything at the mentioned of Rio’s words

“Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said that!”


“Tell me what? I need to know, you’re hiding something from me Vanessa and I know it. I deserve to know Okay!” Rio yelled and breathe heavily as it got the few attentions of some agents


“Okay, Fine. I Will tell you Okay, this situation is so messed up already, Laura didn’t want me telling you this because she planned on telling you this when she got home herself…… ” Vanessa explained and paused while Rio’s eyes never left her face.


“Uhm…… Laura is pregnant Rio, she’s two weeks and four days pregnant now!” Vanessa said and smiled while Rio who couldn’t believe the words that just pierced through his ears weakly fell on his feet


“Lau…… Laura is….. She’s pregnant?” Rio stuttered, his hands wavering feverently while he felt his heart skip a beat.


“That’s right Rio, She didn’t want to tell you because she didn’t want you getting burdened, she didn’t know how to tell you and…… Wait a minute, did you say Laura never told you this when she got home?” Vanessa asked Rio who still look shock, Tears streaming down his face bit by bit as he managed nodding his head


“What was the exact same word she said when you got home!” Vanessa scowled while Rio groan as he stirred on his feet

“She….. She said she had forgotten, she said she was gonna tell me all about it today!” Rio replied with his two hands clutch tight to his head.


“Shit! If I thought correctly, Laura doesn’t forget things that easily, I hope it’s not what am thinking. Tyler, get me a location on the bug placed on Laura’s car and be damn fast about it!” Vanessa ordered Tyler who cracked his fingers before typing on the system before him

“Wait what? You placed a bug on Laura’s car huh? She’s so gonna kill you when she finds out about this!” Rio battered


“Oh shut up Rio, I did it to protect her Okay? I need that location pretty soon Tyler!” Vanessa smacked and fiddled with her fingers

“And….. Done!”

Tyler who typed on the System said while they all hesitated for a little while before staring at the Video that popped on the screen


“That’s her right there, driving home yesterday after she left the DPH organization!”

Tyler reported and clicked the video which then played on the screen, Laura who drove the Car could be seen speaking with someone over the phone. Moments pass and a large gasped escaped Rio’s lips as he stared angrily at the video



Rio mumbled under his feet as Abadon strangely appeared on the screen, a slight tear escaped his eyes after witnessing the wings that flapped out from Abadon’s back



Rio yelled as he watched the Car which slumped through a raise platform and descended down a tree while the video flickered and suddenly went off.


Rio’s wails reached it’s highest pitch as he fisted his hand, his eyes glowing blue instead of red while the lights that illuminated the hall flickered and shattered on the Floor. The entire aura that radiated from Rio as he coughed while blood dripped from his lips, he was getting weaker.


“Whoa, am so sorry Rio, are you Okay?” Vanessa asked sincerely as Rio slowly rose to his feet and Cleared away the blood that stained his lips


“It was him, this whole time it was Abadon’s plot all along and we all fell right into it. That’s why he created the illusion, he knew that the only getting to Laura was if he drove me far away from the base and he fucken succeeded and now…. now… now my Laura is gone and I have no idea on how am gonna save her ”


Rio Explained in tears while the white skin that were tryna take over his normal skin began spreading slowly as blood dripped from his lips. Vanessa and Tyler whose eyes were already getting watery watched as Rio pulled out his phone from his pocket and dialed a number which began ringing almost immediately.


“Hey Rio!” Fake Laura said from the other end of the phone


“Hey Baby!” Rio replied even though he found it hard to say

“What’s wrong, why’d you sound like that?” Fake Laura asked

“Nothing, am just happy. Where are you?, Have been looking all day for you!” Rio squealed

“I…. I… I went outing Sweetie;”

“It’s okay Laura, I just wanna speak with you and give you something, meet you home right?” Said Rio

“Meet you there darlin!” Fake Laura said while Rio faked a smile and cut the phone.


“Whoa! Whoa!! What are you tryna do Mr Rio?” Tyler asked

“Isn’t it obvious huh? Am gonna go find that son of a bitch and kill him for good!” Rio veered while the phone he held in his hands cracked and shattered as he tightened his fist on it.


“No! I won’t allow you to do that Rio, not now not ever! How the hell are you supposed to beat him in…. in… in this state of yours? He’s gonna kill you, you won’t last a second out there!!” Vanessa snapped while both figures glared at each others


“Maybe you don’t know this Laura but I do. To me, Family is more important than having powers and abilities Okay? I don’t care if I die, I don’t care if I lose my powers forever. I don’t give a damn about them Laura!”


“All I know is that, Laura is carrying my child and she’s in the wrong hands while that son of a bitch has been fooling me the whole time. Laura is everything to me, she’s my Breath, my heart, She’s my life Vanessa…….. ”


“What’s the point in living in a World where Laura doesn’t Exist?”


Rio veered with venom in his mouth while he walked through Vanessa’s midst and spun around. A slight wind blew passed the hall while Everyone in the room gasped as two pairs of blue wings retracted out from Rio’s warm shoulders, instead of two mixtures of wings (red and Blue), they were just blue.


“Ri… Rio! Wha…… What’s wrong with your wings?”

Vanessa stuttered while Rio himself gasped as he stared at his wings. They were almost ripped off completely, his feathers were falling down while they looked like burned chicken wings.


“I don’t care Vanessa, I need to save her, I need save my child, I need to save my Family!” Rio said and in a split second, he had disappeared between Everyone’s eyes.


Vanessa who watched the transformation quickly walked to the centre of the hall as she made to address a speech.


“All eyes on me everyone, I want every robots reloaded with Weapons, I want the best field agent also ready, Rio ain’t gonna survive this all by himself, he needs our help and I can scent a badass War Coming up ahead…….. ”







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The Revelation on Who Pandora is = Next Episode, once again, don’t be too shock!

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