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The Last Demon – Season 3 Episode 5

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🗡️🗡️ EPISODE 25🗡️🗡️








🏚️🏚️🏚️LAURA’S MANSION 🏚️🏚️🏚️



The Rays of light that passed through the window frames reflected my eyes as I laid weakly on the bed. I groan weakly as the pain I felt racked through my body the more I tried standing up from the bed.


“How did I end up here?”

I mumbled under my breath as slight visions beclouded my mind, the last thing I remembered was me coming home yesterday and then…. then….. then I went into the bathroom for a bath and that was it. I had felt some pains in my head, first I thought it was a normal headache but it wasn’t, it had gotten so painful that I had no idea that I had fainted.


There’s something wrong somewhere and I can feel it, I just don’t know what it is yet.

After wavering down the thoughts that filled my mind, I sighed and turned my head sideways just to be welcome with the empty bedsheets that laid on the bed, Laura wasn’t on the bed and that was so strange cause she never leaves the bed until am awake.



I yelled, jerking off from the bed in haste as I went straight into the bathroom, she also couldn’t be found in there.

“Come on Laura, where are you!” I yelled the more after closing the bathroom and heading down the stairs. On getting to the living room, the whole place was empty while I felt goosebumps all over my body as I went into the kitchen, Laura was no way to be seen.


“Where the heck is she?”

I thought amidst myself as I went back into the room and hurriedly opened the bathroom door and bolted in. A smile on my lips as an idea struck my mind.


I had totally forgotten that I had an ability to sense every little living Creatures around me. I thought amidst myself as I stood in front of the mirror, my stark body staring back at me.


“It’s just me and you Sathanas!”

I said within me while I held my eyes close, seconds pass and I heaved as I flunged them open.


“What the heck!!!”

I snapped as I stared at my reflection in the mirror, First my eyes were glowing blue and secondly, I couldn’t feel myself as I was unable to use my Ability.


“What’s happening Sathanas!”

I yelled and bounced backwards while I gasped as I got no answer, I…. I…. I can’t feel him. My entire body was like a void without his presence, his annoying voice seized to play in my head as all I got was a slight glimpse of nothingness and Emptiness.


The toilet sink cracked and made a large sound as I laid my hands on it. The void feelings I had got the best of me while the cracks that spread all round the sink halted as I tightened my fist on it, my breathe all over my face as the toilet sink broke and fell on the floor.


I felt my body weakened as I crashed on the Wall while my reflection creeped towards my soul as I opened my lips a little…..


“What the Fuck is Happening?”………






☘️☘️(CRIME SCENE)☘️☘️


The entire horizons that made up De Latique Motel was covered with several police cars and Large Vans from the DPH. Police signs such as “Do not enter” were put in place all round the scene in other to curb the loss of Life


“Holly Cheese, what the hell happened Here?”

Vanessa asked after jumping down from the DPH Van and walking straight into the crime scenes where robots and other armoured men bowed to her.


“We have no idea Ma’am but I believe it’s connected with the two other cases, we got here after getting a call from Commander Greg and we informed you as soon as we got here!” Mrs Jones who held a book replied as Vanessa got to her.


“How many Victim’s dead?” Vanessa asked as she stared at the huge building before her

“3 deaths and one missing body, record we got said all 4 victims were friends who came to shop at the motel, Suddenly, the lights went off and there they were, all three lying dead on the floor except for the missing Victim!” Mrs Jones explained


“Definitely a Demon’s work!” Vanessa who stared at the pool of blood that littered the ground said as she scanned the entire Motel.

“I don’t need to ask you this Mrs Jones, any signs of Evidence or Clues that might lead us to the missing Bodies?” Vanessa asked


“Nay, just the blood, the bodies and oh, we also got something on the inside, I will lead the way!”

Mrs Jones replied and walked into the building filled with blood on the walls and also forensic scientist that did one thing or the other


“We are here!”

Mrs Jones said as both ladies halted at the centre of the Motel

“Where’s the….. ”

Vanessa tried saying but gasped as she stared at the weird symbols that laid on the wall, same thing as the others, all squared shaped and blood stained except that this was the biggest of them all.


“Holly Molly, that’s so huge!” Vanessa mumbled under her breath while she swallowed the lump that hung her throat as she tried wavering her hand towards the written Symbols which emited smokes


“Don’t touch it, last human who tried that got his hand burned and ripped off!” Mrs Jones who held Vanessa’s hand Explained and nodded at a direction in which Vanessa followed and truth be told, there laying at a Huge Van just outside the building laid a figure whose arm was bandage as he received oxygen from one instrument.


“Why do I have a hunch that’s this symbols are messages?” Vanessa thought widened herself as both ladies made their way out of the Motel

“Any lucks on the biometry Scans huh?” Vanessa asked

“Nope, all test prove abortive, am sorry!” Mrs Jones replied while Vanessa heaved and rested on a Van


“We need more than that to find out where they are been taken to, any signs of witnesses who witnessed the strange Occurrence right before the bodies were found huh?” Vanessa asked once again.

“Yeah, Mr Joe was the one who phoned the Organization, it’s said that he’s the owner of De Latique Motel and he witnessed the deadly Occurrence!” Mrs Jones Explained


“Good, let’s go meet him then”

Vanessa ordered while Mrs Jones nodded as she led the way. Seconds pass and both ladies halted at a certain spot


“Hello there Mr, we will need to speak with you!” Vanessa said

“Who are you?” The man asked

“DPH, Demonology and paranormal Headcourters!” Vanessa replied and showed her badge to the man who Nodded on seeing it


“Good, I will like to know about everything you see before the bodies dropped on the Floor” said Vanessa who exhaled as the man made to speak


“Uhm…. I was staying in my office when I saw the light shake and then went off. I thought it had to do with the switch panels so I got up and headed to the Electronics room, I tried switching it on but it never work and then…. then… then I heard some screams from the First floor so I went out to check it out”


“I…. I… I swear to God I saw it eyes, I saw them, they were glowing, they had a devious looks and a taste for blood. I flinched as it brought out it wings and headed towards me while I fell on the Floor. But when I opened my eyes, the light were back on and it… it was gone, it’s like it just vanished” The man known as Mr Joe explained


“Thank you so much Mr Joe, we will make sure we find the bodies!” Vanessa said while the man smiled at her and then nodded as both ladies made their way away from him and headed towards their Van


“So what’s next Huh?”

Mrs Jones asked

“I have this feeling that there’s something within those Symbols and we need to crack the code in other to find them. I want every forensic scientist out there in the field to get their asses up and get me that code ready and, get a call to Rio, his attention is needed here…… ”





🔱🔱🔱🔱6TH FLOOR🔱🔱🔱


The Elevator door beeped and open almost immediately, revealing Rio who emerged from the Elevator as he headed towards Vanessa’s table while all eyes trailed towards him.


He had his hair scattered while his handsome looks now looked like that of a thousand years old man, his curly hair weren’t curly anymore, instead, they were beginning to turn white and greyish as a white strine of hair could be seen vividly on his head.


“OMG! What’s wrong with you Rio? You look like an old Man dying of Cancer!” Vanessa who gasped on seeing Rio said as Rio got to her while he rested on a chair


Rio yelled in pains as he felt his backbone been broken a little bit

“Stop freaking out Vanessa, he’s a demon. He can’t just possibly die, Don’t they have like some of that immortality stuff!” Tyler said while Rio chuckled


“Isn’t it obvious huh? Am dying, without Sathanas I don’t think I will be able to survive two more days ahead!” Rio replied

“What do you mean Rio? Where the heck is Sathanas? Isn’t he supposed the be with…. with… With you!” Vanessa asked


“Who knows huh? Who knows where the hell the old man might have gone to, I…. I… I just can’t feel him anymore. He’s…. gone!” Rio stuttered and coughed as blood dripped from his nose.

“OMG!! Wait here, Let me get you a medic!” Vanessa said and signaled some Robots

“Don’t bother with that Vanessa, I got your call, why did you summon me?” Rio asked


“Are you sure you’re up to this Rio? You don’t look so good to me!” Vanessa said while Rio chuckled

“This body wasn’t created because I was a weakling Okay? This body is pretty tough you know and am pretty sure that I can handle it!” Rio said and relaxed his head while a strain of white hair covered his left eye.


“Alright Rio, have it your way then. There was a new case this morning and we think it’s some how connected to the previous cases, we found three dead bodies lying on the Floor and one body missing!”


“There was no clues, no evidence, nothing at all except Another symbol which we keep receiving at previous dead scenes. I believe whosoever is taking this bodies seems to be using them for something demon related!” Vanessa Explained

“Symbols!!” Rio mumbled under his breathe while he had his hands clutch tight to his head


“And Oh, Remember those Symbols I wanted to show you the other day huh?” Vanessa said and signaled Tyler who then nodded and clicked some buttons on the system before him


“Symbols coming up in 3, 2, 1 and….. ”

Tyler said while the huge screen before them flickered as some images popped on the screen. Rio who sat on a chair squinted his eyes somehow strange while he gasped as he Spranged on his feet


He had this look on him that made others think he was going through trauma as if something seemed to be troubling his mind


Rio yelled and fell weakly on his knees


“The symbols!”


“Think Rio, Am sealed because of your carelessness!”


“I can’t say Much. Just think!!”


“Think about what Father said!”


Said the Demonic voice of Sathanas that Pierced through Rio’s head while he had his mind centered on the screen before him as Vanessa and other field agents all stared at him.


“Take down the images!” Vanessa ordered Tyler who wasted no time as he took down the images. Rio who stared at the screen before him gasped as he regained his composure, his breathe all over this face as Vanessa walked up to him


“Are you Okay Rio? What was that all about?” Vanessa asked

“Sathanas! I don’t know how but he tried speaking to me, I couldn’t catch his words because of how tiny they were but I think there’s something wrong with this Symbols, I need to see them again, Please Vanessa!”


Rio pleaded while Vanessa nodded and signaled Tyler who brought back the images which then popped on the screen. Rio who noticed the pictures quickly stirred on his feet and took some steps forward.


“Symbols! Symbols!! Father…… The box, the treasures, that’s it!” Rio mumbled under his breathe

“What did you get Rio?” Vanessa asked


“That’s it, this aren’t just symbols, this are messages written in Codex demonic languages. They are ancient writings written by the first demons, my Father likes. Only superior demons like my Father and Sathanas are privilege to read this. This body knows just little about this, I can’t read this but I believe whosoever is taking the bodies is somehow connected to Abadon. If we can read the messages then, we will know where they are taking them and how to stop them!” Rio Explained in one straight breath while the rest had confuse looks on their faces


“I think I understand you Rio. You are the expert in demon mythology here Mrs Jones, any ideas on how to read this huh?” Vanessa asked

“Nay, am sorry Vanessa but this here…. I just can’t read this, I haven’t seen this before!”


Mrs Jones replied while Vanessa heaved in defeat. Almost immediately, a happy grin creeped her lips as she seemed to have thought of something

“Get me a link to ancient demonic recording Tyler!” Vanessa ordered while Tyler had his hands on the computer


Moments later, a list of old records and messages of the past suddenly popped on the Screen while Everyone had their eyes scanning through every little information within the records.

“What do we have Tyler?” Vanessa asked


“All we have here are ancient coding of demons such as, Beelzebub the demon of envy, Mammon the demon of greed also known as auarouse, we have here Belphegor the gluttonous demons…. ”

“Skip this parts Tyler, what do we have here? What’s Scale of binary, ternary and quaternary?” Vanessa asked as she pointed towards some few words that showed on the screen


“Oh that, scale of binary contains the two demon chiefs of the devil, Behemoth and Laviathan. Scale of Ternary has Demon furies like Alecto, Megara and Ctesiphone. The rest contains….. ”


“Alright! Alright!! We get that Tyler, any recording of symbols related to our case?” Vanessa asked while Tyler searched for more informations that showed on the screen


“Oh guys, I think we have something here that might be of our taste, says here that there are seven Demonic symbols, all squared shapes and each one of them emits smokes!” Tyler Explained while the rest had their attentions centered on it


“Finally, any more informations dude?” Rio asked

“Yeah, it’s say here that each symbols represents a missing body. In the past, when a symbol appears at a Crime scene, a body is found missing. All missing bodies keeps coming up until they complete seven” Tyler Explained

“Yeah, the missing bodies on our case are seven and that’s means whosoever is taking them just found the last body. Any more information?” Vanessa smacked


“Yeah! Yeah!! The old records says the circled of seven missing bodies is a ritual, the ritual of seven Virgin souls be it a girl or a boy. The bodies recorded missing in the past seems to be taken………….. No way, there’s no record of where they were taken to, who took them or how to find them, nothing at all. No one ever lived to find out. The circled of seven missing virgin souls stopped Thousands of years ago and it just started during this era!” Tyler Explained


“Shit!!! Any ideas on how to read this Symbols huh?” Mrs Jones asked while Tyler who had the brains kept searching the system until he found something.


“Found something lengthy, a researcher in the past seemed to have been the first to ever read the symbols. With my knowledge, I think I can crack the code if I click this and this and we have…… ”



They all yelled as Tyler clicked some few things on the system. Each one of them had a look of fear morphed across their faces. well, except Rio who had an idea on what it really meant

“You gotta be kidding me, Pandora has the highest ranks of demons with extraordinary abilities, this can’t possibly be true!” Vanessa said and punched the table


“It is true and it’s all my Brother’s fault. It’s a little complicated and I don’t have the time to explain it. Pandora is real and I know why she’s doing this, I know what she wants!” Rio mumbled and ran his hand through his hair


“Good! All good! Since you’re the only one who possibly knows Pandora, I think you might wanna tell us on how we’re gonna defeat her!” Vanessa added while a sad look morphed across Rio’s face


“Are you crazy? You can’t possibly kill Pandora or defeat her, no one ever did except my Father who once defeated her. Oh wait, I think there’s another way…. ” Rio Explained and paused

“And what’s that Mr Rio?” Tyler asked and crossed his Legs


“Father once told me about something related to this, demons like Pandora had long existed, they can’t be killed with just normal combats or Demonic abilities due to their fast reflex and strange abilities. The only way to defeat Pandora is by….. taking out her heart!” Rio Explained, his voice echoing round the room while half of his hair had turned white already


“If what you are saying is indeed true then, you know where she’s taking the bodies to right?” Vanessa asked


“Yeah…… To a place where no human had ever been to, a place of eternal Torments, a place where demons dare not to venture except my Father, a place of no retreats and survival, The Old Coven”…..







Action starts Next Episodes, How Rio finds out about the pregnancy and all that,how we know if she lost the baby or not, it all start next episode. Everyone should Sha get ready on who Pandora really is, don’t be too shock O

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