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The Last Demon – Season 3 Episode 2




🗡️🗡️EPISODE 22🗡️🗡️














It was late midnight, the moon was out as well as the night crickets which also sprouted all around the sky. Somewhere at the woods, there was a booming sound that shook the woods with it’s beat, It was music.


It seemed to be some kind of party, probably some bunch of kids celebrating something nice as cheers from the people who came to the party filled the entire Woods.

They partied while the lights which were hunged round the trees glowed as it brought illumination to the Woods


Beside a Corner, a certain group of about 10 hefty boys and 10 other girls all circled round a fire which they made as they all smooched themselves.

Somewhere at the centre of the circle, an empty bottle could be seen placed there as they all seem like they were about starting a game.


“Hey guys, so this is a game call truth and dare. Am sure y’all know what it is already!” A boy who sat at the Centre of the circle said while the crowd boomed with cheers

“Chill, don’t get too excited cause am gonna be the one calling the truth and dares around here So……. Who’s ready for some game?”


The boy added and once again, the crowd boomed with cheers. The noise all quitened as the boy rolled the bottle, seconds ticked and the wind blew as the bottle Stopped rolling, it’s two side facing two females


“So y’all wanna tell us what it’s gonna be huh?” The boy asked

“I choose Truth!” The first girl said

“Yeah, me too!”


“Okay, so you all care telling us if you know, if you two ever had a cliche (sex) before ” the boy asked while silent followed as the two girls hesitated for a little while without saying anything


“You know what? To hell with this game alright, let’s go have some fun people!”

A Female voice boomed from the midst of the crowd while the whole crowd cheered happily and spranged on their feet


As the music boomed louder, the ground made little sounds as some hefty boys could be seen lifting some girls while taking them somewhere deep into the Woods.

“Where the hell are you guys all going? Wanna go have some fun huh?” One of the boys said while the rest laughed at the comment

“Very Funny Ellis. We just wanna chill and cliche okay?” The other boys replied

“Alright man, go get yourself some fun!” The other guy added while the rest smiled as they took the girls deeper into the woods. They were about 4 girls and 4 boys In total.


As they all walked into the depths of the Woods, The loud music seized to play while Sudden moans filled the entire woods as the boys all rested the girls on some tree branches.

“Oh men, I really need this right now!”


Said a boy who kissed a girl while the rest laughed at him. The ground made sudden sounds as the boy pulled off his clothes and dropped them on the ground while the girl also repeated the same act.


This same act was also repeated by the other girls and boys who stood at different angles. Loud moaning filled the woods as it came from the girls who enjoyed the pleasure given to them after been placed on some smooth tree branches


As they all seemed so lost in what they were doing. The entire woods became a little darkened as lightening flashed while a vicious aura rose among the woods and spread all through it.


Almost immediately, a dark portal which was nowhere to be seen some minutes ago strangely appeared while a being with a demonic aura all around him emerged from it….. It was Abadon who turned around as he noticed the weird things going on around him


The guys groaned as they all moved fast behind the girls who held the tree for support. Unknown to them, the ground rumbled as one of the guys jerked feverently and then fell down dead on the Floor.


“What’s wrong baby?”

The girl said, pulled her panties up and spun her body backwards while her screams filled the entire Woods on sighting the dead figure that laid on the ground. Her screams also seemed to divert others attention as they all spun their bodies backwards.


Abadon who couldn’t stand the girl’s yelling raised his hands towards the girl who floated on the air and chocked, her eyes turned white while the ground made a sound as Abadon released his grip on her. A smile on his face as he stared at the frightened figures who began running away.


“How perfect!”…….







Vanessa walked hurriedly into the room with panic after receiving a call of an attack that happened in the Woods the previous night


Inside the room, Tyler could be seen sitting on a chair and as usual, he had his leg crossed as he stared into the computer before him. A few metres away from him stood Mrs Jones who ran a biometry scan on some kind of tissues which emited smokes. It was Evident that she was testing the Symbols that were out in placed in Mrs Ruthie’s Mansion.

Behind her were several other field workers that did one thing or the other while some robots stood on guard


“Any good news on the biometry Scan Mrs Jones?” Vanessa asked Mrs Jones who slowly nodded her head negatively

“Am very sorry Vanessa but this scan…. it’s something I Haven’t seen all through my life, no matter how hard I try, It seems so Ancient!” Mrs Jones said and sighed as she relaxed on the chair


“Tyler, I need you to look into the images of the attack that happened in Vincrong Woods last night…. ” Vanessa spoked hurriedly and faced Tyler who brought his legs down and faced the computer


“What? An attack?”

Mrs Jones asked in panic as she spranged on her feet and plunged towards Vanessa


“What are you waiting for Tyler? Do your thing!” Vanessa yelled and broke a sweat

“Am on it but there seems to be a disturbance at the 4th Floor, says here that some kind of figures are tryna break in…. ”


Tyler Explained while Mrs Jones who had a panic look spun her back and signaled the two robots who nodded and then made to hear towards the door

“Wait! Wait!! Tell them to stop, I think I might have an idea on who it might be. Get me a video of the 4th Floor, quick…. “Vanessa ordered while the robots halted and got back to their normal positions as Tyler clicked some buttons on the Computer


A smile curved Vanessa’s Lips as a video popped on the screen. There standing at the 4th Floor was Rio and Laura who tried entering the Elevator that led to the 6 Floor but was stopped by some guards

“Am sorry Ma’am but this area is restricted, DPH workers only, sorry!” A bald head man said


“Trust me. You don’t wanna piss me off right now young man. Now tell your boss am here already and she shouldn’t keep us waiting!” Rio retorted and flashed a faint smile

“Looks who’s giving the orders now. Young man huh? You’re no older than my son!” The man replied with a smirk while the other man laughed at the comment as Rio growled


“Let them in. They are with me!”

Said Vanessa whose voice boomed through the large intercom that was boldly placed at the edge of a corner. Laura who waved a smile gave a thumbs up to the camera that was placed above her


“I think that’s our ride gentlemen!” Rio said and took Laura’s palm Into her palm while the Elevator door beeped and opened as Rio and Laura walked in.


The two old men who stood at the 4th Floor blinked several and stared at the Elevator which had Rio in it.

“Gentlemen my foot. How old does he think he is?”……




🍀🍀🍀6TH FLOOR☘️☘️☘️


The Elevator door beeped and opened, revealing Rio and Laura who emerged from the Elevator with Holden hands as they approached Vanessa and Co.



Vanessa chipped happily and pulled Laura into a hug as they got to them

“Miss you, you little demon!” Vanessa mumbled under Laura’s shoulders

“Yeah. Can’t believe am saying this right now but I miss you too Vanessa!” Laura replied under Vanessa’s shoulders



Laura blinked in pains as Vanessa jokingly slapped her butt with her hands after breaking off from the hug.

“That’s for flying me up the mountain remember?” Vanessa said while Laura laughed at her.


All this while, Tyler, Mrs Jones and together with Every single agent that worked in the department had their mouth opened wide as they all stared at Vanessa and Laura. Even the robots had an emoji on their faces that showed how shock they were


“What’s wrong with them? So Everyone in the department is dumb now right?” Rio said jokingly as the three figures all moved towards the direction of Mrs Jones and Tyler

“What Happened to you guys Tyler?” Vanessa asked while Tyler opened his mouth to speak

“Who the hell are you and what did you do with Vanessa? Are you some kinda alien?” Tyler said jokingly while Everyone in the room broke into a deep laughter. The agents in the room all stopped laughing and got back to their works as Vanessa glared at them


“Oh right, Rio, Laura. Meet Tyler, the computer wizard and meet Mrs Jones, a demonologist!”

“Tyler, Mrs Jones, meet Laura, a 500 old year demon I suppose!” Vanessa said while Tyler offered a handshake to Laura who took it

“It’s my honour ma Lady. I like you already for the demon potion you might have used on Vanessa!” Tyler replied and kissed Laura’s hand while Vanessa Chuckled

“Oh, meet Rio. A thousand years old Demon Lord and a friend to this agency!” Vanessa added while Rio smiled and shook hands with Tyler who marvelled at him.


“So you two are demons? Is there anything you can do to prove it? Any tricks or something?” Tyler asked

“Am not here for magic tricks young man!” Rio replied and smiled at Tyler who nodded

“Got it!”


“Oh. Where are the rest huh? Where’s Samael, Kelvin and Michael?” Vanessa asked while Rio had a frown that showed vividly on his face at the mentioned of Michael

“My bad. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that!” Vanessa added


“Oh no. It’s alright. Samael and Kelvin are busy right now with the kingdom stuffs. Laura and I are dating now and Michael. He…. He… He died a thousand years ago. The Michael you saw wasn’t really Michael but am imposter. He was my Brother!” Rio Explained and flashed a smile


“Holly shit! Are you serious right now Rio. Don’t tell me shape shifting demons truly exist? I mean, I might have heard a little about them but I can’t believe it’s true!” Mrs Jones snapped happily while Rio and Laura Smiled in response to her


“Am so sorry Rio. I didn’t know!” Vanessa said

“Oh nay. It’s Okay and oh, I got your message, what was so urgent that you wanted to tell me?” Rio replied

“Oh yeah. We just had a case yesterday, two teenagers went missing and we believe it’s a Demon’s doing…. “Vanessa Explained


“What? Did…. did you just say two teenagers went missing?” Rio asked

“Yeah. Is Anything wrong with that?” Vanessa replied

“Oh no! He warned me, he was right after all, he warned me but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t….. I… I couldn’t see his face, I couldn’t find were he was taking them to, and now, their…. I… I… I… ” Rio cursed under his breath with his two hands firmly placed on his head as he moved around


“Calm Down Rio, what the hell are you talking about?” Vanessa asked as Rio regain his composure


“Last night while I was at the restaurant, I scent a demon around me but I couldn’t find out where the scent was coming from and then when I got back home, I…. I… I had some slight visions of that same demon, I don’t know how I saw the vision but I did. Sathanas was trying to tell me something about two teenage girls, he told me the demon had taken them and was taking them to someone, A woman I think. He told me to stop him but I…. I couldn’t. I couldn’t see where he was taking them, who he was or what he looked like and now it’s all my fault, their souls are gone already and it’s all my fucken fault!”


Rio said in one breathe while sweat dripped down his face as Everyone tried absorbing what he just Explained to them


“So let me get this right, So Sathanas informed you about the two missing teenagers huh?” Vanessa asked and Rio nodded

“And then he told you to stop him because he was taking them to someone who was gonna consume their souls and now their souls are gone because you couldn’t see his face or where he was heading to?” Vanessa asked once again


“That’s pretty correct Vanessa!” Rio replied and relax on a chair, Laura included

“Shit! Now they are all gone and we don’t know where they fucken are!” Vanessa snapped and punched the table

“Look it’s not my fault Okay, the old man doesn’t give me information in details and moreover, some kinda force was blocking my vision!” Rio Explained

“Why didn’t you tell me all this Rio?” Laura asked with a teary voice


“Look Sweetie, it’s Because I didn’t want you getting hurt okay? And it also doesn’t make sense yet!” Rio replied as he cupped Laura’s cheeks

“Wait! wait!! We two are lost here, so you can see visions and scent a fellow demon? And who the hell is Sathanas?” Tyler asked while Mrs Jones also nodded as Rio heaved in defeat

“Look guys, it’s so complicated, you wouldn’t understand!” Rio replied


“You know what? We will get back to that later but for now, How about you give me those images on the attack that happened at Vincrong Woods last night Tyler!” Vanessa said and stood behind Tyler’s back who sat on the chair that faced the computer


“An attack? Did something else happened Huh?” Rio asked as he rose to his feet, same with Laura

“I asked her the same Question earlier!” Mrs Jones chipped in

“Look guys, there was an attack last night, an annoymous one and I just got a call minutes ago and it said it’s something strange and demon related!” Vanessa Explained


“How strange?” Laura asked

“We are about to know!” Vanessa replied while the computer beeped as some images began loading on the screen

“Got it!….. Holly shit!”

Tyler said and gasped and he moved backwards as some images appeared on the screen.


Others also moved back in fear as they all saw what popped on the screen.

It was the images of a bunch of people who laid on the ground. Some had their hearts ripped off while some had their heads and other body parts ripped off.


The images went further into the woods while Everyone gasped as some dead bodies also laid on the floor.


“What kind of demon could have done that shit?” Tyler asked

“This…. This looks like ancient doings, I don’t think a normal demon did this….. “Rio replied

“Why do you say that Mr Rio?” Mrs Jones asked


“Tyler, zoom out the images. Something’s not right…. ” Rio said as he placed his hands on the Tyler’s chair and Stared at the images. Seconds ticked and Tyler was back on the seat


“Come get me!”

They all called out loud after seeing what the compiles of dead bodies formed on the Floor. Fear Spranged to the surface as they all stared at themselves except Rio who rub his hands on Laura who was already begining to shake…




“What do the reports says Tyler?” Vanessa asked while Tyler typed on the computer

“News here says that twenty bodies were found dead while Four bodies went missing!” Tyler replied almost immediately


“Shit. We need to do something about this!” Rio veered as he walked around the table

“Can’t you see he knew we would come? It’s a trap!” Vanessa replied

“I agree with her Rio, it’s a trap and I don’t want you getting hurt!” Laura chipped in


“It’s okay Laura, traps don’t scare me, it’s alright. After all, I have Sathanas there to protect me!” Rio said and pecked Laura while he rose to his feet

“Look Vanessa, I know you don’t want me getting hurt but if you really wanna find those missing teenagers then you need to send some recruitments!” Rio veered and stared at Vanessa who bit her lower lips


“Alright! Alright!! Am not afraid of traps either but am gonna stay here with Laura and Mrs Jones, the rest of you can all go together with some robots!” Vanessa replied while Rio beamed her a smile


“You ain’t gonna regret this Vanessa, I promise you!” Rio mumbled as he pecked Laura’s cheeks once again before heading out

“That’s it Rio. Am not doing this for me, am doing this for those Missing teenagers….. ”






The sound of armoured vehicles who revved their engines rented the air as they at incredible speed towards the Woods.


They stopped as they got to the entrance of the woods and armed men jumped down with plasma guns held in their hands. The sounds of drones also filled the air as they all spread


The ground thudded as Rio jumped from the van and landed on the ground, followed by Tyler who also jumped from the van and landed safely on the ground while they all plunged towards the woods.


Seconds ticked a loud gasped filled the entire woods as all Armoured men halted on sighting the dozens of dead bodies that laid on the ground, coupled with the “come get me” sign that was also written on the Floor


“Bloody Fuck!”

Tyler Cursed under his breathe as he noticed four different Symbols on the Floor. It was the same as the one from Mrs Ruthie’s Mansion except that they were just written on the floor. All four symbols were squared shaped and they emited smokes


“We have reach the dead zone Ma’am!” Tyler spoke into the Telecom that connected him to the Organization

“We got eyes on you from here Tyler. Spread Out!” Vanessa’s voice boomed from the Telecom


“You heard her, Spread Out!”

Tyler ordered and the Armoured men together with the robots all swooped through the woods with their hands placed on their triggers, ready to shoot any incoming force at any minute.


“I… I… I scent something but this time, it seems fake!” Rio mumbled under his breath as he halted and sniffed the air

“What do you mean Mr Rio, there’s….. ” Tyler couldn’t complete his words as gunshots sounded all around the Woods


“What’s happening there Tyler?” Vanessa asked from the Telecom

“What happened?” Tyler asked and held firm to the mini gun that he had with him


“We’ve been breached. About 15 of our men on the radar are down, it’s a kill zone over there. something strange and dangerous is Killing them!” Said a man who approached Tyler and Rio


“Alright People. fall back now, I repeat, Fall back Now!” Tyler yelled while the ground made huge sounds as everyone began running backwards. Well. Except for Rio who still stood his ground with his eyes glued to the floor


“What are you doing Mr Rio. We need to go!” Tyler yelled at Rio who slowly rose his head up as his eyes glowed red

“Holly Molly! Yourw eyes!” Tyler exclaimed

“Move back, He’s here!”


Rio replied in a Demonic accent and almost immediately, The leaves around them Wobbled and shake while A man on a black robe emerged from the Woods, his eyes Landing on Rio who took a step back and gasped as they landed on Rio


“Hello Sathanas!”

Said the voice of Abadon who glared at Rio with dark glowing eyes

“Abadon? That’s impossible, I took off your wings, I destroyed half of your powers. How come you became so powerful?” Rio asked suprisenly


“I know right, I feel good too!” Abadon replied and smiled at Rio and in a split moment, green wings appeared from his back as they flapped.

“What the hell!” Tyler said ammoused

“Move back, I got this!”

Rio said as Tyler moved backwards while The ground suddenly became streamed as Rio’s shoulders became warm while Red-Blue wings erupted from his back


“Let’s do this Demon!’

Abadon snapped and dashed towards Rio whose wings flapped together. Waves emitted from Abadon hands as he threw strange beams towards Rio whose eyes glowed while the beams stopped in Midway and flew towards Abadon direction


Abadon ducked the beams while they slumped on a tree as Abadon disappeared and reappeared behind Rio who smiled as he caught Abadon’s kick in Midway and slumped him towards a tree where he crashed


As Abadon tried standing up, a red beam from nowhere appeared and blasted him while his entire body disintegrated into nothingness. It was Whyte who had blasted the demon with a Plasma Ray weapon.


“What the!! That’s impossible!!” Rio mumbled amidst himself as he retracted back his wings while Tyler and some armoured men walked up to him


“What do you mean Rio?” Tyler asked

“It…. It’s fake, It’s an illusion, that was not the real Abadon, it was just an illusion!” Rio replied


“What! You mean all this was all fake? Why would he do that? He killed our men!a” Tyler asked


“Yeah, that’s what I don’t get. If this was an Illusion, then…. Then…. Where the hell is the real Abadon?”…..






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