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The Last Demon – Season 3 Episode 10 – 11 [Completed]

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☘️☘️☘️☘️FINAL CHAPTER ☘️☘️☘️


🗡️🗡️ EPISODE 30&31🗡️🗡️













Silent reigned, lightening flashed, the sky Darkened as the two different teams who opposed each others could be seen standing just a few feet from each others while they brawled.


As shocking as it could be, something that they hadn’t expected to happen in a thousand years to come, all eyes trailed towards Vanessa who laid on the ground and then back at Pandora who vent with anger, the wind blowing softly on their skins while they all had their lips moved at once


“What the hell! No way!! That’s…….. that’s impossible…….. Vanessa?”

Tyler who laid on a rock with a wound across his hand said, shocked at the expression he was getting from both beings who appeared to be in the same realm


Pandora whose face was now revealed to be Vanessa raised her head high while her Demonic laughter echoed round the realm. By now, everyone present in the realm were all risen to their feets while watching what displayed under their eyes.


“How….. How’s this possible? I….. I….. I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!! Tell them she’s just tryna play a trick on Vanessa Rio, tell them Pandora’s lying, tell them Vanessa is not Pandora, she’s standing right there isn’t it? She…. She’s my friend!”


Laura mumbled under her breathe and cried in silence under Rio’s chest while Rio who groan in pains as he weakly managed to rise on his feet couldn’t even open his lips as he found it hard in absorbing what he had just witnessed.


“Vanessa? But you…. you….. you’re sitting next to me. How come you’re two? How come you’re Pandora? You’ve been with us the entire time, How….. how…. ”

Tyler stuttered while staring at Vanessa who sat on the ground with her eyes glued to it as if been possess by some kinda demon


“Good! Since y’all seen my true form already, I might as well as explain everything to you….. ” Pandora smacked and took a step further while a smug creeped towards her lips


“Let’s just say the Vanessa sitting beside you isn’t what you think she is but an illusion. The real Vanessa is standing before you and is trapped between her own conscience. ” Pandora (Vanessa) Explained and smirked


“I don’t believe you Pandora, if really you’re the real Vanessa, then, why do we have the two of you? Why’s she sitting right next to us huh? Why’s she fucken there!”


Samael yelled and cleared away the blood that stained his Lips while leaving behind Pandora whose smug only got wider

“You don’t believe me huh?”


Pandora mumbled and with a flick of her hand, Vanessa who sat on the ground with her eyes glued to it had a bright light shining brightly on her body while tiny ashes clouded the atmosphere as her entire body vaporised and turned Into nothingness.


A loud gasped could be heard as everyone present in the realm had a shock look morphed across their faces after witnessing the strange transformation that had just occurred under their noses


“But…. but how’s this possible? How did you gain control over her body? How did you possibly possess her? How??”

Rio who hadn’t said a single word the entire time said and groan while Pandora who had a devious smile creeped towards her lips made to speak.


“Well….. “……




It was Night, up above the ever sky, the moon could be felt shining so brightly while night crickets sprouted all around, revealing the yellow Lamborghini which drove through the metal gate and then parked at a garage.


Seconds passed and Vanessa who alighted from the Car heaved and stared at the Mansion before her, she wore a sleeveless blue top, a matching jacket, a badass black trouser and a pair of sneakers to fit while she began walking towards the Mansion. It was evident that she was heading home after closing from the hard Work at DPH.


Vanessa who felt something changed around the environment halted, heaved and then spun her body around while throwing some kunai knifes towards the spot she suspected but unfurtunately for her, nothing seemed to be at the spot she suspected as the kunai knifes slumped right through the Fence.


“Oh, silly me. I thought it was a demon!”

Vanessa said and turned her body around but was too late to avoid the white glowing smoke which appeared to be in a ghost version as it went through her mouth and penetrated right through her body while taking her form in motion


Vanessa whose eyes now glowed darkly squatted low and picked the bag she had brought along with her, then heaved and adjusted her body after standing up on her feet as she then walked towards the building with a devious smile all across her lips…….


☘️☘️☘️END OF FLASHBACK ☘️☘️☘️


“So that’s why you always knew of our every Move, it’s why you easily kidnapped Laura, it’s why you drove me away from the DPH, it’s because you knew that only by possessing Vanessa could you have your eyes on everyone and made your plans more easier” Rio mumbled


“That’s damn right Rio, this body was the perfect vessel for my plan. It made y’all look so weak to me, Only by gaining control over it could I have my eyes on everyone, only by gaining control over it could It make my plans more easier and now that my missing soul is found thanks to you, am gonna consume it and annihilate (destroy) everyone here!”


Pandora (Vanessa) veered while Rio who had his head rested on Laura’s arms bursted into an overwhelming laughter while everyone present in the realm Including Pandora herself had their attention centered towards him as all eyes trailed towards him


“Rio? What’s there to laugh about? This is not the right time to laugh, Not now, she’s gonna destroy everything if we don’t save her!” Laura said with tears in her eyes

“Anything funny huh? ” Pandora asked while Rio tilted his head towards her


“All this while, you thought you had me fooled, you thought you had me trapped but the funny part there is……. I had you right where you were suppose to be and you fell right into my trap!”


Rio Explained, then turned and pecked Laura on her cheeks and then took some steps forward while a loud gasped illuminated the entire realm as Rio whose hair was white had a red orb glowing all through his body while the once white hair of his glowed and became afresh once again, the weird lines of that of an old man that he had scattered all across his face all vanished In a blink of an eye while his entire body took their rightful shade….. the real Rio was back.


“Wha…. What’s going on? Why…. but you…. you were dying? I gave Abadon the demon sealing spell and he fed it to you, why are you… why…. ” Pandora stuttered, her heart thumbing so loud while she took a step backward


“I think you’re forgetting one thing Pandora, no matter what, I will always be Sathanas. You thought you had me fooled, you thought Abadon succeeded but the truth there is, the demon sealing spell never worked on me, it never did. I caught Abadon’s scent the moment he stepped his foot into our home, I would have killed him that exact moment but I didn’t, instead, I played along and I knew of your every plan after looking Into his soul”


“I knew it was you Vanessa, I knew it all along, truth be told, though you had everything planned out, you hid your demon scent the entire time you came to DPH so that no one would suspect you but I caught a scent the moment you tapped me on the shoulder remember and then I knew it was you. Having known your every plans from Abadon, I knew that the only way I could reveal to everyone that you were Pandora was by playing along your plan and trapping you in your own Realm!”


“Therefore, after negotiating with Sathanas, we both agreed on a plan and I casted a spell on my self, the demon spell closed up my demon genes and allowed my blood to flow backwards, thereby, weakening my entire blood cells and demon genes, my body would deteriorate and made me look like an old man and by doing so, I had Sathanas scent sealed up from you” Rio Explained and smirked, his aura getting so Demonic while he took another step further


“You thought Mrs Jones was your missing soul huh? How pathetic, she’s not and she never was to begin with. One of the abilities I possess is sharing a bit of my powers with a human for an hour, it took me a while but I figured it out and so after sharing a bit of my power with Mrs Jones, I casted a spell on her, a spell that helped bined your other soul to it and it helped trick you in thinking she was your missing half”


Rio added and with a flick of his hand, Mrs Jones who had a smirk on her face gasped as her entire body glowed while a red orb emited out of her body and floated towards Rio who consumed it.


“Holly Molly! I….. I… I can’t believe I just became a demon for an hour, damnit I…. I… I feel really good, I…. I… I feel weird!” Mrs Jones said and smiled while Rio beamed her a sly smile

“Wha….. What? You had this all planned out and none of you ever thought of telling me anything huh? I feel so mad right now!” Tyler who still had his hands wrapped on the Dragunov Sniper he held chipped in


“Sorry Buddy, Had to make everyone believe I was actually losing my Powers and therefore I had to keep it from everyone including Laura. The only person whom I told was Mrs Jones and no one else!” Rio said and smiled while Tyler who understood the situation nodded immediately


“Quiet!!! If…. If really Mrs Jones never was my Missing soul then…. then where the hell is my missing soul?” Pandora stuttered, her face so shocked due to the entire explanations given to her while everyone paid attention to what Rio had to say


“Oh your missing soul huh? I caught your missing soul wandering around a few days after my brother opened your box and so I had it sealed up the very moment I caught it, it was all part of the plan Pandora!” Rio Explained while the smug on his face never left him


“Damn, You really are one crazy demon Rio. Seems like the old man in you really trained you well after all, you’re both really crazy!” Samael who listened to the entire conversation said while he assisted Kevin in sitting on a rock


“You little demon!! You had me fooled all along, you made me believe my plan actually worked when it didn’t. It’s a good thing I still have my dagger after All and together with my powers, you still don’t stand a chance against me Rio!” Pandora veered and raised her dagger high while Rio who had his hand running through his curly hair smirked and took another step further


“How pathetic of you Pandora. Did you really think I would be so stupid enough to have handed over the dagger to you huh? The dagger before you is nothing but an illusion which has been laced with a bit of my powers to make you think it was yours, the real dagger, it’s with me. Seems like you ain’t the only one good with an illusion after all.”


Rio Explained and heaved while a red glowing dagger which was no where to be seen, mysteriously appeared and with a flick of his hands, Pandora (Vanessa) gasped as the dagger which she held in her hands strangely vanished and vaporised into dust.


“You!! you will pay for this Rio, Am gonna kill you and then am gonna destroy Everything you have ever love starting from Laura;” Pandora yelled and dashed towards Rio with lightening speed


The ground quaked as Pandora leapt towards Rio with Claws that aimed for him but the latter hit her away at the last moment, both brawling far away from each others


Lightning flashed and the sky loomed as Earth Vines which were under Pandora’s influence, erupted from the ground, each Vines entangled with huge rocks as Pandora tossed them towards Rio who shifted backwards while the Earth Chattered as Rio moved back to avoid the scattered Rocks


Out of rage and anger that burned through her long lost Demonic core, the Earth rumbled as Pandora’s eyes glowed darkly while Earth pillars rose above the ground and veered towards Rio whose hands glowed as he stopped the Earth Pillars in midair and turned them to dust


Meanwhile, Everyone present in the realm of Pandora had all stopped what they were doing and paid attention to the ravaging fight that was brewing, No… a War between tow dark entities.


Darkness filled the Realm as a clash brought down trees to the ground moments after the two being have clashed, Pandora who levitated with black huge wings flapping behind her back broke a sweat as she rose numerous Earth pillars, Vines, steroid rods and a lot more from the ground and just when she had directed them towards Rio, a raging feeling blew across her mind while her wings retracted back to their shells as she ended up falling on the ground.


“You’re gonna pay Rio, you’re gonna die along with the old man in you and am gonna make sure of that!” Pandora battered and made to dash towards Rio who only had a smile on his face


“I would be more careful if I were you, Remember the blast Mrs Jones had used earlier on you huh? I casted a Demonic spell on it and now your powers have deteriorated into half, it’s why you fight like a lower demon. It’s why you can’t feel your entire powers anymore, you’re weak and Am afraid you ain’t my opponent right now Pandora. Am afraid…… ”

Rio said and paused as he stared right into Vanessa’s eyes while a Demonic aura radiated round him


“Am afraid right now, you’re no different from a lower demon and an inferior to me!”

Rio added and levitated as his Normal yellow eyes glowed and turned pure Black while a mysterious fog which was nowhere to be seen mysteriously appeared and clouded Pandora who was too late to react


Moments later, Rio who landed on his feet had a smug plastered across his face as the mysterious fog all cleared away and disappeared, revealing Pandora who coughed out blood and having a renew sense of opportunity made to rush towards Rio but ended up falling right back to the ground.


“Wha …. What’s happening? What have you done to me? Wha…. Why can’t I feel my Powers anymore? Why can’t I feel them anymore? ” Pandora yelled and coughed out more blood while Rio who took slow steps towards Vanessa halted and squatted low to her height.


“Oh. it’s nothing to worry much about Pandora , that’s just the Demonic fog I created, it’s mixed with my demon instinct and for the next 30 minutes, you won’t be able to feel your powers anymore which gives me the Chance to do this!” Rio Explained and cut Vanessa’s wrist with Pandora’s dagger while a white glowing smoke emited out of Vanessa body and turned into nothingness right before their eyes


“Don’t you dare hurt her Rio, she’s still Vanessa!” Tyler yelled and aimed his Sniper at Rio who let out a smirk.

“Cool off Tyler, am not tryna hurt her, am just tryna safe her. Pandora’s dagger maybe a brutal weapon but it can also help in removing demonic powers from several beings, be it a demon, host or a human!” Rio Explained while almost immediately, Vanessa whose wound close up immediately opened her eyes with a banging Vision


“Damn, it hurts! Why do I feel like I have been asleep for way too long!” Vanessa mumbled while a loud cheer boomed from the crowd after hearing her words, finally, the real Vanessa was back.


Laura whose eyes were filled with so much tears, wasted no time as she ran towards Vanessa and pulled her into a hug while she only stared at Rio with a face filled with so much love

“Thank you so much for saving her Rio, I… I love you so much!” Laura said while Rio beamed her a smile, leaving behind Vanessa who had no idea of what was happening


“Uhm….. Laura? That’s enough, you’re chocking me…. What the hell is happening to y’all?”……….





☘️☘️3 MONTHS LATER☘️☘️






It’s been a blink of an eye and three months gone. A bright sunny afternoon in great City of London, Everywhere so peaceful as Peace reigned once again, the cold currents of Los Angeles kept blowing through my body and veins as I stared Into deep uttered space and Emptiness.


I smiled as a kiss landed on my cheeks while the warm soft touch which had always been with me for centuries touched my right shoulder, a smile on my lips as I felt the warm presence all around me as it sat beside me and send hickeys to my spine.


“You know you need to stop thinking about the past right? It’s time you let go of everything Laura, it’s not healthy for my child! For our child”

The soft smoothened words of Rio pierced through my ears, his lips creeped into a sly smile while he had his hands wrapped across my waist as we both stared at the vast Buildings of Los Angeles which were impaled before us while I had my head raise high and my mind centered at the event of the last 3 months…….











It was Nightfall, several hours after the drastic but yet amazing turn of events that Occurred at The old Coven or whatever Rio called it, Pandora was gone for good while Rio had brought us back to the Mortal World.


Samael and Kevin had returned back to the realm once again after been instructed by Rio to watch over it until we had had our fun in the mortal realm, we both didn’t want our kids growing up and getting caught up with the demon realms and yeah, I didn’t lose my baby, turned out that the child in me was pretty sturborn as he possess the genes of Sathanas, Rio and I myself.


“What? You gotta be shitting the hell outta me, So y’all meant I was been possessed by Pandora? The highest demon ever recorded in human history? No way!” Vanessa squealed, her legs crossed as she sat on her chair.


“Yeah. That’s pretty much it Vanessa, Don’t Tell me you didn’t remember a single thing from all that’s Happened?” Mrs Jones asked

“Nay, all I remembered was going home that night and…. And I think I saw a ghost or whatever and by the when I woke up, I was at the realm and y’all were around me!” Vanessa replied while we all had our mind diverted towards the elevator door which beeped and opened, revealing Rio who emerged from it and approached us


“It’s all thanks to him, he actually had it all planned along and now he has my respect. He’s really a demon Lord after all!” Tyler whispered into Vanessa’s ears while Rio who caught his words due to his fast reflex smiled as he got to them


“Be sure to keep your words Tyler, I might need them in the future!” Rio said with a smile on his lips

“Come on! That’s cheating!!” Tyler added while we all bursted Into an eternal laughter……


The night sky loomed, glittering all around the human realm as night crickets clearly showed and sprouted out in the sky. At last, the hardened feelings that burdened our shoulders had all been pulled off.


Our journey of eternal Love and Care was really true after all. I still vividly Remembered the smile that creeped towards my lips after Rio had handed over Pandora’s dagger to Vanessa for safe keeping and had made a promise to me…… a promise of a peaceful life, a life without demons and Fights, just Rio and I.


Oh, least I forgot, Our Chapter of Living our Life’s happily ever After wasn’t over yet, not until the last human who once cared for Rio possess the knowledge of who we really are………..












The night had come, it was finally here after all, the night Rio had made his entire mind to clear out his doubts with Ciara and told her the truth. One could say it was an ever night as Rio planned on revealing his true form to Ciara.


In the cold atmospheric Valley of New York City, the only place in New York where the weather had a smoothened feeling, there came the most exclusive restaurant where people with high statutes often afforded.


Inside the Restaurant, beautifully decorated with chandeliers and other exclusive designs of various types. There sitting at the Far edge of the VVIP tables, sat Ciara who had an angry look morphed across her face as she kept staring at Rio who only had a serious face staring right back at her.


“You’re definitely out of your damn mind Rio. Can’t believe I came all the way here to hear you spout out this nonsense. So what do you expect me to believe huh? In fairy tales huh? How can you expect me to believe that you’re a demon from a thousands years ago and you somehow have someone living inside your body!”


“I….. I… I really can’t handle this right now Rio, I really was stupid enough to have thought that you wanted to clear out our differences and make it right but…. but…. ” Ciara said, her body shivering feverently as tears streamed down her face while Rio gulp the lump that hunged round his throat, it was time he told her everything as she wanted to pull away.


“Wait….. I know you’re scare Ciara, scared that the truth might hurt you. I know you don’t believe me Ciara, I never expected you to and now that it has finally come to this….. ” Rio mumbled had paused

“The least I can I do is to prove it to you, don’t freak out!”


Rio Explained while all Suddenly seemed like a slow motion, the soft wind blew, the music played, seconds turned into minutes and Ciara who only stared into Rio’s eyes seemed frozen as the unexpected happen


A weird aura deflated while Rio’s eyes glowed bright red as Ciara stared right into them, the deed was done after all, the truth was out, the bitter truth was revealed, all that was left was if she would handle it, Rio whose eyes kept glowing had a smile creeped towards his lips as he made to speak, at last, he had brought down his burdens and the last chapter of Our life’s was a second close to clearing out itself.


“I told you, I was Cursed as a vessel…… Am the Last Demon!”………





“Nay, you’re damn wrong Rio, I don’t hold to those memories anymore, they had been gone a long time already. Am….. I….. I… I just missed them Okay?” I mumbled under my breath after snapping out of the memories of the last 3 months


I waved a smile as the soft wind brush pass my skin, while filling my mind with excitement, love and anxiety. I squinted my eyes somehow strange as I felt Rio’s hands wrapped round my waist while he raised me up in a bridal style and walked towards the Buggati Veyron that laid a few metres from where we sat.


“Put me down Rio, Where are you taking me to? Am not a child you know right? ” I asked moments after Rio had opened the Car and slumped me on the chair and closed the door.

The weird feeling I got didn’t last for long as I felt his warm presence all around me once again after he had hoped in through the second door.


“Seems you still can’t let go of the past Laura so…. Am taking you to a place that will let off your mind from the past!” Rio replied while the sound of the Bugatti Veyron sounded all around as he ignited the Car and zoomed off.


“Take it easy will you, the speed might harm the baby!” I yelled and tummy after seeing the rate at which Rio drove while he kept crossing different lanes and dodging several cars at each intervals

“Nothing’s gonna happen to our child Laura, He has my blood running through him Remember, he’s not as weak as you are!” Rio replied while we both laughed in a low tone


“Nay , am stronger than you Rio and You still haven’t told me where you’re taking me to remember?” I chipped in once again while Rio who drove speedily tilted his head towards me and flashed a smile at me


“Ever heard of Ice Skating huh?”

Rio replied and drove away speedily while ignoring the traffic signs of Los Angeles as we both stared at each other with emotions in our eyes and slowly pulled our faces together while allowing our moans to filled the atmosphere as the Buggati hit it’s highest speed……





☔☔☔☔THE END☔☔☔☔

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  • Finally!! We have come to the end of this story. Its a good thing that Rio and co won at last. Congratulations

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