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The Last Demon – Season 3 [Episode 1 – 11]



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🗡️🗡️ EPISODE 21🗡️🗡️













The Elevator opened and Vanessa walked out of it, She had a coffee placed in her hands while she smiled and walked pass some figures who waved at her.


Vanessa halted and stopped at a door after few minutes of walking, she heaved and pushed the door open while she bolted in. Inside the large room, Tyler could be seen sitting on a chair with his legs crossed while he had his mind centered on a book he had in his hands.


Well meet Tyler, The Computer Wizard at the DPH, He alone happened to be the backbone of the Organization when it comes to anything related to the System, a human with a brain of pure computer Knowledge.


Vanessa smiled and walked towards Tyler’s table. She folded her arms and then Chuckled after seeing the book he had in his hands while he had his attention centered to it.


Tyler who noticed the weird sound that filled the air slowly raised his head up and gasped as they landed on Vanessa.

“Tf are you doing Vanessa, you almost gave me an heart attack!” Tyler said jokingly while he had his hands placed on his chest

“I should be the one asking the question here Tyler. Now, Am as bored as hell, I haven’t relax my fist on a demon after joining forces with Laura and Co. any signs of demons activities anywhere huh?” Vanessa asked and relax on her chair


“None that I know of, if there were any signs of demon activities, believe me. I would be the first to know and besides, Am….. ”


Tyler explained and then paused as the sound of an alarm which blared it’s noise into their ears echoed all around the room while bringing the continuous repeatations of vibrations all through the Walls.

Tyler who noticed the mood swings in Vanessa quickly placed his legs on the floor and turned to face the system while Vanessa spranged on her feet and stood behind him.


“On it!!”

Tyler said and clicked some buttons on the System, revealing the weird coded message that appeared on the screen.

“It’s a red Code Ma’am and it’s from Mrs Jones!” Tyler muttered

“Definitely a demon!” Vanessa said and Chuckled after taking a sip from her coffee


“Come on Tyler, don’t just stare at me, get those Fingers working, Give me a damn location!!”

Vanessa veered while Tyler giggled and wasted no time as he clicked some buttons while some detailed messages quickly appeared and showed on the screen


“New York Rail, it’s the home of Famous Mrs Ruthie, she’s said to have contact the Department hours ago” Tyler replied after pulling down his headset


“Hours ago?? Damn it!”

Vanessa battered and placed the coffee on the table while she bent her head sideways as she walked towards the centre of Everyone that worked in the room


“Okay Everyone, Nap time’s over, I want those Robots switched back on and back on their feet, Tyler, Hela, you’re all with me. It’s time to go crack some demons!”……







In a street crowded and filled with ongoing cars of various Types, A Blue van with the Inscription”DPH” drove into the street of New York Rails and halted at a huge building with other vans and Cars all around it, it was evident that some belonged to the Army as they had Army logos boldly written on them


Vanessa, Tyler and a set of robots with plasma ray weapons alighted from the Van and headed towards the building. Vanessa smiled as she loaded some weapons, The door automatically opened while Vanessa heaved and then Walked towards the building with golden bars all around it.


Standing at every little corner of the building were men from the Armies department who guarded every corner of the building, some guns held on their hands as they all stood on guard.


“DPH, step aside!”

Vanessa ordered and walked through the midst of the men together with her team after the men had seen the badge she represented to them

“Vanessa, oh thank God you’re here!” It was the voice of Mrs Jones who emerged from one corner of a door and joined Vanessa


“What the hell happened here?” Vanessa asked Mrs Jones who approached her as they all made their way towards a passage

“I have no idea, we just got some news from the Victim’s mother. Telling us about her two missing teenage childrens and I informed the department as soon as I got here.” Mrs Jones Explained


“Any clues to where they might have gone?” Tyler asked

“Nay, news we got said they just went missing after having their family dinner the previous night!” Mrs Jones replied

“Damit, any signs of suspects or Victims?” Vanessa asked


“No signs of suspect anywhere. Victim is a young girl of about 6 years old. She’s a younger sibling to the supposed Missing teenagers and a daughter of Mrs Ruthie and…. She’s not willing to talk. Moreover, all through my life as a demonologist, I haven’t this in my entire life!” Mrs Jones Explained

“Seen What?” Vanessa asked.

“Oh, come see for yourself Ma’am!” Mrs Jones said as they all entered an Elevator while the robots took the stairs.


Meet Mrs Jones, a field worker at DPH and an expect in Demonology.


The Elevator door opened while Mrs Jones,Tyler and Vanessa walked out of the elevator. A loud gasped escaped their lips as they all stared at the weird symbol that was impaled on the wall. It was two squared shaped symbols which was written with blood as it emited smokes.


“What the!!” Tyler was the first to say a word, his jaw dropped as they all walked towards the living room filled with people.

“Who the hell are you supposed to be? You ain’t allowed in here, take her out boys!” Said a man with an army badge on his best as Vanessa approached him


“I wouldn’t do that. DPH!” Vanessa said and smiled while the man heaved after seeing the badge

“Am so sorry Vanessa, Am Commander Greg!” Greg as he was called said and offered a handshake to Vanessa in which she took


“What the hell happened here?” Vanessa asked after breaking off from the handshake

“I have no idea at all. All through my life. I haven’t seen this ever before!” Commander Greg replied

“You might wanna speak with the victim’s mother first, I will lead the way!” Commander Greg Said as he led Vanessa down the stairs


There sitting on a couch was Mrs Ruthie whose eyes had swollen up as a result of the pain she was going through at the moment. She slowly raised her head up as she felt a presence, her lips creeped into a faint smile on sighting Vanessa and Co who approached her.

Meet Mrs Ruthie, the mother of the supposed missing children and a wife to Mr Emmy. A mother of three and also very rich.


“Vanessa! Thank God you’re finally here!” Mrs Ruthie said and rose to her feet while pulling Vanessa into a hug almost immediately

“You…. You have to help me find my children Vanessa. They… they are gone!” Mrs Ruthie said in a teary tone after breaking off from the hug while she ended up breaking up in tears


“I will give it the best I can to find your children Mrs Ruthie but to do so,I need you to be strong cause am gonna ask you some questions!” Vanessa assured Mrs Ruthie who nodded and relax on the couch


“When did you notice that your children had gone Missing?” Vanessa asked and nodded to Tyler who noted down some things on a book

“Jus….. Just this morning, I… I… I woke up and went to their room just to find them Missing except for the last born!” Mrs Ruthie stuttered as tears streamed down her face the more.

“Okay, do you have any ideas of where they might have gone to? Any friends they have or someone that is tryna get to you for something?” Vanessa asked as they all awaited an answer


“No! No!! Of course not. My family is a peaceful family, I…. I don’t know why someone will wanna try and hurt my children. Moreover, They have no friends at all, All they did was eat their dinner and drifted off to sleep!” Mrs Ruthie Explained once more while Vanessa heaved as she made to speak more


“Alright Mrs Ruthie. I believe you but if you want my help in finding your children, am gonna need more than that information okay?” Vanessa said while Mrs Ruthie nodded

“News from our agents said your daughter was a victim and I will need to speak with her!” Vanessa added while Mrs Ruthie nodded and Rose to her feet


“Follow me!”

Mrs Ruthie said while Tyler, Mrs Jones. Vanessa and as well as Commander Greg all followed after Mrs Ruthie. Seconds ticked and they all halted at a door which opened as Mrs Ruthie pushed it open


There sitting on the soft bed of the room was a girl of about 6 years. A doll held firmly in her hands while she kept staring at the picture of two teenage girls with tears in her eyes


“Malia baby! Mommy has got some vistors , They wanna speak with you okay?” Mrs Ruthie said to her daughter who paid no attention as she kept staring at the picture above her


“Let me give it a try!”

Vanessa said while Mrs Ruthie made way for Vanessa who walked towards the little child

“Malia right? Am Vanessa, you’re sucha beauty!”


Vanessa said but the little girl gave no attention and just as Vanessa stood before her, a loud wail filled the room as little girl kept yelling and threw little punches at Vanessa


“Go away! You’re scaring them!”


The little girl yelled while Vanessa quickly moved aside and just as she did. The girl became calm. Vanessa who noticed the mood swings in the little girl quickly raised her head up and smiled as they landed on the picture above her.


“Hey hey! Am not gonna hurt you okay? Are they your sisters?” Vanessa said and sat beside the little girl who tightened her fist on the doll she held as she slowly nodded

“Good! And you wanna find them right!” Vanessa asked once again while the little girl slowly nodded


“That’s so sweet of you sweetie, I also wanna find them too but I need your help okay? Will you help me find them?” Vanessa snapped and the little girl nodded

“Nice, now tell me, Did someone take them away?” Vanessa asked but this time around. The little girl hesitated for a little while before nodding her head once again


“Do…. Do you mind sharing what Happened here yesterday hunny?” Vanessa asked and once again, the little girl bit her lower lips before nodding again

“Go on sweetheart, am all ears!”


“It….. It was so late at night, we all were sleeping. the window was opened and….. And…” The little girl and ended up breaking up in tears

“Come here sweetheart, it’s okay! Everything’s okay!” Vanessa assured the little girl who wiped away the tears in her eyes


“Do you mind trying again?” Vanessa asked and the little nodded as she opened her lips to speak


“The…. the window was opened and…. and…. and then he came, he came and did something to them and then…. and then he Pierce their wrist with a knife and…. and then he made them disappear!” The little girl Explained as tears streamed down her face


“Who took them away sweetie?” Vanessa asked

“He…. he…. he didn’t tell, he said… he said…. !”

“Tell me what she said sweetie!”

“He…. he said she was reborn, said he was gonna come back for More and then he vanished!” The little girl Explained and hugged Vanessa who smiled as the little girl cried in silence


“Are you gonna help me find my sisters?” The little girl asked and Vanessa smiled

“I will find them okay!” Vanessa retorted and smile as she rose to her feet, leaving behind the girl who hugged her Mom as Vanessa walked towards Tyler and Co


“What are you gonna do next Vanessa? Do you need my help or something?” Greg asked as Vanessa made her way towards their direction

“I don’t need your help Commander. I will handle things my own way, have got my own team!” Vanessa replied


“Let’s go people, I will need you to run a biometry scan on those Symbols Mrs Jones and Oh….. Get me Rio, we might need his help!”……..






🏚️🏚️🏚️RIO’S ABODE🏚️🏚️🏚️


It was Night, the soft wind blew through the huge Mansion which was illuminated with the bright lights that shown brightly.


There at the top of the building. Laura could be seen sitting on the bed, she had her head raised up high, a worried face as she kept staring at the wall clock above her, it was almost 10 already as she awaited Rio’s arrival.


Almost immediately, Laura gasped as she felt something kicked her tummy while she also felt like vomiting. Seconds ticked and Laura spranged on her feet and ran towards the bathroom where she ended up vomiting.


She gasped as she stared at her tummy then stood on her feet and walked towards the toilet sink where she splash some water on her face. Laura slowly raised her head up after hearing a little sound that erupted from the room, she wasted no time as she cleaned her face and then walked towards the room


A happy smile curved her lips as she sighted Rio who was just entering the room. He had a pale face as he walked Into the room and closed the door behind him

“Hey baby!”

Rio said and walked towards Laura who pulled him Into a hug almost immediately

“Hey Sweetie, have missed you!” Laura replied as she tightened the hug

“Are you Okay? You smell like shit!” Laura added after breaking off from the hug


“Damn!, Your mouth smells like alcohol. Are you sure everything’s okay?” Laura asked once again while Rio cupped her face like that of a baby and then smiled at her

“Am okay sweetie, I just need resting!” Rio replied and pecked her on her cheeks and then smiled as he made to kiss her


“No! No!! No!!! You ain’t doing that now, go take your bath and then, come tell me what happened between you and Ciara!” Laura said while Rio smiled at her as he took off his shirt


“Alright Ma’am!”

Rio said and beamed her a smile as he headed towards the bathroom, on getting to the doorpost. Rio felt a banged in his head, His eyes glowed white as he crashed weakly on his knees while Laura ran towards him almost immediately


“She’s reborn !”


“She’s hasn’t fully awoken yet!”


“Her power is beyond my Imagination!”


“Stop her before she complete the ritual!”


“The ritual is gonna be complete very soon. You need this stop her. She’s gonna consume their souls tonight!”


Said the fierce voice of Sathanas that boomed loud and demonic in Rio’s head


“You’re not making any sense. Stop who? Who’s reborn, Who’s she?” Rio yelled and then gasped as Sathanas voice died down while his eyes still glowed white


“What are you talking about Rio!” Laura panicked


“I can feel him, it’s a demon, he’s taking the girls to her. She’s gonna take their souls!” Rio said in the voice of Sathanas

“Where’s he taking them to? Who’s he?” Laura yelled


“That’s it….. !” Rio said and paused as his eyes took their normal shades

“I can’t, I can’t see him, I can’t see where he’s taking them to. Something is blocking my vision. Something really powerful is protecting him, This power…… Is so strange…. ”










Cold bloody currents moved and evolved round the coven of Pandora as Lightening flashed while Thunder struck as the sky began dropping down its tears.


Inside the dark building which was filled with darkness, a red glowing altar which was located at the centre of the building could be seen as it showed vividly. There laying weakly on the Altar with their eyes shut close were two teenage girls. They had a cut on their wrist as their blond hair covered their faces


Soon, a dark vicious aura neared the Aitar as Pandora steps echoed round the building, seconds passed and Abadon who shown in all glory, bowed before Pandora who halted at the Altar, she had a veil that covered her face and it prevented Abadon from seeing her true form.


“Good Work Abadon, I can feel their innocent virgin souls, it’s perfect for the ritual. Now step aside!”

Pandora ordered while Abadon took some steps backwards as Pandora climbed the Altar.


Lightening flashed and Pandora’s hands glowed as she raised them to the sky while her lips moved a bit.


“Ma gel Feldar (Give me power as I take their souls) ”


Pandora chanted in a language unknown to Abadon himself who widened his eyes as Pandora lowered her hands on the two teenage children before her


The ground rumbled while the two teenage children shake feverently as Pandora’s hands made contact with their skin. Something which glowed in the form of white could be seen coming out of their bodies as the entered Pandora’s lips (their souls).


Pandora smiled wickedly as her eyes glowed darkly while the whole aura died down as she brought down her hands


“Good. I can feel my Powers, they are almost here. Now get me the remaining Five……. Tonight!”…..






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