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The Last Demon – Season 2 Episode 9

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Asmodeus who still had his hands wrapped round Laura squinted his eyes somehow strange as he stared at the dust before him, behind the dust came a wall of lightening that poured on him while he released his grip on Laura, flew backwards and crashed but was quick to regain his composure as he stood on his feet.


The white light that shown in all glory suddenly disappeared while a being on a blue robe and a royal crown emerged from the darkness, his yellow eyes rested on Asmodeus while hid lips moved a bit.


“Hello Brother!!!”.

Rio mumbled, a smile on his face while the ground quaked and became steamed as he took slow steps forward


“Satha…… Sathanas?? But that’s Impossible….. I killed you, I… I… I took away your powers, I watched you die!!”


Asmodeus stuttered out with shock as he saw who had broken through the barrier and had just thrown such a powerful lightening at him while Rio walked towards a specific spot.


“Wrong answer Brother, Right now am not Sathanas, Am Rio, trust me, you don’t wanna see Sathanas true form!!”


Rio retorted with a smug on his lips while the three beings that stood behind Asmodeus slowly tilted their gazes towards Asmodeus who nodded at them.

The air turned weird as the three beings all leapt towards Rio who slowly spun his body and faced them, a wide smirk on his lips while he watched as the three beings descended on him.


And just as they descended on him, The air stopped as Rio raised his hands up while the three beings all stopped in midair, first, slight ashes floated and filled the atmosphere while their skin ripped off their bodies and in less than a minute, the three beings had all disintegrated and scattered into orbits, leaving nothing behind Except for their demonic skulls which landed on the ground.


“How…. Ho…. How’s that possible? How did you get so powerful?” Asmodeus stammered while he took slow steps backwards on sighting what had just happened


“You don’t really think I could die that easily right? Especially being the vessel for a demon Lord like your brother!’ Rio replied mockingly, stressing the word “Brother” as he stopped an inch from the spot Kelvin and Samael laid.


“You may be the vessel for my brother but the truth is, my brother is long gone, this…. this standing before me is just a weakling…. ”


Asmodeus veered and raised his hands up while lightening flashed as screechings of Demonic sounds sounded all around while Thousands of Huskibals floated through the throne door and lurked round Rio who still stood as a spot.


The smile which creeped towards Asmodeus lips slowly cleared away and was replaced with a frown as Rio laughed in a low tone

“Do you really think that using my own little demons to fight against me was really a good idea huh? How pathetic!” Rio elucidated while his eyes glowed red


“I believe you have something that belongs to me!”

Rio added while his glowing eyes took a human shade, seconds ticked and Asmodeus gasped as the golden ring that encircled round his index finger slowly glowed and floated away from his finger while Rio smiled as the ring landed on his palm.


Almost immediately, Rio smiled and with a flick of his finger, the huskibals that stood behind his back all screeched and then dashed towards Asmodeus.


Rio heaved in satisfaction as he squatted low to Samael and Kelvin whose breathe had almost vanished as they found it hard to keep their eyes open, Rio squinted his eyes as his hands glowed while he placed his right Palm on Samael’s stomach and his other palm on Kelvin’s leg.


Just like magic, Kelvin growl in pains as his lost leg regenerated and became afresh while Samael’s wound slowly closed as they both regained back their strengths.


“Am glad you’re alive my Lord, How about we both help you!” Kelvin asked while Rio smiled as he rose on his feet

“You’ve helped a lot but this is my fight and I need to be the one to end this, all you need to do is keep Laura safe for me!”


Rio snapped while Kelvin and Samael nodded as they both plunged towards the weak Luara.

“Do you need my help now?” The voice inside Rio spoke in a Demonic tone as Rio turned to face Asmodeus whose breathe filled the entire room

“Nay……. I think I got him” Rio replied while he fisted his hands and bent his neck sideways as bone cracking filled the room


“You such about that huh? Cause I think am gonna have to use the dagger of Pandora on you this time around!”


Asmodeus replied and his hands glowed as a red flaming dagger appeared on his Hand. His eyes glowed red while Red-Green wings erupted from his back and flapped fiercely, a combination of his own wings and his brother’s Wings. Claws crept out of his fingers while his face became darkened as he levitated.


“I see you now got my wings too, now, let me show you mine!”

Rio replied while his eyes had a combination of red and blue, a weird fire burned round his back while his clothes burned off and dropped on the ground as Red-Blue wings retracted out from his back and flapped fiercely, a combination of Rio’s wings and Sathanas wings while they flapped fiercely. Claws also crept out of his fingers while his hair caught off in flames, a tattoo on his neck as both brothers stared at each others, both levitating on the air.


The two brothers who needed no further prodding sped towards each others and the two demon Lords clashed.


Asmodeus growled and lifted Rio with his both hands while the wall cracked and broke to pieces as Rio crashed on it, after been thrown away by Asmodeus, leaving nothing behind Except the dust that filled the atmosphere.


“See, you’re nothing but a weakling, with my brother’s Powers and mine, am gonna kill you within a minute!”


Asmodeus voiced out in Trump while he took slow steps towards the broken Walls, on taking another step, Asmodeus gasped as a wall of lightening, coupled with a fireball emerged from the broken walls and blasted him which send him crashing metres away.


The dust particles that clouded the atmosphere all cleared out to reveal Rio who levitated on the air while his hands sparked with Lightening, Asmodeus growled in pains and spit out the blood that had stained his lips.

His eyes flashed more deadly and using the speed of Sathanas himself, he dashed towards Rio who widened his eyes as he didn’t see that coming.


Asmodeus who had the upper hand smiled as his hands glowed while he whizzed an attack towards Rio. Rio who still had an idea of what Asmodeus intended to do was quick to evade the attack and in a split Second, he spinned his body like a drill and Slashed Asmodeus on the cheeks with his claws.


Asmodeus became more infuriated as he watched the blood that dripped down his face, he slowly raised his head up while Rio gasped as the spot Asmodeus had just been standing on became Deserted.


Still in thoughts, Rio growl in pains as Asmodeus strangely appeared behind him and connected a punch to his lower rib which send him crashing on the ground but was fast to regain his composure.

Rio squinted his eyes somehow strange as Asmodeus disappeared and once again, leaving the spot he just stood on, deserted.


“Not this time Brother!”

Rio snapped and tilted his gaze sideways while he strangely caught the punch that aimed for his head, revealing Asmodeus whose face was shock at how Rio had caught him.


“That’s impossible!” Asmodeus muttered

“Nothing’s impossible Brother, your doom is nigh!” Rio replied and connected a punch to Asmodeus who bounced backwards


The air around them became so strange as it was filled with the mix auras of both brothers

“Good, really good but I think it’s time I end this!”


Asmodeus squealed while he tightened his fist on the dagger of Pandora, almost immediately, his whole body shook as electric charges encircled round his body while his eyes glowed more deadly.


Using the speed of light, Asmodeus sped towards Rio with Demonic speed while Rio who couldn’t even sight Asmodeus widened his eyes as he saw what was coming, A painful dead.


The throne room lits up in explosion as an explosion occurred while Asmodeus could be seen howering above Rio whose eyes were weakened, his breath filled the entire room while his wings kept flapping as he grapped Rio by the neck and raised him up


“This time around you’re gonna die for real!”

Asmodeus snapped and then plunged the dagger into Rio’s stomach who gasped at the impact, the ground quaked as Asmodeus threw Rio away who then crashed on the floor as his blood filled the whole floor.


Seconds had passed and Rio still laid on the floor with his eyes shut closed, Asmodeus heaved in satisfaction while the ground quaked as he slowly made his way to the throne but halted as he felt a presence behind him.


“Ouchhh, Damn, that hurts like hell!”

Rio wailed in pains as he got back on his feet while the wound on his stomach closed up and vanished, leaving Asmodeus dumbstruck at the turn of events.


“But….. But that’s impossible, I…. I … I stabbed you with the dagger!” Asmodeus stuttered while he too slow steps backwards.

“You’re forgetting one thing Brother, Pandora’s dagger only works on demons and a good thing why this body is human!” Rio Explained and smiled


“I think I need that help right now Sathanas, it’s time you end matters with your brother!”


Rio said and winked at Asmodeus who bounced backwards in fright as a white glowing light shown all around Rio’s body, his wings glowed in flames while his glowing eyes turned yellow as they rested on Asmodeus


“Long time Brother!” Sathanas mumbled in a voice that shook the Earth while Asmodeus made to speak but before he could utter a word, Sathanas had strangely appeared behind him and grapped him by the hair while he tossed him metres away with a fatal blow


In a flash, before he could land, Sathanas was standing below him as he yawned and waited for him to reach the ground, Asmodeus who noticed the being that stood below gasped at the speed Sathanas had pulled but was too late to react as Sathanas rammed him on the ground.


“That…… that’s really impossible!” Asmodeus wailed in defeat as blood dripped from his lips and nose

“Oh, you really think that’s impossible huh? Watch this!”


Sathanas boasted while his yellow eyes turned pure black as he levitated and as Asmodeus tried standing on his feet, a dark fog which was nowhere to be seen seconds ago, strangely appeared and covered the spot Asmodeus stood on.


Asmodeus growled and tried speeding towards Rio but suddenly fell as he couldn’t feel his powers, he gasped as his eyes took their normal forms while his wings involuntarily retracted back to their shells and disappeared.


“You!!! What the hell Did you do to me?” Asmodeus yelled weakly while the fog cleared away.


“Oh that, that’s just the new thing I have been working on the entire time I was stuck in the boy’s body. The dark fog is a seal, it render any demon or Supernatural powerless if inside the fog!”


Sathanas Explained as he landed on his feet while he retracted his wings and walked towards Asmodeus who look limp as he couldn’t do a single thing, he squatted low to Asmodeus and grapped the dagger that had dropped off from Asmodeus hand while he pulled Asmodeus into a brotherly hug.


“For the next 30 minutes, the power of the fog will dry off your blood and make your body cold, rendering you powerless as your veins will go extinct from blood!”


“Right now you’re no different from a lower demon. Do you really know what happens to a lower demon if been pierced by Pandora’s dagger huh?” Rio asked and Smiled


“They die……… Forever!”

Sathanas whispered into his ears and plunged the dagger Into the heart of Asmodeus who shrienk in agony, smoke Emiting out of his body as Sathanas pulled out the dagger while he fell weakly on his knees and stared weakly at Sathanas


“Goodbye Brother!”

Sathanas mumbled while the latter shrinked and disintegrated into nothingness……..


Sathanas sparked in all Glory as the white light glowed round his body while Rio regain control of his body once again, Rio waved a smile as he stood on his feet and plunged towards Laura direction, at last, the wrath of Asmodeus was finally over.


Laura smiled weakly as Rio approached her, tears in her eyes while her eyes never left Rio who closed the gap that seperated them while he kept staring into her eyes with emotions.


“You did it Rio, you finally did it, I thought you died, I thought I would never see you again, I thought you….. ”

Laura couldn’t finish her words as Rio shut her up with a warm kiss that send hickeys down their spines while she smiled and reciprocated the kiss, while allowing the tears that boiled up in her eyes to streamed down her face.


Rio had hands wrapped round her waist while She also had her hands wrapped round his neck as they both closed their eyes and allowed the sensation to flow round them (it’s okay like this, bad children 😂😂)


“You….. You remembered!” Laura mumbled with an etching heart as they broke off from the kiss

“Crazy girl, why didn’t you tell me huh?” Rio asked while Laura’s skin glowed as the wounds on her body all cleared away


“Cause I didn’t wanna be the one standing in your way with Ciara, I wanted you to have your life Rio, I wanted you to choose Rio, I…. I… I. ”

“And I love you Laura, nothing can ever change that. I will always do no matter what and that’s all that matters okay?” Rio said and kissed her once again.

“What about her Rio? What happens to Ciara?” Laura asked

“Am gonna set things right with her okay? Nothing’s gonna happen to us!” Rio replied while Laura nodded as he wrapped his hands round her waist and mouthe a kiss to her, leaving Samael and Kelvin behind who only stared……..




☘️☘️☘️A DAT LATER 🍀🍀




It’s been a day since the war between my brother and I in the kingdom of Croxx had ended, Once again, Everywhere was in peace as the reign of Asmodeus had ended.


Some statues of Williams, Billy, Mara. Michael and even the statue of the old man from the temple of Gaius were put in place In the kingdom of Croxx. It was to let every new offspring born to the kingdom to know of the great people that had laid down their lifes In other for the Kingdom to gain it’s Glory.


Who could have known that my life would have taken such a drastic turn, the same crazy girl In the school now turned out to be my long lost lover. Who could have known that I happened to be a vessel for the most powerful Demon Lord in a Kingdom hidden far from the knowledge of Humans




As I walked round the walls of the Royal kingdom, several guards bowed down to be as they all greeted me with each steps I took, I smiled and heaved for a little while before opening the huge door that led to the Royal Throne room


“All hail Lord Sathanas!”


A goofy voice ordered while everyone that was sitted in the throne room all rose up and bowed to me, I smiled and in a few seconds, I had gotten to the far end of the throne.


I waved a sigh as I knew why everyone was sitted there, I slowly spun my back and stared at Laura who then nodded at me as I turned to face the crowd, my heart thumbing higher and higher as I made to speak


“I know you all are expecting to take the throne and lead the kingdom. But the truth is, am not the king you once knew me to be, am not the one greater demon Lord you all knew. Right Now am a demon but also a human, am Sathanas and Am also Rio. I have a lot on my mind now which brings me to my last decision…. ”


“I have gone through a lot in the recent days and I need some days off, Samael will be the one handling the things around here for the time been till I get back….. I need some time alone to clear off my mind…….. ”


I said with so much confidence in my voice while the whole crowd became filed with cheers as Laura walked beside me, I smiled and then kissed her as we both got unknowingly sucked into the portal I had created…..






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