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The Last Demon – Season 2 Episode 8

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There in the depths of the unknown, a Kingdom hidden far from the knowledge of the human world, a once Royal and prosperous Kingdom now ruled with terror and dark desires of a vicious being.


A once brightened Kingdom now filled with extreme Darkness, the entire streets of the kingdom of Croxx was covered in silence while everyone panicked at the large barrier that encircled round the entire Kingdom.


Some certain maidens and males who noticed the weirdness of the air shrugged and bounced backwards with fright in their hearts as a white Portal appeared, revealing Laura and Co whose faces had several bruises while their eyes had swollen up as a result of the tears that had streamed down their faces.


“Hey, It’s Laura!!”

The maidens cheered and ran towards the incoming Laura, seconds passed and happy wailings of the people of Croxx filled the entire Kingdom as more people joined and crowded the streets


“Shuu, Quite Everyone, you don’t want Asmodeus knowing that we all are here!” Laura advised while the voices slowly died down.

“It’s been several years Laura, Why didn’t you return sooner!” A voice boomed from the large number of people that filled the streets while their eyes rested On Samael and Co.


“Am so sorry, we all didn’t return sooner because we had to obeyed Sathanas last wish, we had to protect his mortal body!” Laura Explained while the people around suddenly had a look of hope.


“Where’s the Prince?” A voice asked

“Yes, where’s Sathanas?” Another voice asked while the tears that boiled up in Laura’s eyes slowly dripped down her face as she laid her face on her laps and cried in silence


“The prince is gone, Sathanas is dead, Asmodeus killed him and took away his powers!” Samael replied while Everyone that laid round the streets had a sorrowful look as tears began streaming down their faces too.

While Everyone was busy mourning Sathanas’s dead, Laura who laid her head on her laps slowly stirred on her feet and cleared away the tears in her eyes while she stared at Samael who nodded at her


“Listen to me Everyone, Sathanas is dead, the prince is gone but that doesn’t mean we have to give up, it doesn’t mean we have to let Asmodeus win, am sure if he was here, he wouldn’t want us to give up, he would want us to fight and that’s what am gonna do…….. For Sathanas!”


Laura yelled bravely while Everyone rose to their feets and cheered at her speech, Each Having a renew sense of duty as an aura rose and spread among them while different colours of wings erupted on their backs as they all levitated, a smile on their faces as their wings kept Flapping together.


“Tell us, What do you need us to do?”…………




Several minutes had passed, Laura, Kelvin and Samael could be seen taking a route (passage) that was unknown to anyone, the Passage was a little Darkened as they all made their ways through it.


Soon, Laura heaved as they all arrived at the far end of the passage while a huge building with burning candles all around it came in view…… The Royal building


“Follow me, I know a way, all we need to do is follow the stairs and we will arrived at the Royal throne, Sathanas and I… We.. we always…… ”


Laura Explained but couldn’t finish her words as slight memories of the past flashed through her mind while she ended up breaking up into more tears

“It’s okay Laura. We will get through this okay, all we need to do is sneak up on him and finish the damn thing!”


Kelvin assured Laura who cleared away her tears, nodded and then headed towards the stairs, the stairs made low sounds as they all climbed the stairs and soon they had arrived at a placement


The entire passage was filled with burning candles as they all walked down the lane while they halted at a door, the door made a little sound as they gently opened the knot of the door and bolted in.

Inside the inner room was a throne that emited dark smokes, a table at the North centre of the room while a single soul couldn’t be seen.


“You all came Earlier than I had Expected!”


A voice which seem to boom from the four corners of the room veered and almost immediately, a slight wind blew pass Laura and Co who had a look of panic while the door of the room suddenly close.


A few inches from them was Asmodeus who had a smirk on his as he sat on the throne, a red glowing dagger on his hand while he had his legs crossed as 3 other figures stood beside him.


“That….. That’s impossible, how could you have known that we were coming?”

Kelvin panicked as he stared at the vicious man before him who tilted his gaze towards them


“I knew your plans the moment you force your way through the breach and I also know about the little friends you brought along with you, did you really think you could stop me even if you brought them along huh? Am Ominipotent!”


Asmodeus sneered while his eyes flashed red for some seconds and then return back to their Normal shades.

“Come with me Laura and maybe I will spare your life!” Asmodeus added while Laura had a smile on her face as she made to speak


“I see what this is all about, first you took your Brother’s powers and now you wanna take his lover too huh? You really should rot in hell Asmodeus, you don’t deserve that throne!”


Laura retorted and then posed for battle, Wings out, claws at alert while Samael and Kelvin also repeated the same act.

“Very well Laura, Have it your way!”


Asmodeus battered and with a flick of his fingers, the ground became steamed as the three beings behind Asmodeus levitated and landed on the ground, their wings flapped while they stood just an inch from where Laura stood.


Kelvin and Samael who needed no further prodding sped forward and clashed with the two beings before them, the ground cracked as they all landed on it while Samael grapped one of the being on its neck and tried chocking it.

A smug hunged round the being’s face as he raised his hands up, conjuring a fireball and directed it towards Samael who released his grip on the man as he went flying away.


Kelvin on the other hand who had crashed on the ground quickly rose to his feet and leapt towards the being before him but the latter hit him away and he landed at the far end of the wall which broke Into pieces.


The placement Kelvin had crashed on became filled with dust as they defiled the atmosphere, soon the dust cleared off to reveal Kelvin who got hold of a huge rock and threw it towards the being before him.

The land chattered as the being moved back to avoid the rock which scattered into different pieces on landing on the ground


As the being slowly rose his head to meet Kelvin, a claw swipe whizzed pass his neck while blood dripped from his neck as Kelvin had pierced his claws through his neck


“Good! I like this one!”

The being said in a Demonic voice as his wound closed up and before Kelvin could uttered a word, the being had disappeared and reappeared behind him while a scream of agony filled the air as the being pierced his long claws on Kelvin’s leg and smashed him on the ground.


Laura floated upwards as she stared at the being below her and a with a flick of her hands, a fireball from nowhere had appeared and blasted the being who still stood his ground, unfazed at the hit as his body seem to absorbed the attack.


Laura squinted her eyes somehow strange as the being below her had mysteriously disappeared, she sniffed the air bad gasped as she spun her body while in the air but as she did, a punch which connected to her jaw send her crashing on the ground.




Meanwhile, the aura that blend with the air changed as different colours of wings filled the atmosphere while they seemed to be heading towards the Royal building.


Back at the Royal room, Asmodeus who still sat on his throne with his legs crossed smiled as he watched Everything that displayed before him, a low growl escaped his lips as he sniffed the air, the smirk on his face disappeared while the golden ring on his finger glowed as he flicked his fingers


Screechings of Huskibals filled the air as fiery demon appeared and headed outside the Royal building, a loud gasped escaped the mouths of the people (those people that Laura had spoken with) as they all noticed the huskibals that flew towards their direction


At first, they all had a look of fright but it all disappeared as the two teams dashed towards each others and clashed……






The battle ground had quitened, burning ashes filled the atmosphere as different wings littered the entire surroundings while the demons that Laura had brought alongside her all laid on the ground, some had severe wounds on their bodies while some laid dead on the ground as a result of the huskibals which howered above them


There in the Royal room, the ground was steamed with heat as Kelvin and Co had been defeated, they all had pulled a great fight but they were not match for the authors of calamities


The stones that littered all around the ground all floated on the air and flew metres away as Asmodeus rose on his feet and walked pass Kelvin and Samael who tried standing on their feet but couldn’t, Kelvin’s leg had been ripped off while Samael had a deep cut on his stomach that prevented him from fighting.


Asmodeus whose face still held a smirk halted as he got to his destination, he smiled and squatted low to where Laura laid, she tried standing on her feet but her strength failed her.

Asmodeus smiled once again and trailed his hands on her soft cheeks while Laura tried biting his hands off her. He had a frowning face as he send a slap across her face, resulting to a cut that brought a little stain of blood on her lips.


“Stay away from her you rotten bastard!” Kelvin yelled and tried standing up.

“You all thought you would stop me huh? How pathetic!”


Asmodeus warned while Laura groan in pains as he grapped her by her hair and pinned her on the wall.

“I warned you but you didn’t listen and now…… ” Asmodeus said and paused as his eyes glowed red


“Now it’s gonna cost you your life!”


Asmodeus spoke up victoriously while he still held firm to Laura hair, a smile hunged round his face as he raised his hands up, revealing the deadly claws that crept out of his fingers


Suddenly, the entire Kingdom thundered while the ground began to shake and crumbles of dust rose up as they defiled gravity, everywhere suddenly glowed white while Asmodeus and everyone in the throne held a look of confusion.


Asmodeus rose his face to the sky and gasped as the white light that descended down the Earth broke through the barrier which shattered and then cleared off.


“Have seen that before, that was a long time ago…… Who the hell is that!!”


Asmodeus mumbled while the ground quaked and reverberated as the white light that broke through the barrier shook the kingdom, Creating an explosion that occured as a large mass of dust rose and defiled the entire horizons.


Asmodeus who still had his hands wrapped round Laura squinted his eyes somehow strange as he stared at the dust before him, behind the dust came a wall of lightening that poured on him while he released his grip on Laura, flew backwards and crashed but was quick to regain his composure as he stood on his feet.


The white light that shown in all glory suddenly disappeared while a being on a blue rope and a royal crown emerged from the darkness, his yellow eyes rested on Asmodeus while his lips moved a bit.


“Hello Brother!!!”……






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