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The Last Demon – Season 2 Episode 7

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Rain drops sounded all around the kingdom, the atmosphere look grim as darkness evolved around the sun, capturing the light gained from it while it reflected it’s darkness to the kingdom.


Wild Wind kept blowing fiercely, all blowing towards one direction, the Royal building. There in the building which was filled with burning candles and several maidens of all genres, the smile which hunged round their faces slowly faded away as a portal appeared, behind the portal was an aura that made the sky rumbled while it brought fear to their souls.


Out of the portal came a man on a red robe, a wicked smile hunged round his lips while his red glowing eyes rested on everybody in the Royal building who had already bowed down to him already.

Behind him came another Portal which appeared as three other figures walked out of it and together with him, they all made the six authors of calamities. Yes, the six authors of calamities had now reduced to 4 as Asmodeus wasted one while the other one died in the battleground.


“Asmodeus! Your….. Your eyes!” An elderly woman mumbled with tears in her eyes, it was evident she knew what was in for them as Asmodeus now got Sathanas powers

“Yes, I have my brother’s Powers now, the kingdom belongs to me, Father’s treasure belongs to me and I….. I am Ominipotent!”


Asmodeus veered while Everyone bored their eyes to the ground as the dark auraed man (Asmodeus) walked pass them while the ground made sounds as Asmodeus made his way to the building and bolted it while the other figures repeated the same act and soon, they were out of sight…..




The ground make huge sounds as Asmodeus trailed his long scary fingers on the wall while he seemed to be heading towards a placement.

Asmodeus walked passed some rooms with burning candles in them, seconds had passed and the sounds made by the ground slowly faded away as Asmodeus halted at a door with a heavy scent of evil while he slowly turned to face the door.


The creaking sound of the door sounded all around as Asmodeus pushed the door open while he welcome the darkness that laid before him, behind the Darkness was a dark squared glowing box which shown in all glory while it Also had this evil taste……. Pandora’s box.


Asmodeus smirked as he walked towards the dark glowing box and stood before it.

“Now, it’s time I get my Father’s Treasure!”


Asmodeus sneered, his deep stoic voice boomed round the room while bone breaking illuminated round the room as Asmodeus tightened his fist and bent his neck sideways.

A seering heat followed and surged through the room as Asmodeus closed his eyes and flunged them open, revealing the red flaming eyes of Sathanas that glowed as Asmodeus slowly placed his hands on the box which seemed to react to his contact as it’s blueish light faded away and glowed green.


The old Asmodeus would have been thrown metres away by Pandora’s box but no, the new Asmodeus had his brother’s Powers and as a result of that, lightening flashed above the sky while the rain began to drop more heavier.



A weird force which shook the entire Kingdom occurred as Asmodeus opened the box, revealing the red flaming dagger that came in view while some kind of barrier evolved and circled round the entire Kingdom, there by, preventing any threats from straying into the Kingdom


“At Last. it’s Mine!!!”

Asmodeus veered as he lifted the red flaming dagger to the sky while it seemed to follow his commands as the sky rumbled…….







The whole realm was covered with terror as slight ashes floated on the air while some set of figures howered above a dead body that laid on the ground, It was the body of one of the six authors of calamities.

The entire figures moved backwards as dark smokes emited from the body which suddenly became lit in flames and burned away.


They all had bruises on their faces, each one of them having a look of anger as they just stared at each others

“What do we do now?” Kelvin was the first to speak as he broke the silent that ensured among them


“We do nothing, it’s all over, I…. I…. I can’t believe Asmodeus was Michael all along, he fooled us all!” Laura stuttered while she cleared away the tears that streamed down her face

“Shuuu, It’s okay Laura, it wasn’t your fault. We all didn’t know okay? He fooled us all” Samael assured her.



Yeah. back then, while they were all fighting the authors of calamities, Michael had smiled and Pierce a dagger throw Billy’s tummy who happens to be so weak right now.

Michael had Explained to them that the one standing before then was not Michael but Asmodeus and After that, he had disappeared in thin air and had gone after Rio and the old man.




The fresh breeze blew through their skin as they all seemed lost, numb and unable to decipher what to do next.

“Wait, Rio!, We need to Find Rio!” Kelvin said, they all had forgotten about Rio and where he was.


They all widened their eyes and then nodded as they began walking towards the temple of Gaius, the breach had broken down and disappeared moments after Asmodeus had breached through it which made things easier as they walked through it with ease.


Seconds ticked and soon, They had all arrived at the old man’s Temple while they kept searching for Rio.

“Over Here!”

Samael who noticed a secret passage said while they all walked towards the passage and soon, they had arrived at the far end of the passage which was filled with huge rocks and a WaterFall.



Laura yelled and turned around while they all kept shouting out his name but still, it all proved abortive as Rio didn’t show up


“Don’t Bother, He’s gone, Asmodeus killed him!”


Samael voiced out in despair, tears streaming done his face while his mourns filled the entire cave as the others slowly turned around and behold, the old man’s heart laid vividly on the floor and beside it was Rio’s clothes which had slight burns and damages attached to it.



Laura’s shout of mourns illuminated the cave as she ran towards the position of the clothes and brought them into her arms and hugged them tight, the ground became stained with tears which came from different angles as everyone looked so sorrowful.


“He’s gone! He’s gone!! He’s fucken gone!!! Why? Why?? Why did he have to leave us??? I didn’t get to tell him how mutual we were in the last centuries, how he.. he.. how he…. ”


Laura said and ended up breaking down in tears while her shoulder Suddenly became warm as Kelvin laid his hands on her shoulder.

Laura flashed a weak smile as she sighted the glowing chain of Rio which laid on the floor while she picked it without their notice, stare at it with emotions in her eyes and placed it in her breasts pockets (all those Korean movies nah)


Soon, As Laura made to stand on her feet, the entire cave rumbled while the sky suddenly became darkened as a weird barrier suddenly came in sight and covered the entire horizons thereby, preventing them from ever getting into the Kingdom of Croxx


“It’s all over, he took Sathanas powers and he now has Pandora’s dagger, we are all doom, he’s gonna come for us!” Mara said weakly


“What if we confront him first!” Laura said while everyone turned to stare at her

“Are you Crazy, even with Asmodeus powers, none of us could defeat him all together and now that he now has Sathanas powers and Pandora’s dagger, it would be suicide to confront him, he’s gonna destroy you!” Mara fired at Laura


“Then what do you expect me to do huh? Come on, give me something! So we all gonna wait till he comes hunting us one by one right? Well, am done okay? Am done hiding from his sight. Sathanas is gone and the only thing I can do for him is to please his soul by killing that son of a bitch!” Laura fired back at Mara in one straight breath


“Laura’s right!” Samael chipped in as everyone suddenly turn to look at him

“Oh, seriously?, You too Samael!”

“Am in too, Laura’s right. I need to get revenge for my brother, Asmodeus killed him in cold hands and he need to pay!” Kelvin added

“You gotta be kidding me!” Mara said


“Are you in or not Mara!” Laura asked.

“The problem here is not that Laura. It’s how we are gonna get through that!”

Mara replied and pointed towards the weird glowing barrier which had a deadly aura


Samael bent and picked a little rock which he then threw into the barrier. And As the Rock came in contact with the barrier, the force from the barrier (breach) drew it closer to itself and absorbed it while it suddenly vanished


“There’s no way we are ever getting through that breach, not without a miracle. It’s gonna kill us!” Mara said

“Well, there’s one thing we could do to get through it!” Billy said while he Yelp in pains as blood dripped from his stomach, it was evident he wasn’t gonna survive it as dark smokes emited from his stomach where he had been impaled with the dagger


“No!! Don’t tell me that Billy! You are gonna die!” Mara who seems to notice what Billy was getting at yelled as tears streamed down her face

“Am still gonna die if I stay here Mara, am poison and there’s no cure for it. Now step aside!” Billy retorted and pushed Mara away


“What are you gonna do Billy?” Laura asked.

“He’s gonna hold the breach open long enough for us to get through it but…. He’s not gonna survive it, the spell will kill him!” Samael who seemed to know what Billy planned on doing said while the others stared at him with tears in their eyes


“You are damn right Samael!”

Billy said while Mara kept crying in silence as Billy walked towards the hot glowing breach.



Billy yell in great pains as he placed his two hands on the breach which then divided into two equal halves while his clothes slowly burned off his body

“I can’t hold it much longer, go!!!” Billy yelled while Laura and Co heaved with emotions in their eyes as they plunged towards the portal



Mara’s scream diverted their attentions as she seem to also have placed her hands on the portal which burned her body as smoke emited from her.

“What are you doing Mara! It’s gonna kill you!!” Billy yelled

“Am not gonna watch you die alone nerd, let’s die together!!” Mara elucidated and signaled Laura and Co who began walking towards the open breach


“Till we meet again in the afterlife!” Samael said and bolted through the portal while the same act was Also repeated by Laura and Co


Seconds after Samael and Co had bolted through the portal, Mara and Billy smiled at each others while they slowly drew their faces together and as their lips locked, their bodies disintegrated into orbits while the entire cave exploded……










“Where Am I?”

I thought in my consciousness as I slowly jerked off from the place I laid. Damn! My head hurts a lot as I sat on the soft, cool, comfy sand of the breach while I stared at the beautiful Ocean before me!


“What the hell!!! How did I get here?”


I asked nobody in particular as I spun around and scanned my entire surroundings, there wasn’t any sight of any living thing around here except for the soft wind that blew towards me.


Then how the hell did I get here? I thought in my consciousness as I stared at my hands and legs then touched my neck and face, It’s me again! I could feel my legs and hands while the deep cut that Asmodeus had earlier impaled on my neck seem to have mysteriously vanished away.


The last thing I remembered was been pierced by his deadly Claws…… The scary words he whispered in my ears….. My body turning to ashes and… And.. and my powers, they were all gone


“Will you stop whining like lady and head here Son!”

I heard an old voice boom few metres away from where I sat, diverting me from my thoughts as I slowly jerked off from the place I sat and headed towards it’s direction


There siting on the soft bench of the breach was an old man with long white hairs and beards, his deep yellow eyes rested on the Ocean before him while he smiled as the wind kept blowing through him

The sight of him alone brought pains to my head as slight images began zooming through my mind while I yelled and fell weakly on my knees as I clutch my head in pains, Where have I seen him before?


“Get up Son, I haven’t even started speaking yet and your memories are already taking a moment, That’s a great change Sathanas!” The old man voice boomed through my head while I stirred on my feet as the pain died down


“Who are You?” I asked while I patiently waited for an answer

“Wrong answer kid, the question here is…. “The old man said and paused


“Who are You?”

His old voice boom through my head while I yelled in pains as they all came rushing back to me again, I could see a figure with red wings and golden yellow eyes while he had a crown on his head, A prince.


“Make it stop please, It hurts!” I yelled as the pain racked through my veins while I could I swear that I felt him smile as the voices and images in my head all died down


“Who’s standing before you Son?” The old man asked once again as I stirred on my feet and stared at the placement before me, was he kidding me? There was nothing there!,


“Nothing! There’s nothing there!” I replied while he only smile

“Look again Son, remember who you are and tell me who’s standing before you! ” The old man mumbled while the pains rushed through my mind again, but this time around so fierce that I could see the images very clearly


“Da……. Dad?” I said in a low tone as I raised my head up to meet his while he flashed me a smile

“You remembered me Son but that’s not why you’re here kid!” Dad (Falcon) said


“Where am I Dad?” I asked though it seemed so weird to call him Dad

“You’re in a realm son, a realm within the chain you gave to Laura in order to show your Love to her!”


Dad replied while I gasped at the mentioned of “Laura” as the voice which seemed like an arrow, pierced through my skull as I fell weakly on my knees again while they all came rushing back to me


I still Remembered the day, a bright sunny afternoon, I had created a chain, a chain forged with my demon powers and a combination of the blood of Laura and mine. I had given the chain to her and had confessed my love to her and then it happened, Moments after she had left, I was ambushed by Asmodeus and his men and unprepared I was defeated and escaped with a fatal blow….


That’s it, I remember, I remember it all, Am a prince, I loved Laura, we were in love, I remember it all!!! I thought in my consciousness as I slowly stared on my feet and for some reasons, I felt reborn and so brightened as I face the man who happened to be my Dad


“Good For you Son and I ask again, Who are You and who stands before you?” Dad asked while I smiled


“I Sathanas Dad!!!” I replied

“Wrong answer Son, You don’t see who stands before you because you still don’t know who you are. Who are You Son?” Dad yelled and stood on his feet


” I am Sathanas!!!”

“Wrong Answer, try again Son, Who are You?”


Dad asked while I felt a rush of wind blew pass me, a burst of raw knowledge and power as my brain rebooted while I smiled at the question thrown to me, Am just a body created from a crystal, Am a vessel and am Also a soul. Am a human and am also a demon, I now know the answer


“I am Rio but…… I am also Sathanas!!!!”


I yelled while the entire realm shook as Dad smiled at me and signaled me to stared at the figure before me and when I did, it all happened.

There standing before me was a being on blue robe, a smile on his face and a golden crown on his head, his yellow eyes resting on me while his red wings kept flapping at each passing moments. I gasped as the being moved towards me and offered a handshake which I collected and after that, the realm before my eyes slowly glowed and faded within my nose……….






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  • Thank God that Rio is not dead. I mean he can’t just die like that and leave his kingdom to suffer

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