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The Last Demon – Season 2 Episode 6

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🗡️🗡️EPISODE 16🗡️🗡️










“Hello Brother!”

His dark voic called out to me while it seemed so familiar as if I had heard it somewhere, His dark voice sending chills down my weakened soul while I gasped as he placed his scary hands on the blue mask and pulled it off, revealing his familiar face which glared dangerously at me.


Tears streamed down my face on sighting him while I shivered as I fell weakly on my knees, My lips moving slowly as I called out his name.


“Mi…… Michael?”….

I mumbled but it seemed like I couldn’t hear myself as tears streamed down my face while I felt numb, unable to move


“You seem shock Brother…… Have been waiting quite some centuries for this day!” He squealed, his dark voice booming round the entire cave while the ground made a slight thud as he released his grip on the man’s heart which fell on the ground


“This is not real! This is not real!! You aren’t Michael!!!!!!”


I yelled, revealing the grim veins that sprouted out of my neck and spread down my body while the cave rumbled as a slight force pushed him backwards while I felt something change within my eyes as everything in my path seemed to be covered with slight Darkness


“Not bad for a younger brother!”

Asmodeus or Michael said within gnashed teeths, revealing his bright demonic teeths that flashed me a smile while he slowly approached me.


“You aren’t Michael!” I yelled but this time around, In an unnatural while it all seemed like something or someone was fighting it’s way out of me, my knee bone cracked as I slowly stirred on my feet but still, my legs felt so weakened that I found it had to stand erect.


“Believe me Brother, It’s I Asmodeus and you are gonna believe me……. After this!”


Asmodeus said while the air cracked, I gasped as I felt a slight touch on my forehead, How’s that even possible? I didn’t even see him move a single inch!

I was still lost in thoughts while I felt something burning Inside of me as I became lost in a trance, revealing my eyesballs which took a white shade…


Seconds passed and I gasped as my eyesballs took their normal shade while it all came rushing back to me, It’s been him the entire time, he’s been on my side the entire time, keeping an eye on me and watching every step I take…..




☘️☘️☘️🍀YEARS AGO🍀🍀🍀☘️


It was a bright night, drops of rain sounded all around as the severe rain drop on the mother Earth. Lightening flashed while a certain placement became filled with demonic aura, revealing a figure who floated on the air with red wings behind his back, a red tattoo on his neck and a hair that had caught off in flames


The ground reverberated as the figure landed on his feet while his red glowing eyes took a human shade as he approached a door and bolted in, there standing before him was Laura, Michael and Kelvin.



Laura chipped happily as Sathanas approached them but, on getting to where they all stood, Sathanas vision slowly slipped away, leaving behind an extreme darkness that clouded his vision as he crumbled on a piece of wood and fell weakly on Laura’s arm with his eyes shut closed.


“Sathanas!!!” Laura yelled while allowing her mind to become filled with emotions as drop of tears streamed down her face……




Few minutes after the strange event that had happened, Sathanas was back on his feet again while a red burning candle which brought illumination to the room could be seen burning off in flames as Sathanas, Laura and Co included all sat round a table.


“Are you Crazy? You wanna vanished and erased your memories? Just so you could be reincarnated into a human body? Are you out of your fucking mind huh?”


Laura yelled angrily at Sathanas who wore a Golden crown, after hearing out his thoughts and suggestions


“Can you even hear yourself my Lord, You can’t do that okay? What if the human body won’t be able to reincarnate you? What happens then?” Michael asked with tears in his eyes and emotions in his voice


“Damn it! You’re all don’t get it do you. My brother is hunting me right now, he needs my powers and when he do, the whole Kingdom is doom, my Father’s legacy will all be gone and I won’t allow that!” Sathanas yelled


“I know you all don’t want me to do this, I get it okay? Y’all are gonna miss me and likewise will I but if you can’t agree with me just this once, then am gonna do it myself!”


Sathanas said while tears streamed down his face as the young demon Lord stood on his feet and began Walking towards the door, he got to the door and gently opened it while he breathe in the air as red wings slowly ripped from his back



Laura said, her voice stoping him on his tracks while he slowly turned and retracted his wings.


“Am coming with you, I have to be there if you wanna do this crazy shit!” Laura said and cleared the tears in her eyes

“Am in too!” Michael said and stared at Kelvin whose eyes was filled with tears as he also slowly nodded

“Let’s get going then!”

Sathanas ordered with a voice filled with tons of emotions…..




“Aren’t you done Michael, we are all waiting for you!” Laura yelled from the external (outside) part of the building

“Almost done, will meet you there in a sec!”


Michael said from the inside of the building, he smiled as he took a bagpack and made to head outside but couldn’t as a slight wind blew pass him, revealing an invincible force that blasted him as he flew upwards and crashed on the ground


Michael weakly stirred on his feet and just when he made to summon his wings, Asmodeus whose eyes glowed darkly, strangely appeared behind him and ripped off his wings, he had Also created a barrier that prohibited Laura and Co from hearing Michael’s wails


Michael yelled as the pain racked through his body while he made to stand on his feet once again but couldn’t as Asmodeus grapped him by the neck and rammed him on the wall, his lips moving slowly as he made to speak


“From now On, I am Michael!”


Asmodeus said and snapped Michaels neck while his own face slowly glowed and took Michael’s form, revealing the real Michael whose body slowly disintegrated into tiny ashes.


“We all are gonna leave you here Michael if you don’t come out now!” Laura yelled from the other end of the building while Asmodeus who was in the form of Michael smirked as he made to speak


“Am coming!”……..




🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️THE PRESENT🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️




“You…… You….. You killed him!!”


I mumbled with tears in my voice while allowing them to flow freely under my face, Though, I still can’t remember who Sathanas really was but I just saw it, the real Michael was dead, he had long died and Asmodeus had killed him in cold blood


“Do you now believe me Brother?”

Asmodeus asked with a smirk hunged round his face while I felt the burning rage that had long been hidden in me.


“Why did you Kill Him?”

I yelled in an unnatural way while I felt a rush of wind blew pass me as I strangely dashed towards Asmodeus at an insane speed, grapped him by the neck and rammed in towards the hardened wall which cracked as a result of the impact


“Why did you Kill Him? Why? Why?? You did that all for what? For fame? For the throne? For my powers? You can as well as them now you rotten animal!”

I yelled angrily with my hands s wrapped round his neck while I could swear that I felt my eyes glow.


“Oh, Am gonna take your powers brother, after all, my brother had long died the moment he vanished, this body standing before me is just a weakling. A vessel created from a crystal which was also formed by lower demons that are inferior to me! ”


“You are nothing Compare to Sathanas weakling!”


Asmodeus veered while I gasped as he placed his hands on my own arms and took them off as a piece of shit! I nudge my stomach in pains as a punch connected to my stomach which send me flying backwards and crashed on the wall which broke down due to my impact.


The thought of Michael’s death waved down my core as I slowly stirred on my feet, I smiled in response as Claws slowly crept out of my fingers while my eyes glowed reddish, I may not be Sathanas for now but I was gonna avenge Michael.


I thought in my consciousness as I dashed towards Asmodeus who glared at me, the ground quaked as I leapt towards Asmodeus with venom in my eyes while I aimed my claws at him as I descended towards him


The claw attack whizzed pass his ear and scratch him off a bit, revealing the dark blood that drip down his ear. Behind the blood was an angry look of a monster which stared dangerously Into my eyes as he touched the blood and stared at it.


“The only person who ever made me bleed was Sathanas and that was a thousand years ago, you just made a wrong mistake kid!”


Asmodeus sneered and before I could make a run for it, the spot he stood on had become deserted within a blink of an eye while I gasped as I stared around my surroundings.

The slight wind blew pass me and next to it was a claw swipe that Pierce through my neck and raised me up as it threw me metres away


I felt pains all over my neck as I tried standing up but couldn’t as a kick which send me back to the ground connected to my stomach, My strength was failing me as I bled from my neck which had a deep cut attached to it.


I gasped as I felt myself been raised off my feet and slammed against the wall while I cough out blood as my claws crept back to their shells, blood kept dripping down the ground as I receive fast punches which were too fast to be seen with the human eyes.


“It’s time you vanish Brother, it’s time you vanish the same way you did years ago!!!”


Asmodeus veered while I slowly raised my bleeding face to meet his but gasped as I felt something so sharp and demonic digging deeper into my skin. I was as good as dead as I felt my life force gradually slipping away while I felt something so special been forcefully taken and ripped away from me.


“Just Breath Brother. In less than a minute, your body will become cold as I take your powers, your blood will run dry as they won’t be able to adapt to just been a human then your demonic soul will shattered and lastly, your body will turn into ashes and you will be long gone!”


Asmodeus whispered into my ears but I couldn’t respond as I felt dead already, numb as I only stared grimly at Asmodeus dark glowing eyes which suddenly took a red shade as he slowly drop me on the ground, flashed a quick smile at me and then vanished through a portal.


Seconds had passed and I just laid there in my own pool of blood while I kept smiling as the sudden rush of memories flow through my mine. How I had first met Laura and how they had all saved my life a thousand times.


I gasped as I suddenly when cold while my lips when dry, tears streamed down my face as the pain became unbearable, I could feel the blood in my system slowly drying away. I tried changing my human eyes to the Demonic one but I couldn’t, my powers were gone and so was I.


My vision was becoming blurry while I struggled to keep my eyes open as slight ashes feel the air and floated freely.


“Say the word, Say Hex xa col”


I felt a voice boomed through my head, it’s Demonic scent so high that I couldn’t forget it, it was Sathanas. I tried saying saying the word but couldn’t as more ashes crowded the atmosphere and floated just under my eyes and soon, I gasped as I couldn’t feel my legs and hands, it’s like…….. They had Also vanished. Tears continually streamed down my face and with the last of my strength, I said it as the rest of my body turned to ashes.


“Hex can col!!!! “…..






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  • Rio you are dulling, so all those words that the old man told you is in vain? All the pains, you guys struggle All in ashes? No it can’t.. The must be a way out. Samantha can’t just leave you like that

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