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The Last Demon – Season 2 Episode 5

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🗡️🗡️EPISODE 15🗡️🗡️






All those that are saying that Billy and Mar are Rio’s parents Ehn, they are not O. Rio’s parents have longed died O, he doesn’t have any parents again O!!!







As they made their way towards us and stood just some few inches away from where we stood. I felt a sudden rush of wind blew pass me as I seem to scent a deadly aura coming out from them.


“Billy! Mara!! Is that really…… You!” Laura asked as she stirred on her feet, her gaze fixed on the two figures whose face had a demonic smirked as they stood few feet away from where we also stood.


“What the!! Do you Know them?” I asked ammoused, unable to think out well on where I had met them but I couldn’t remember a damn thing.

“That’s Billy and Mara, they were the ones who created the dark crystal pearl, They created you!” Michael Explained while I felt tugged by his words as I stared at the two figure before me with deep concern.


“What Happened to you guys? We’ve been so worried!” Kelvin said and headed towards their direction, suddenly, a huge tree that had been there the entire time cracked as Billy grapped Kelvin who approached them and flunged him away. Leaving us all in a state of panick.


We all heaved as we only stood at a spot, shocked at what just happened. Kelvin had just been thrown away like a pile of wood while blood dripped from his lips.

“Be careful, I don’t think that’s Billy and Mara!” Samael said while the rest of the team pose for battle, leaving me behind as I stared at the two figures in disbelief.


The ground made slight sounds as Michael dived towards the two figures who stood at a spot as Michael Aimed his punch towards them.

The two duo smiled as Billy caught Michael’s punch in midair and twisted it while crushing of bones sounded all around as Michael yelled in pains.


Laura’s scream filled the Realm as she dived towards the two duo while Mara stretched her hands towards Laura and a force from no where at all blasted her which send her off the rails.


“Is this the team that protect the boy? How pathetic!” Billy said as he began approaching me while I heaved a sigh of relief as Samael stood before me, claws out as he got ready for battle.


“Go!! Enter the breach!” Samael ordered while I took slow steps backwards as I watched what seem to display before me.


“Use my eyes! Use my beast eyes!”


A dark voice ordered in my head and I needed no one to tell who it was. It was Sathanas and he seemed to be telling some kind of information which I had no idea about.


“What are you talking about!” I replied my consciousness

” I don’t have time for this weakling, just closed your eyes and try connecting to my source, you will feel the beast eyes, take it and use them!’


Sathanas ordered within me while I hesitated for a little while before closing my eyes as I felt the realm around me. The air around me change as I suddenly flunged my eyes opened, revealing the red glowing eyes that glowed as I scanned through the two duos body and gasped at what I saw….. They… They are been controlled.


“They are been controlled!” I yelled while Samael slowly tilted his head towards me.

“What do you mean?” He asked

“Look at their hands, those bandles are demonic, they seemed to be controlling them!” I explained while Samael also scanned their bodies and smiled on sighting it.


“Thanks Rio, now go! There’s no fucken time!”

Samael ordered while I still stood my ground as I watched him formed a fireball and threw it towards Billy who caught it in midair, absorbed it energy and redirected it back to Samael who flew backwards as it landed on him.


“Pass through the breach…… Now!!!”


Sathanas ordered, this time around a little bit dark that I felt a sudden push behind me while I swiftly spun my body as Billy and Mara approached me.

I heaved as I slowly stretched my hand towards the breach and flinched, taking my hands backwards as it burned my palm which healed immediately.


“Am sorry! I can’t do this!” I mumbled amidst myself as I stared at the breach.

“Go!! You will heal!!” Sathanas demanded.

“I can’t!! Am gonna die!!!” I fired back at him

“I said……. Go!!!!”


Sathanas said while I gasped as a wild wind blew pass me, giving me a mighty force that pushed me towards the breach.



I yelled as I felt my skin burning and peeling off my body.


“Endure it Rio, you’re almost there!”


Sathanas elucidated within me while I felt My eyes involuntarily glowed reddish as the severe pain burned through my skin. The pain racked through my veins as I fought my way through the breach while in motion, felt something or someone fighting his way through me as I finally came out at the other end of the breach.

My vision becoming blurry as I saw a shadow of a figure approaching me while I couldn’t feel my breathe anymore as my vision became completely dark as I fell weakly on the ground…….










The entire Kingdom had become so sacred and darkened while lightening kept flashing at different intervals. The sky rumbled and a huge dark building came to view


There in the building, at the North centre of the dark room was a table while the six authors of calamities all occupied it, well, except Asmodeus.

Soon, the room became darkened while the lights went off immediately and a whoosh sounded all around as a being appeared and sat on the dark throne with smoke Emiting from it. It was Asmodeus.


Everyone panicked as his dark eyes glowed and scanned every single person in the room while they finally rested on a figure’s face.

“Speak!” He ordered

“We send them my Lord. We did as you commanded after we had placed the demon spell controller on their hands!”


One of the six authors of calamities ordered while Asmodeus giggled, revealing his demonic teeths as he made to speak.


“What are your predictions?” Asmodeus veered as everyone made to speak

” I suggest we leave the matter to them, Billy and Mara can pull it off!”


One of the authors replied and smile and just before he could get a proper breathing, Asmodeus had strangely appeared before him with the speed of light and raised him off his feet with just a single hand while chocking him in motion.


“You made a very wrong mistake Summoning them, am afraid they have lost the mission already!” Asmodeus veered and the sky thundered while the figure struggle to speak.

“Th….. Th… Then we…we…we will just send more forces my Lord!” The voice stuttered while Asmodeus face became more darkened as he tightened his grip on the man’s neck.


“Do you know what happens if he meets Apocalyse? Do you even have any idea on what Happens if Sathanas is awoken huh?” Asmodeus sneered and increased his strength on the figure’s neck while slight cracks filled the room as Asmodeus broke the neck and flunged him away while the wall cracked as the figure landed on it, dead!


“I will lose my Kingdom and also lose Pandora’s box if Sathanas is awoken and we need to prevent that!” Asmodeus said and paused while he stared at the figures below him, the six authors had now reduced to 5


“The battle line has been drawn, It’s time we interfered ,it’s time I face my brother, it’s time I end him for good, it’s time I take his powers and y’all are coming with me!!!”…….









Darkness filled my eyes as I jerked off from the terrible dream I just had. The light gained from the red candles that flickered round the room blurred my vision as it send hickeys down my spine.


“Be careful, You’re still in pains!!”

An old voiced warned behind me as I managed to sit on the bed while I turned to face the figure


“Who the hell are you old man?”

I asked stupidly, forgetting the fact that I was alive while the memories from the breach came rushing back to me as I gasped and bored my eyes through my skin


I heaved a happy sigh as my skin seemed to be in their original forms, back then, I had almost died as I felt my skin burning and ripping off my body, bloody Fuck! How’s it even possible for me to be in a complete form?


“That’s because Sathanas dwells in you kid! This realm is bounded by his blood and mine. No Supernatural could have ever survived that except if they have Sathanas’s blood running through their veins!”


The old man explained while I felt a burning anger rushed through my veins on sighting him, did he really have to watch me die as I passed through the breach?


What if I had died?


What if I really was just a random kid and not Sathanas?..


What if……


“Burning in rage and anger won’t make things easier kid! My time has almost come and you don’t really have much time left before he comes!” The old man explained, damn! Did he really have to speak in puzzles? I can’t even understand a single thing.


“I almost died out there you……. Old fool!”

I yelled with pain cursing through my veins and almost immediately, I gasped as I felt a sudden rush of wind blew passed me while an invisible force from nowhere appeared and blasted me as I flew upwards and fell on the Floor.


“Is that the right way of appreciating the one who saved you!” The old man said

“You…. You… You saved me? Why??” I stuttered

“Who am I kidding? It all Thanks to Sathanas! He dwells in you, He saved you!!”


The old man added and smiled while he took a cup which he had been holding the entire time and passed it on to me.

“Come on! Drink it, it will help!” The man assured me while I took the cup from him and gulped in the entire contain at once


“Ewww, it taste so terrible., What’s that!” I asked

“Just a little remedy I had recently been working on!” The old man replied and stood from the place he sat while he plunged towards a narrow passage.


“Follow me! There’s no time!” The old man ordered as I jerked from the bed and followed after him. The narrow passage was so tiny and dark that it prevented me from seeing a single thing. Soon, the passage came to an end as the light from the far end of the passage blurred my vision.


“Wow!!!, it’s so beautiful!” I thought in my consciousness as I stared at the beautiful water fall around me and the huge rocks that littered the entire environments.


“Let me guess! Sathanas had directed you all to me while Samael told y’all that I could awaken the demon god in you right?”


The old man asked, his voice so ancient that he walked in an unnatural way while I felt slight pity for him as I made to speak


“That’s right old man, Can you really help me?” I asked and the latter smiled as he descended towards the waterfall while allowing the water to fall freely on him.


“No one in the whole world can really help you kid, not even me and not even Sathanas himself!” The old man replied within gnashed teeths while I felt angry at the response given to me by him.


“What do you mean? You’re our last hope! You need to help me!, If no one can help me then who can?” I asked in tears while the old man smiled and sat on the huge rock behind him while the water continued to fall freely on him


“No one can help you except you Kid, only you can truly awaken the demon in you and help yourself!”……







Meanwhile, Mara ducked a claw swipe from Laura as it whizzed pass her ears while she connected a jab punch to Laura’s jaw which send her back to the ground.

Mara smiled as she did a front flip, escaping from Michael’s attack while in motion, grapped him by the head and smashed him on the ground as she landed on her feet.


Kelvin broke a sweat after been propelled away with a mighty punch from Billy which send him crashing on the ground.

Samael tightened his fist as he closed his eyes, the air changed as he flunged them opened, revealing his black glowing eyes as he raised his hands to the sky, controlling the four Elements of nature and combined them together, Billy gasped and widened his eyes as Samael directed the elements balls towards him, a loud wail filled the atmosphere as the elements collided on Billy which seem crashing on a weird tree.


Meanwhile, There standing before Laura and Michael was Mara who heaved in satisfaction as she made to walk away.

A loud thud landed on the ground as Laura quickly rose to her feet and used her leg in sweeping off Mara off her feet while she landed on the ground with an heavy thud.


“How about you take that you bitch!” Laura yelled as she cleaned the blood from her lips while she help brought Michael to his feet.


“Go, I will take of him!” Samael yelled at Kelvin who got on his feet, nodded at Samael and then marched towards Laura and Michael’s direction


“Hey, y’all should take off those demon bandles at once Okay?” Samael yelled at Kelvin who nodded as he stood before Mara.


Mara made to stirr on her feet but couldn’t as Michael and Kelvin help in bringing her down to the ground while Laura smiled as she pulled off the hand bandles which faded to dust almost immediately


On the other hand, Samael in his glorious form formed a fireball and threw it at Billy who was too late to duck as it collided on him and send him off the rails.

And just before he could get on his feet again, Samael had strangely appeared before him, using the speed of light as he took off the demon bandles which faded to dust immediately


“Sa….. Samael? What the heck are you doing to me? Hands off my body!” Billy fired at Samael who Spranged on his feet and helped him up.


The sky rumbled as Mara on the other hand also got on their feet and approached Samael and Billy, together with the rest of her team.

“How Did I get here?” Mara asked

“Wait what? You literally don’t remember how you tried to kill us?” Laura asked with disbelief etched in her voice.

“Of course not Laura, Why would I…….. ”


Mara couldn’t finish her words as the air around them completely changed, dark vicious aura lurked round them while lightening flashed and struck the ground as it created a large mass of dust.


A loud gasped filled the realm as the dust cleared off to reveal about 4 figures, clad in dark robes with deadly aura evolving round them while they stood few feet away from Laura and Co.


“Well! Well!! Well!!! Seems like those bandles didn’t work on you! Asmodeus was right after all, its time we handled things our own way………. “……







This old man was far more crazier than I thought, I can’t believe I came this far and had almost lost my life in passing through the breach just to come and hear this shit!!


“Are you kidding me old man?” I yelled within gnashed teeths as I felt like ripping off his head away.



Suddenly, a huge wild wind blew pass us while the cave became darkened as the rocks rumbled, anonymous aura littered all around the cave as lightening flashed while the old man looked alarmed as he made to speak.


“Look Kid. Like I said, I can’t help you, only you alone can do that. I don’t have much time left before he comes, I can feel his presence, he’s here and I need you to listen to this!” The old man said in one breathe while he made to explain more.


“Look Kid, I have no other thing to say but this, Sathanas has hidden abilities which is hidden within you. Only when the time comes can you unlock those abilities and use them at ease and willingly!” He explained


“You aren’t making sense old man, tell me how to awaken Sathanas!” I yelled

“There’s only one way kid, you were created because you had the perfect will and body, Only when you believe that you’re Sathanas, only when you believe that he dwells within you, Only when you become connected to him and merged together, Only when you fail can you rise, Only then can he truly be awaken!”


The old man explain in puzzles while his body became calm while he allowed the water to fall freely on him. I can’t believe this, am heading back, I needed to tell the others that’s there’s no way Sathanas was gonna be awaken! I thought in my consciousness as I made my way back


“And Remember kid!” The old man said, causing me to stop on my tracks as I turned to face him


“You’ve to believe kid. It doesn’t matter if you are powerless, all that matters is if you believe that you’re Sathanas, only then can you save them!”


The old man said while I furrowed my eyebrows and spun my body as I made to head back but halted as I felt a slight wind blew pass me, a slight spark waved down my body as I felt a large liquid splash on me while I swiftly turned back.


I gasped at the sight of what stood in front me, my legs twitched as if rooted to the ground that it prevented me from moving, there standing before me came a vicious man about my height who emerged from the Darkness within the cave, his deep long claws pierced through the old man skin as it held the old man’s heart while the old man gasped, smiled at me and then descended down the Ocean


“Hello Brother!” His dark voice called to me while it seemed so familiar as if I had heard it somewhere. His voice sending chills down my weaken soul while I gasped as he placed his scary hands on the blue mask he wored and pulled it off, revealing his familiar face which glared dangerously at me.


Tears streamed down my face on sighting him while I shivered as I fell weakly on my knees, My lips moving slowly as I called out his name.


“Mi…….. Michael?”……






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