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The Last Demon – Season 2 Episode 4

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🗡️🗡️EPISODE 14🗡️🗡️










It was Night, night crickets sprouted out as they sounded all around, the stars were out and the moon shown it’s glorious light on me while I flunged my eyes opened. First, it was blurry but with time, it all cleared off.


“Where….. Am I?”

I asked no one in particular as I jerked off from the place I laid while I stirred on my feet and spun my body as I scanned my entire surroundings.


“Bloody Fuck! How did I get here?”


I thought in my consciousness as I stared at the written inscription that hunged at the edge of the wall as it read “Crystal College”


How’s that possible? The last thing I remembered was, after the incident at Mount Vernon, my heart etched as if missing someone or something as I found it hard to concentrate.


Samael had made mentioned of Apocalypse but I couldn’t allow him to explain as I felt sudden pains in my chest, my vision became blurry as I fell weakly on my knees while their wails kept piercing through my ears as I fainted, thereby, making the awakening of Sathanas to be prosponed.


The ground reverberated as I took random steps towards the school, I heaved as I walked pass the school gate, everywhere was damn quiet except for the screechings of birds above the sky.


“Whose that!” I asked as I turned around just to meet an empty place.

“Who the hell is that?” I asked again as I felt a slight wind blew pass me while I swiftly turned my body but still, it was blank


“I said, Who the hell is that?”


I yelled, this time around I slowly turned my body and gasped as my eyes landed on a figure with dark glowing eyes while she had a circular symbol on her neck, I felt goosebumps all over my body as I began bouncing backwards while she gained widths on me. Her clothes were tore while she had a veil that covered her face.


“I am Pandora!”

She said and leapt towards me while I yelled as everything around me began fading away!




“Guys, he’s awake!” I heard Laura scream beside me as she sat beside me, soon, the door barged opened, revealing Michael and Co as they bored smiling faces and swing sat upright beside me.


“You’re awake!” They all asked in unison while I nodded.

“How long have I been asleep?” I asked

“Two days!” They replied

“Two days???” I yelled, my eyes almost budging out of their sockets as I abruptly sat on my bed.


“It’s okay Rio, It’s the side effects of you know? Sathanas!” Laura mumbled

“Sathanas took a slight control of you back at Mount Vernon, your body was weak and that’s why it really affected you but you’re okay now!” Samael explained and smiled while I nodded as I rose to my feets and wore my jacket that laid beside me.


“Where are you going to Rio?” Kelvin asked.

“The school, I need to see Ciara!” I replied

“What about the plan, there’s no time left!” Michael fired at me.

“Look okay, this is the plan, First we head towards the school and then to the Library, secondly, I have talk to Ciara and see if she’s okay and then, we talked about this Apocalypse figure!” I explained while they all nodded except Laura who glared at me…


“What? Let’s move okay!”…. .









The long drive was taking quite some time, my air rose up and flew upwards due to the impact of the wind that blew towards me as I drove at maximum speed while dodging several cars at different intervals.


My mind seem to be lost as the dream I had earlier had tugged my mind, why the hell would I dream about Pandora? What was the dream about? What did it mean?


The sound of my bike jolted me out from my thoughts as I drove through the school metal gate, parked and then alighted from the bike as I headed towards the School.


I smiled as I walked past some students, increasing my pase while I received several glares from some girls, damn, that attitude was getting on my nerves, some winked at me while I pretended to smile at them as I took a sharp turn and bump into someone whose books fell over the floor.


“Am so Sorry!” I apologized and bent to picked the notes

“Nay, it’s my fault, didn’t pay attention to my direction!” The voice replied while I slowly rose to my feet and raised my head high. Her books still in my hands while I stared at those big eyelashes of hers that bored their holes on my skin.


“Rio!!!” She yelled.

“Ciara!!” I retorted and hugged her while she seemed surprised at my reaction.

“Err, can you let me go now Rio?” She said while I slipped out of my dirty thoughts and stared at her.

“Am sorry, I… I… I got too excited!” I said and handed over her books to her

“Huh! Why’s that?” She replied, damn, was she tryna tease me or what?


“I was worried about you Ciara! Are you Okay?” I asked while she closed the gap that seperated us as I felt her breathe all over my face.

“Am okay Rio! Did you Miss me?” She asked while I giggled

“You’re enjoying this right!” I said while we both laughed it out as we made our ways towards the Library while receiving several glares from the students.


“Well, am Okay Rio. The DPH or whatever they called themselves, took care of me. I was discharged a day ago after been fully treated!” She explained while I felt my heart melt a little bit on hearing her words..


“Don’t you remember anything?” I asked again

“Nay, all I remembered was going to the restroom with some kind of girl and .. and… that’s all I could remember as I woke up and found myself at DPH!”


She explained as we both got to the Library and halted while we turned to face each others

“I know right! It’s Crazy!” She said and I nodded

“Uhm… Is there anything wrong with you?” She asked while I felt tugged by her words, I was about setting on a mission to find Apocalypse and I don’t know how long it might take, I needed to at least tell her that I was gonna be absent for a while.


“Am gonna be absent for a while Ciara, am going on a trip!” I explained while I felt her mood change a bit but she tried hiding it away.

“Oh, How long will it cost you?” She asked

“I don’t know yet Ciara, maybe till eternity I guess!” I said and she smiled at my statement.

“You better be going, your friends are waiting, see you around!” She said as she excused herself while I turned and squinted my eyebrows as my eyes landed on Michael and Co, all sited on a table as they awaited my presence


“Hey Guys!” I said and took a sit as I got to them

“You know we’ve been waiting for quite some time while you were busy chatting with your tiny human girlfriend!” Laura yelled at me.

“Hey! She’s not my girlfriend okay?” I replied

“Whatever!!” She retorted and smirked


“Can we just stop that! So what’s the plan huh? Who the hell is this Apocalypse?”, I asked while Samael heaved as he made to speak.


“He’s an old friend of yours. He’s the only one who can help you awaken Sathanas. All we need to do is convince him that you’re Sathanas!” Samael explained


“Piece of Cake! Then let’s get going already! Am Sathanas right!” I boasted

“Yeah, go tell that to Apocalypse. He’s just gonna fry you within a second!” Laura threatened

“It’s not that Easy Rio, you see, Apocalypse created a boundary. A breach between this world and his coven, no one can get through the breach except you, if we demons should try getting through it. We are gonna get fried up and burned by his flame, only a demon god. Sathanas to be exact that can get through it without been burned!” Samael Explained and paused.


“Am afraid you can’t make it in this state of yours. Your body can’t survive the old Wizard flame. It’s gonna kill you!” Samael added while everyone stared at me as sweat kept dripping from my face.


“How much time do we have left?” I asked

“Huh?” Michael asked

“I said, how much time do we have left before Asmodeus comes for me himself?” I asked once again, can’t believe I just said that, calling someone I haven’t seen in my entire life my brother was damn crazy.


The lights around the Library flickered as My eyes strangely glowed while Samael and the rest of the team contemplated on what to do.

“Whoa! What’s happening Rio?” Kelvin asked as he noticed my eyesballs while everything in the room kept shaking as the lights also flickered.

“Am okay! Am Okay!! Am Okay!!!” I said and breathe. Breathing in the air and exhaling it while Everything got back to it’s normal shapes including my eyes.


“Answer me! How much time do we have left!” I asked, this time a little more calm but in a demonic voice that seemed to scare I them a bit. I think it was Sathanas wanting them to let me know.


“Just a day or less Rio. Asmodeus may attack at anytime from now. Together with his army of Calamities!!” Samael said while I breathe out heavily and relaxed on the chair.


The wind blew pass me as I stared at Ciara who kept smiling as she chatted with her friends from the other end of the Library and somehow strange. I found peace as I tilted my head back to the team and made to speak


“Let’s set for the Wizard! Where the hell is he?” I asked

“You don’t understand do you? The flame might kill you. You may not survive!” Laura asked and for the first time she felt a little bit concerned.


“I don’t care Okay? All my life I have always lived the life of a bully. Hurting the weaker ones while I hid under my foster father’s shade everyday. I think it’s time I stop hiding, it’s time I do the right thing. I need to do this for Williams, For you guys, For the human world and for Croxx and I don’t care if I die!” I explained and paused, while allowing the heat to penetrate through my skin as I made to speak


“Now tell me, Where the hell is the Wizard?”…….










It happened so fast, the old me wouldn’t have just said that. The old me would have given given up on the mission and turn back on hearing the huge sacrifice that I had to make but somehow, I felt a sudden boldness within me and I couldn’t help but spit it out and now, here We are, heading towards our graves.


A slight wind blew pass the hardened trees as a portal appeared, revealing Laura and the rest of the team as we all emerged from the portal which closed almost immediately.


Suddenly, the air cracked and the fabric of reality ripped open and I felt nauseous that I pucked almost immediately, the air around this realm seemed so strange and so deadly. It’s aura so weird and powerful. Apocalypse such is a powerful wizard and I was beginning to doubt if I was gonna survive the flame…




Samael ordered while we all halted as we stared into empty space except Samael who kept staring at the ground.

“Be careful. There are traps around!” Samael said and stretch his hand forward and almost immediately, the ground glowed and a long golden spike appeared


I heaved a sigh of relief as we walked pass the spike and headed deep into the realm. Soon, we got to a Placement after passing through several different deadly traps that almost cause us our lives, damn it! I was beginning to dislike this Apocalypse or whatever he’s called.


“Did you hear that?” Kelvin asked while we all listened and payed attention as a voice which seemed to boomed from the four corners of the realm spoke in a demanding tone.


“You all have successfully passed through the traps and have proven yourself worthy of my realm…. ”


“The realm is bounded by the blood of Sathanas and mind. If you wish to get through the boundary before you. It’s suicide. Prove yourself of been Sathanas and you shall find your path!”


The strange explained while we all payed attention, soon, the path ahead of us suddenly caught off in flames as red circular patterns appeared on the ground and spread through the entire place.


“Let us in you old Man! I am Sathanas!! Let me fucken in!!” I yelled as veins sprouted out of my neck.

“If really you are Sathanas, pass through the flame and you shall find your path!” The old voice replied while I felt a surged of anger flow through me.


“Very Well then!” I said

“It might kill you Rio. You need to be careful!” Laura said and I could see the concern in her eyes

“I won’t Okay! Here I come old man!!”


I yelled and plunged towards the boundary but halted as the ground suddenly quaked and reverberated while a force from no where at all appeared and shook the realm, Creating a force as we found it hard to regain out stances while we all fell on the ground.


The dust created by the impact of the blast all cleared off as it revealed two figures who emerged from the shadows. One had a structural bone material that erupted from it’s back and hands , fire burning round his head while his eyes glowed greenish.


The other, a lady with red glowing eyes while her hands emited flames. A loud gasped filled the realm as Laura and the rest of the team seemed to recognize the two strange figures who just try to kill as they approached us while Laura made to speak


Billy? Mara? Is that really You?”……






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  • Billy and Mara appeared there? That’s Rio’s parents, I know that they will help their son out

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