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The Last Demon – Season 2 Episode 3

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Lightening flashed and Rio made to speak but the voice came out in a low tone.


“Mr Daniel???”







“Mr Daniel???”


Rio mumbled while he took slow steps towards the bald head man whose face was held with a smirk.

“Don’t be so suprise……. Sathanas!” Mr Daniel said in a demonic tone while the rest of the team began paying attention to what the two demons had to say


“But How? How’s this possible?” Rio asked in a weary tone while Mr Daniel (the Creaken) smirked and plunged towards Rio.


“Let’s just say, I needed a host to do my bidding and This Body was the perfect vessel that I needed, you had a clue but you let it slide away!” The Creaken in the form of Mr Daniel explained


The mountain became filled with heat all of a sudden as Rio found it hard to kept his leg moving while The creaken words tugged his mind.


“You! That’s why he told me to kill you but I ignored him!! He knew you were the one but I didn’t listen to him, I cause this! I fucken caused this all!!!” Rio yelled and the mountain shook while they all struggled to kept their stance


“What are you talking about Rio?” Laura asked

“I…. I… He told me to kill him at the party but… Bu… But I ignored him, I called him crazy, it’s all my fault, if only I had just listened to him, I would have stopped all this, I fucken cause this!!!”


Rio explained while the tears that boiled up in his eyes began streaming down his face bits by bits on sighting Ciara’s Face, her red lips send chills to his spine while he had a sorry gaze for her.


“You didn’t know Rio and now that you do! You gotta live up and make up for it cause that’s what Sathanas would do!!” Michael Explained

“Tell that to Sathanas, He can’t even control the transformation!” Laura chipped in

“That’s not helping Laura. You really need a change!” Michael advised while Rio slowly raised his head up.


“How do we kill this son of a bitch huh?” Rio asked while Laura flashed him a smiled

“You just have to kill him!” She added and smiled while they all pose for battle


“Good Luck with that, now that Sathanas ain’t here, am afraid no one is escaping here Alive!”


The Creaken said with a smug on his face while he slowly raised his hands up, The ground steamed and with a flick of his hands, The possess souls that he had captured all swooped towards Rio and Co while they also charged at them.


Laura ducked a punch that aimed for her head while she caught The teen girl’s hand in midair and flunged her away but while in air, the girl Twisted her body while bone cracking illuminated the mountain as she landed skillfully.


The teen girl whose eyes glowed ran towards Laura and leapt towards her, Laura who noticed the fast approaching attack quickly ducked the kick that aim for her while she tossed towards the other side of the mountain.

Just before she could regain her stance, the teen girl strangely appeared behind Laura and connected a punch towards her lower knee which send her crashing to the ground with bruises all over her body.


Michael placed his left foot on the mountain Wall and initiated a backflip while in motion, grapped his approaching opponent and rammed him to the ground.

“What!!!” Michael mumbled and gasped as the figure he had just slammed to the ground slowly rose to his feet and connected a punch to his jaw which send him crashing on the Walls of the mountain.


Vanessa smiled as Felix approached her while she pressed a gadget that hunged round her waist, first, it glowed and then, some kind of transparent glowing sword formed and landed on her hands while she blocked the arm that aimed for her

“Quick, Rain fire!” Vanessa yelled and the robots wasted no time as they initiated the plasma Ray’s weapons and in seconds, began firing at Felix and Co.


“No! No!! No!!! That’s ain’t happening on my watch!”


The Creaken yelled and smiled while an aura evolved round him and soon, His hands glowed and a smoky Trident appeared and landed gently on his hands.

The Creaken raised it’s trident to the sky while lightening flashed as the trident became sparking, The Creaken wasted no time as it conjured dark lightening and directed it towards The Robots who rained fire at Felix And Co.


The mountain shook as the dark lightening Collided on the robots, Creating a blast that caused the robots to scatter into orbits.

“You’re gonna pay!” Rio yelled as he made his way towards The Creaken but halted as a sneer erupted behind him while he slowly spun his back.


“Ciara?!” Rio mumbled as Ciara sneered at him. Her demonic breathe all over his face while she gently approached him.

“It’s me Ciara, It’s Rio!!” Rio voiced out but it all fell on deaf ears as Ciara leapt towards Rio.


A huge thud reverberated the ground as Kelvin grapped Ciara who leapt towards Rio while they both crashed and roll on the ground.

“Go, I got this!” Kelvin elucidated while Rio nodded and dashed towards the creaken.


“Whoa! What’s happening?”


Rio yelled as his body strangely moved on its own. The ground cracked as Rio tapped on it while it created a force that enabled him to leapt towards the Creaken, a whoosh sound waved pass the Creaken who slowly spun his body but was too late to duck as Rio’s Punch landed across his face while it’s Trident fell frets from it’s hands as it also crashed on the Floor.


“I told you will pay you son of a bitch!”


Rio chipped happily and Approached the Creaken who laid on the floor. The Creaken gasped as Rio grapped it by the neck while it struggled to breathe.

“Seriously? Just die you son of a….. ”


Rio couldn’t finish his words as the Creaken strangely levitated and flew backwards, using Rio’s Backs as a safe spot as they both crashed on the wall. Rio wailed in pains as he released his grip on the Creaken while he descended down and crashed on the Floor.


The smoky Trident slowly levitated and floated under the influence of gravity as if been controlled by the Creaken. The Creaken smiled as the trident landed on its hands while it conjured a huge mass of lightning and diverted it towards Rio who had just rose on his feet.


“Holy Shit!”


Rio yelled as he saw the incoming Lightening that struck him on the chest and threw him metres away, The wall cracked and broke I to a thousand pieces as Rio fell crashed and fell to the other side of the mountain.


“You are nothing with Sathanas human!” The Creaken warned as it landed on it feet while it controlled another mass of lightning and made to dived it towards Rio when all of a sudden, a huge fire appeared from nowhere and blasted the Creaken, throwing few metres away as it crashed on the wall.

“Why don’t you take that you bad Demon!” Samael yelled as his hands emited flames while his eyes glowed.


Meanwhile, Felix and Co had gained more strength as they approached Vanessa whose hands glowed due to the weapon she held.

The robots all laid on the floor as a result of the lightening that had Blasted them away.


Felix sneered dangerously at Vanessa and leapt towards her while she position her glowing sword in an attempt to attack.

Suddenly, an err sound blew pass her face as Michael flew towards Felix and grapped it by his waist while they both crashed on the ground and just before Felix could rise on his feet, Michael heaved and grapped his head while he snapped it motion as Felix drop weakly to the ground.


“You idiot, why did you kill him?” Vanessa yelled

“Don’t get all angry at me okay, he only fainted okay, you might wanna watch out!” Michael said and smiled as Vanessa shielded herself as the remaining three DPH men slowly Approached her.


Meanwhile, Ciara rose to her feet and initiated a kick at Kelvin who was quick to duck.

Kelvin took a step forward and waved a punch at Ciara who was fast enough to duck as she caught the punch Midway and Flunged him away.





It has been minutes, the possess men from DPH all laid weakly on the ground with their eyes shut closed, it was evident that their necks have been snapped by Michael who also could be seen, lying few feets from where Vanessa sat.


Samael flashed a smile as the Creaken rose to its feet and levitated, it waves it’s trident to the sky, conjuring bolts of lightening and directed it towards Samaek who stood his grounds as the lightening collided on him.


“What the hell!! That’s impossible!” Samael yelled as the lightening ripped his clothes apart and threw him away while he crashed on the Wall.

“Your powers don’t work ok me anymore Samael, am afraid you are gonna need something more powerful than that!” The Creaken Said and landed on its feet


Blood dripped from Kelvin’s lips as Ciara continually punched him on the face.

He waved a smile as he transformed to a smoke, escaping from Ciara’s grip who was too late to notice his demonic moves as he injected a serine to her neck which send her lying on the ground. Earlier on, he had gotten the serine from Vanessa’s box without anyone knowing.


Kelvin breathe heavily as he crashed weakly on the ground and watched the huge fight that displayed before him.

Meanwhile, the wall cracked as Laura crashed on it while she quickly escaped a punch that landed on the Wall and created a deep hole on it.


Laura glared at the teen girl that Approached her while she slowly levitated as Her Wings appeared.

A huge wave appeared and sliced the air as She flapped her huge wings together, Creating a slight force that push the teen girl away as she crashed on the ground.


“Quick Laura, Catch!!”

Vanessa yelled and threw a glowing cuff towards Laura who caught it midair and hand cuffed it on the teen girl’s hands.

The teen girl’s glowing eyes slowly vanished while she went into a deep sleep as Laura connected a punch to her head.


The Wall cracked as Samael good propelled away with a huge lightning which send him crashing on the floor, unable to stand on his feet again. His clothes had burned off and tore due to the harsh impact of the lightening.


The Creaken smirked wickedly as He slowly advanced towards Samael but halted on hearing slight sounds while it slowly turned his gaze to a direction, The Creaken frowned it’s face as a hand could be seen from the piles of stones that littered the ground, revealing Rio who rose from the stones as his eyes glowed Reddish.


“Told you am gonna get you Butch!”


Rio yelled and ran towards the Creaken, the Creaken smiled and Conjured it’s lightening. It’s happy smile slowly vanished as Rio strangely disappeared and was no where to be seen.


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!” The Creaken yelled as Rio Pierce a rod through it’s stomach while it yelled the more as Rio removed the rod that was fully stained with blood.

Blood slowly dripped from it’s stomach while it took slow steps forward and held on a rock for support.


“How? It’s impossible!” The Creaken yelled in pains as Rio approached it and stood before it. A slight sound illuminated the mountain as Rio held the cuffs thrown by Vanessa.


A smile etched his lips as he slowly raised his head up, lightening flashed and Rio could be seen moving towards The Creaken whose eyes widened as Rio held it’s by the waist, the Wall behind it broke to pieces as Rio broke through it while the both descended down the huge Mountain.


“Die you demon!” Rio yelled as red wings appeared behind him, the Creaken yelled as Rio snap it’s head while they both descended down the mountain under the influence of gravity….





The battle ground was over, the Creaken was gone, well, Mr Daniel didn’t die, his body was returned to him after the Creaken soul had disintegrated into orbits.


Mount Vernon could be seen covered with dozens of metal physical Cars of different types while the four figures from DPH could also be seen as Some robots load them into the trucks while they received treatment


The Trident symbols on their forehead had all cleared out while they were back to Normal, The Teen girl and Ciara could also be seen on the truck, they were gonna be taken in by the DPH so as to be fully treated.


“Thanks a lot Vanessa! Am gonna miss you!!” Rio said as Vanessa approached them and stood before them.

“No, I should be the one thanking you for helping me get my men back!” Vanessa said but Rio couldn’t respond as He kept staring at Ciara.

“She’s gonna be okay Rio, I will make sure of that!” Vanessa who noticed the severe glares from Rio said and pated him on his shoulder while he slowly nodded.


“It was nice fighting alongside you Vanessa!” Samael said while Vanessa beamed him a smile.

“Yeah, today made me actually believe that not all demons are evil, at least, they are some good ones among them, just like you guys!” Vanessa said while Laura smirked at her statement.


“Really Laura, you’re gonna do that now!” Michael yelled at her.

“Okay! Okay!! Can’t believe am saying but, I think I finally have a liking to a human, it was nice having you beside me!” Laura said and before she could notice anything, Vanessa smiled and pulled her into a hug.


“Am gonna miss you a little Crazy!” Vanessa said as she pulled out from the hug.

“If you Ever need any help, don’t hesitate to come to the DPH, I will be glad to help” Vanessa said while the rest of the team nodded as Vanessa made her way towards the several cars that stood around the Mountain.


“And Oh, I have some news From Sathanas!” Vanessa said as she slowly turned to face them

“What do you mean?” Rio asked

“Well, why you all were asleep, He told me to tell you something, he said you all were gonna figure it out!” Vanessa replied

“What did he say!” Laura asked

“He said “Apocalypse!” Vanessa said while Everyone looked numb except Samael whose face held a quick smile.


“I guess that’s all for now, see you around demons!” Vanessa said and headed towards the cars while she walked pass some Robots who bowed before her.


“Okay people, Let’s move it!” Vanessa ordered and entered a car while they all started moving and soon, they were out of sight.


“She’s gone, I damn like her!” Kelvin muttered and smiled while the rest all stared at him and then bursted into an overwhelming laughter.


“What the hell is an Apocalypse?” Rio asked

“It’s not a What Rio, is a who and I think I know how to finally awaken Sathanas!” Samael Explained While they all turned to face him as he etched his lips to speak.


“I think it’s time we paid the old Wizard a Visit!”……






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