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The Last Demon – Season 2 Episode 2




🗡️🗡️ EPISODE 12🗡️🗡️









“I am Sathanas!”……








“I am Sathanas!”


Rio spoke in an unnatural accent while he took random steps towards the lady who kept bouncing backwards as Rio gained on her, and likewise did her men.


“We aren’t the bad guys here and you made a big mistake summoning me!” Rio or Sathanas to be exact said and halted, his wings kept flapping as they kept bringing winds.


The lady smiled and raised her eyebrows up while she began taking random steps towards the Sathanas who breath evil.


“Am not afraid of you, Let’s just say am surprised at how strong you are to be able to break through the demonic cuffs!” The lady said..


Sathanas smiled at her courage while he closed the gap among them and brought his face lower to hers. He sniffed the air and smiled as he raised his head up once again


” You don’t have any dark thoughts or desires, your heart is quite pure and I don’t have much time left but, you have to release them before he arrives, you can’t stop him alone!” Sathanas said while he coughed and blood came out from his mouth.


“Oh my God, You are one sick demon!” The lady said and squatted low to Sathanas.

“Am not sick, the situation is complicated, like I said, I don’t have much time left, release them or am gonna do it myself!” Sathanas yelled and the wall behind the weird lady vibrated and broke into different pieces while her men flinched.


“How do I know you aren’t lying?” She asked

“You don’t, They are gonna tell you everything you need them know when you release them!” Sathanas said and suddenly, The room became a little darker and some kind of red smoke evolved round Sathanas while his eyes took its original form.


“Do me a favour, when all this is over, tell them something for me will you?” Sathanas said, his demonic voice had almost cleared out.

“What?” The lady asked

“Apocalypse!” Sathanas replied and his wings disappeared while his claws slowly crept back to their shells.


“What a sick demon, Am Vanessa!” Vanessa said and Sathanas smiled as the demonic aura that radiated from him completely cleared out and vanished while the men of Vanessa breath out loud. Vanessa etched her lips into a smile and took a quick peek at Rio whose eyes were tight pretty close.


“Interesting, he’s a special one. He’s some kind of Harbinger or something!” Vanessa said and almost immediately, Rio’s breathing was all over her face as he flunged his eyes open.


“Holly shit!! What the hell did you do to my Lips?”


Rio yelled and Spranged on his feet while he placed his hands on his lips, his eyes still not leaving Vanessa’s face.

“Dummy!” Vanessa said and stirred on her feet.


“Release them!” Vanessa ordered a certain figure.

“But Ma’am, what if they….. ” The figure couldn’t finish his words as Vanessa glared at him.

“Yes Ma’am!” The figure replied and signaled the other men who nodded in response to him and in few seconds, the cuffs around Michael and Co all dropped to the ground.


“What did you do to them? Why aren’t they waking up?” Rio yelled and squatted low to their heights.

“Relax okay! They were fed with the demonic clawed solution, they will be up in no time!” Vanessa replied and stared at Rio while her eyes scanned through his entire body.


“What?” Rio who noticed the weird staring asked and covered his chest with his arms.

“Nothing dummy!” Vanessa said and the sound of strange yawning diverted their attentions as Michael and Co all spranged on their feet and stood before them.


“Ow!!!!” They all yelled in unison while they Clutch tight to their heads as the severe pain racked through their veins.

“Guys, you’re awake!” Rio chipped happily.


“Feels like I just came back from hell!” Laura yelled in pains while she got hold of something, it was evident that she was seeing in multiples.

“It’s nothing, just the side effects of the demon solution, you will be okay in no time!” Vanessa explained while Laura and Co turned to stare at her.


“Who the hell is she?” Laura asked

“She’s Vanessa, The head of DPH, she just saved your lifes!” Rio explained in a brief tone.

“Yeah, after she tried drugging us, how about I ripped off her throat and show her what a demon really looks like!” Laura yelled while she took slow steps towards Vanessa but Rio stopped her.


“Stop it Laura, she didn’t know okay! She thought we were the bad guys!” Rio explained

“And how did you know that huh? Did she fucken tell you that?” Laura yelled


“I don’t know, I… I… It just came flowing to me” Rio stuttered


“Listen Okay! The only reason why you all are here and not in DPH is because of Sathanas or whatever he called himself. He made a deal with me that you guys would explain things to me and that’s why you all are still here. Don’t make me go back on my word!” Vanessa explained and silent followed after her.


“Don’t fucken tell me you summon him!” Michael fired at Rio

“I didn’t okay, he…. He.. he just came!” Rio fired back at him

“The transformation would have killed you, your body ain’t ready for it yet!” Kelvin chipped in from the other side of the wall

“But here I am, breathing and talking with you all!” Rio yelled in anger and turned to a direction, hickeys spread down his veins as he sighted Ciara on the floor, he had totally forgotten about her.


“Ciara!” Rio yelled and ran towards the room while the Vanessa’s men cleared way for him as he ran through their midst.

“Ciara!!! I got you okay, please wake up!” Rio yelled while some slight tears began streaming down his face


“She ain’t gonna wake up Rio, she’s been Marked!” Samael explained

“Who’s she? What happened to her?” Vanessa asked

“So we all supposed to take orders from you now right?” Laura said and smirked


“She’s a student of the school!” Kelvin replied Vanessa

“What does that thing on her head means!” Vanessa asked once again

“It’s means she’s been marked and he’s gonna come back for her soul!” Samael retorted and walked towards Vanessa


“Marked by who?” She added

“The Creaken!” Samael replied

“Where the hell did you put my men?” Vanessa yelled

“Oh, they are safe for now but their souls isn’t!” Michael replied


“What do you mean by that?” Vanessa said

“It’s means their souls are gone dummy, he fed on them!” Laura replied and smirked

“If you ever call me that again, am gonna chop off your fingers and feed them to you!” Vanessa yelled and stared at Laura

“Ouch, that’s my line!” Laura replied and smile


Tears streamed down Rio’s face as he continually shaked Ciara but she was long gone. The room gradually began filling up in heat while sweat also began finding it’s way into the room


“Isn’t there anything we could do to save her?” Rio asked

“The only way to save her is by killing the host Rio, you know that!” Samael replied

“Then let’s get going already!” Rio said and gently dropped Ciara on a soft spot while his eyes glowed.

“Whoa! Whoa!! Whoa!!! What’s happening to your eyes?” Samael asked surprised, he wasn’t expecting that and neither was anyone, Rio just made a transformation to his demonic eyes for the first time.


“Am gonna find that son of a bitch and kill him okay?” Rio yelled and his eyes took their original forms.

“Wait a minute, what happens to my men? How do we save them?” Vanessa asked

“It’s the same thing dummy! We need to find the Creaken and kill it!” Laura replied while Vanessa glared dangerously at her


“Then let’s get going already!” Vanessa replied

“What are you doing? This is our fight, not yours!” Laura replied

“Well, I ain’t gonna sit here and wait for you to save my men. Besides, I have the perfect gadgets for demons like you!” Vanessa replied and smirk.


The wind blew and Rio gently raised his head up while he etched his lips to speak


“Come on then! It’s been settled, What’s the plan?”……





🕜🕜🕜 30 MINUTES LATER⏱️⏱️⏱️


It’s been minutes. The entire surroundings was covered in silence as not a single bone could be seen moving. The wind blew towards Ciara who laid on a spot, her eyes shut closed while the trident symbol on her forehead glowed greenish.


Lightening flashed and the once lightened room became darkened. The lights that illuminated the entire building flickered and went off, leaving everything in extreme darkness.


Some pairs of white glowing eyes could be seen emerging from the Darkness. Minutes pass and the lights came back to their normal positions once again while Ciara was no where to be seen.


A creaking sound could be heard as Rio and Co emerged from specific angles, coupled with Vanessa and Co.


“They took the bait, now let’s head to the plan!” Rio yelled.

Vanessa smiled and placed her finger tips on her ear while a beeping sound illuminated the place.


“It’s Vanessa, do you copy?” Vanessa asked, seconds ticked and another sound could he heard from the Telecom.

“Yes Ma’am!” The voice said

“Do you have eyes on the Target?” She asked and the figure replied


“Give me a location and be damn fast about it!” Vanessa yelled

“All done Ma’am, they are heading towards Mount Vernon!” The voice replied

“Listen to me, I want the specialised drones in the air, Don’t lose eyes on the Target!” Vanessa said and disconnected from the Telecom.


Some strange thud reverberated the ground and soon, about 10 pairs of DPH robots with plasma Ray’s weapon could be seen standing firmly on the ground while Vanessa flashed a smile.

A figure placed a box on the ground and opened it, revealing certain weapons of different types.


“You sure you don’t want some of this?” Vanessa asked as her men loaded themselves with several weapons

“Yeah, we got ours!” Laura replied and claws crept out of her fingers

“Got it! We are all done then. What’s the distance from here to Mount Vernon?” Vanessa asked a certain figure who typed some few things on a system that laid on the table.


“About 85 miles Ma’am!” The figure replied

“Damn, that’s really far away! How do we get there on time?” Vanessa asked worriedly.

“Leave that to me!” Rio said and plunged forward while he stretched his hands forward and soon, a flaming portal appeared.


“Seriously? No wowed gazes or suprise faces!” Rio asked.

“Ain’t suprise dummy! This ain’t the first time am seeing one of this!” Vanessa replied.

“Come on! Let’s move, there’s just little time left, let’s pray he doesn’t feed on her soul yet!” Samael said and bolted through the portal and likewise did Vanessa and everyone else except Rio who still stood firmly.


“Seriously? She’s wasn’t even surprised at all?” Rio asked but couldn’t wait for an answer as Laura’s arm appeared from the other end of the portal and dragged him towards it while the portal vanished.







There on a vase field with little trees all around it, The wind swerve with the grass and night crickets sounded all around.

Sparks hunged round the air and the projection flickered, revealing Figures on white bodies and strange weapons. Soon, Vanessa and Co could be seen emerging from the portal which closed almost immediately.


“Shit! You gotta be kidding me, that’s way too high!” Rio yelled, his eyes almost budging out of their sockets as he stared at the long height above him.


” Just do your thing okay? The portal?” Vanessa asked.

“Hell No, have you ever tried frying eggs with your eyes shut closed?” Rio asked and Vanessa nodded.


“Shit, whatever!! what am I trying to say is, I can’t create a portal to a place I haven’t seen or ever been to!” Rio Explained

“Then how do we get up there?” Vanessa asked


Almost immediately, Laura smiled while a pair of black wings erupted behind her back. Michael and Co repeated the same act as they all levitated on the air, well, except Rio.


“We fly!” Laura replied

“Cool, you all know we ain’t demons right?” Vanessa asked and just before she could get a response, Laura smiled and flew towards her, sweeping her up her feet while she flew upwards the mountain.


“Am……. S… So… Gonna kill you!” Vanessa yelled.


“Ahhhhhhh, come on! Where’s the wings when you need one?” Rio yelled in frustration as he tried Summoning his wings but they never came.

“Am afraid am gonna have to carry you this time around Rio!” Michael said and in less seconds, he swept Rio off his feet and flew towards the mountain…..




(For those of you wondering how the rest got there, Michael and Co came back for them!”




The air cracked and the fabric of reality ripped opened as the whole team entered into the depths of mount Vernon. Everything was covered in Darkness while the air around them seemed strange.


The Darkness slowly cleared off as the whole team came to a placement. The burning candles that burned round the place brought illumination to the entire cave but things could hardly he seen.


Vanessa tugged her hand into a bagpack and brought out several gadgets. A beeping sound could be heard as the gadget became switched on while Vanessa threw them in different positions. She smiled as the gadgets brought a huge light that illuminated the entire horizons while everything could clearly be seen.


“Ciara!” Rio yelled as he spotted Ciara on a soft rock while the trident on her head kept glowing weirdly. Laura and Co approached Rio except Samael who found some few things Strange.


“Felix!” Vanessa yelled and plunged towards the so called Felix and 3 other figures who laid on the ground with their eyes shut closed while the trident symbol on their heads glowed.


“What? That’s impossible! Didn’t we leave them tied to a rock? How then did they get here?” Laura yelled as she noticed the men that laid on the ground.

The ground made sounds as the robots from DPH and Vanessa’s men approached her.


Samael who noticed some strange things around the surroundings waved his hands while some weird red lines could slowly be seen as they spread round the walls of the mountain. Samael slowly scanned everything and they all pointed to a placement with extreme darkness, a place where the light couldn’t reach.


“No! Get away from them, it’s a trap!!!”


Samael yelled but it was too late as Ciara flunged her eyes opened and stretch hands forward, Creating a huge force that blasted Rio, Laura, Kelvin and Michael away while they all crashed on the mountain walls as blood dripped from their lips


Vanessa gasped at what just happened while she turned to stare at Felix but was too late as the four figures from DPH all flunged their eyes opened and stretched their hands forward, Creating a force that blasted Vanessa and her robots few metres away.


“Wha…… What’s happening?” Rio yelled and got back on his feet and likewise did everyone else.

Dread creeped into the Mountain as Ciara and the rest of the figures with Trident symbols all stirred on their feet and sneered at them. Their eyes glowed white.


“They… We came too late, they are all under his control, he captured their souls!” Samael Explained and almost immediately, a mocking sound erupted round the entire mountain as it all pointed to the placement where the red lines pointed to.


A pair of white glowing eyes emerged from the building and stood beside Ciara and Co. It was the teen girl.


Seconds later and A loud gasped filled the entire place as a Man walked out from the Darkness, his face showed vividly as he came to sight while Rio widened his eyes and opened his mouth widely as if he had just seen a ghost.

Lightening flashed and Rio made to speak but the voice came out in a low tone.


“Mr Daniel???”…..






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