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The Last Demon – Season 2 Episode 10 [Completed]

☔☔☔ CURSED☔☔☔



🗡️🗡️ EPISODE 20🗡️🗡️













The cold and eery silent Night dominated the night. Far Far in depths of a World hidden from the knowledge of any Supernatural, Thunder struck and a dim light that could nearly be seen in the dark was revealed.


The light illuminated a building that seems like a Coven while the whole Realm seems to be covered in ruins. Out in the cold Night, A dark entity walked passed some ancient trees with huge eyes on them. He walked pass some few other strange things and then halted as he stopped at a building with dark aura all around it.


The figure heaved and pulled off his veil before walking towards the building and as he got to the building and made to open the door, the door shook and opened by itself while the figure hesitated for a little while before stepping his foot into the building which clouded his eyes as it was covered With Darkness


The figure gasped as he felt himself being pulled by a current and hunged upside down as he floated on the air, There standing before him was a pair of two glowing eyes while it breathe Evil as it got nearer and nearer


“Abadon! The demon with the ability of shape shifting!” The voice said and smirked while Abadon had a look of shock which morped across his face

“Who…. Who are You? Why did you bring me here?”


Abadon asked while the ground quaked as the figure’s steps landed on them, the sounds got smaller and smaller as the figure stopped and made to speak


“I….. Am….. Pandora!!!”


The figure reply while sending hickeys all the way through Abadon’s spine who shivered at the sight of what laid before him, a loud thud could be heard as the force that pulled him upside down vanished while he fell with a loud thud


“That…. That’s Impossible, That’s Fucken impossible, Falcon Killed you Millennials Ago, He ended you and took away your treasure, Pandora is long dead and forgotten, Stop playing he damn tricks with me!” Abadon yelled in one straight Breath


“Very Well Then!”

Pandora uttered and dashed towards Abadon who gasped as Pandora laid her finger on his forehead while his eyes suddenly turned pure white as he clutch tight to his head and fell on the floor.


“Stop! It hurts!! The voices are gonna kill me, they… They… They are gonna hunt me….. Ahhhhh!!!”


Abadon yelled in pains while several voices pierced through his head and soon, blood could be seen dripping down his nose, Mouth and Ears. Pandora frowned and with a flick of her hands, the voices all died down while Abadon weakly raised his head up and bowed before her.


“I….. I… I be… I believe you, I believe you. Please spare my soul, please spare Me!!” Abadon stuttered while a calm voice which smoothened his soul could loudly he heard

“Good, you now work for me and I need you to do something for me!” Pandora uttered while Abadon hurriedly nodded even though their faces couldn’t be seen as they were covered in extreme darkness.


Well, Meet Pandora, The dark entity from a thousands years Ago who wracked Havoc and brought terror to the entire demons that ever existed. A once happy lady who turned evil overnight after been raped and left to die by her husband and Friends.

A lady who had been long defeated by Falcon (Sathanas Father) years ago, she was said to have been killed while her treasure was taken away and what she had just used on Abadon was a spell for the death, a spell used only by Pandora herself, once placed on a figure’s head, The people he had killed would come hunting him….


“How…. How come you’re still alive, how’s this even possible? Everyone thought you were dead!!” Abadon asked while Pandora made to explain


“Well……. “……


☘️☘️☘️FLASHBACK 🍀🍀🍀


It was a thousand years back, Everywhere was quietened and covered in smoke while burning ashes filled the atmosphere, the sky look grim as the air that blew through the horizon seemed poison


There standing at the far edge of a mountain covered in ruins was a Man who howered above a dying lady, a long sword on his hands while he stared daggers at the lady who had a box beside her, blood dripping from her Lips while dark smokes orbittated round her…… Pandora.


“What are you waiting for? Finish the damn thing you old Man!” Pandora yelled while her veins appeared and showed vividly.


Falcon who had the upper hand retreated back his sword and mounted his hands together, lightening flashed while the sky thundered as he made to speak


“No, I won’t kill you Pandora, it doesn’t always have to end in flames, am gonna give you a second chance by remounting your body into a human figure and send it into the mortal World!’

Falcon said while thunder struck as the aura that radiated from him got higher.


“You….. You… You are gonna regret this old man, one day when my box is opened, am gonna rise and walked the Earth, I will create havoc and start all over again!”

Pandora stuttered, her voice coming out in a low tone while Falcon smiled and then stretched his hands towards her, the light that emited from him glowed all around Pandora’s body while slights ashes filled the air as her body caught off in flames and vaporise into thin air…….




☘️☘️☘️PRESENT 🍀🍀🍀


“So…. So he never killed you? He… He.. He lied to Everyone!” Abadon said with shock written all over his face after the weird revelation revealed by Pandora who only smiled


“If that’s it, then….. Then what do you need my help For?” Abadon asked

“Good question………. I have been gone for too long and when I finally woke up, My powers didn’t fully return with me and a good reason why I need you to do my bidding!!” Pandora replied


“If that’s the case, then What do you need me to do?” Said Abadon who bowed before Pandora with blood all over his face


“I want back my treasure! I want back my dagger!! And then am gonna punish those who laid their hands on it, Starting from Sathanas and everyone he has Ever Love, Am gonna bring a darkness not seen in a thousand years and in doing so, I need my full powers restored which is why……. I need to perform…. ”


“The ritual of the seven Virgin Souls be it a male of a female!” Pandora tried saying but stopped as Abadon beat her to it


“Very Good Abadon, you aren’t so bad after all which is why the position suits you since you know what we are up to….. “Pandora squealed

“Am sorry my Lady but I will have to disappoint you, Am not who you think I am, I lost my powers after fighting with Sathanas and am in no better position to help you!” Abadon replied and bored his eyes to the ground


“Thought you would say that!”

Pandora replied while Abadon gasped as she laid a finger on his forehead, revealing the weird light that glowed round his body. Abadon smirked after been consumed by the weird light while he slowly stood on his feet


“I….. I… I feel powerful, I feel Omipotent!” Abadon squealed with a smug on his face.


“Good, Now to the first Plan!”………





🍀🍀🍀A MONTH LATER ☘️☘️🍀



“Holly shi…. Shit….. Rio…….. Sto…..p it!!!”


Those came the moans of Laura which filled the room due to the pleasure she received from me as we both Cermonated😂. Seconds passed and I groan as I jerked off from the bed while i felt a slight headache as I made my way to the bathroom.


I wailed as I entered the bathroom while allowing the water to fall freely on me after switching it on. Slight tears streamed down my face as I thought about what I planned on doing today.


Today was about to take a drastic turn and I could feel it, My life with Laura for the past month have been truly amazing, her stay in this world had make her so fucken rich and she had this Huge Mansion that we both lived in now.


We both have gotten drawn to each others recently, We share bonds and do a lot crazy things together as well as Cermonate (Sex), the tears in my eyes streamed down my face the more as the water fell freely on my body.


Today was the day I planned on telling Ciara Everything, I had been ignoring her calls and text messages for a month now and I think it’s time I stop. Yeah, I love her too but I really don’t think it’s the same way with Laura, it’s not the same way I love Laura. Ciara happens to be the one I thought I would be with but no, ever since my memories came rushing back to me, I have this thing for Laura in which I can’t explain at all, I just fucken Love her and I don’t ever want that to change.


I felt a loud bang in my head after switching off the shower, slight Sparks spread through my body as I gently tapped my leg on the floor and made my way to the toilet sink.

I splash some water on my face and then brush my teeths, I heaved as I finish and then began making my way back to the room with a towel wrapped round my waist.


“Are you sure you wanna do this Rio? I mean, it’s Ciara, you once loved her!” A voice boomed in my head as I halted at the doorpost, it was Sathanas’s.

“Loved is a past tense okay, Now will you shut up for once old man!” I replied jokingly as I opened the bathroom door while I felt him smiled within me


“Hey Baby!”

Laura smoothened voice call out to me while I smiled and sat beside her.

“Hey, You’re awake!”

I replied and mouthe a kiss to her, winked at her and then made my way to the wardrobe


A smug grew on my face as I stared at the dozens of clothes that laid before me, Laura is one crazy girl, can’t believe she got all this for me, I thought amidst myself as my eyes finally settled on a set of clothes


“You know I can hear you right? Mind reading you know?” Laura said with a smirk after I had worn my clothes, A well design shirt, a black jacket, A black trouser and a pair of amazing sneakers to match my outfit


“Crazy girl!” I mumbled and then smiled back at her as she glared at me.

I sighed and picked my phone which laid on the table, I squinted my eyes as I scrolled through the numbers that my eyes landed on, I blinked as I sighted Ciara’s number and then hesitated for a little while before tapping the call button


Sweat trickled down my face while I felt my heart skip a beat as Ciara’s soft voice pierced through my ears, giving me hickeys that made me felt like peeing on my pants


“Rio!! Is that really you Rio? Omg, It’s so good to finally hear your voice!” Ciara said in one breath from the other end of the phone


“Errr…. It’s nice hearing your voice too Ciara, Uhm…… Are you busy right now? I wanna meet you, I have something to tell you!” I replied while i could swear that I heard her giggle at the other end of the phone


“Alright Rio, am all yours for the day. Where do you wanna meet?” She asked

“Let’s meet at the New York Restaurant, it’s a good spot!” I retorted

“Alright Rio, meet you in five!”


She replied and hunged up while I heaved as I pulled the phone into my pocket and turned to look at Laura who was staring at me with those eyes of her which were filled with emotions


“Are you sure you can do this Rio?” Laura asked and sat on the bed

“No Laura, Am doing this for us and am gonna do it Okay? Love you!” I replied and pecked her cheeks before heading down the stairs and all the way to the restaurant









It’s been minutes since I had arrived at the Restaurant, I had ordered for a VIP sit and I sat there as I awaited her arrival. Due to my demonic abilities, I could feel my heartbeat raising higher and higher at each passing seconds.


“You can’t sit here at the VIP sit all day long without ordering anything Seir, I might need you to leave!” A voice said above me while I raised my head to meet the voice


“Just give me the best dishes you have!” I replied, smiling faintly as I stretched my card to him and just as our hands made contact, I felt my eyes glowed white while I felt myself trapped at the centre of the figure’s darkest desires and evil thoughts


“Are you Okay Seir?” The figure asked, jolting me out of my fantasy while I only nodded at him.

“Whoa, That’s New!”

I thought amidst myself as the figure left to prepare my orders, recently.


Seconds had passed and I gasped as I felt a sudden rush of wind blew pass me, next was the sound of the door which could be heard as the door suddenly open, revealing the beautiful Ciara who emerged from the door and walked towards me, her hair falling frets under the influence of the soft wind while she had a sleeveless crop top which revealed the smooth skin of her tummy and also a jacket, a well design trouser and a pair of sneakers that match her outfit


I heaved and then blinked several as she swerve her hips all the way to my table, she had a happy smile on her face which made me sad on the bombshell I planned on dropping on her.


“Hey Rio!!”

Ciara said and then sat on the sit that I had prepared for her.

“Hi, it’s good to see Ciara, just look at you!” I replied while she smiled and almost immediately, the waiter approached us and drop some magnificent dishes on the table and then left.


“It’s so good to finally see you Rio, you have been gone for a month and a few weeks, I tried reaching out to you but you never reply my text or pick my calls, you just……. Vanished!” Ciara said while I could see the emotions in her eyes as she spoke


“Am really sorry for that Ciara, I….. I… I was in a tight spot!” I replied with a face of guilt

“Nay, you don’t worry about it, have gotten over it already!” She replied and beamed a smile at me

“So what’s it you really wanna tell me Rio? you got me really excited and besides, I also have something to tell you!” She added and cut a piece of meat that laid on the plate and then dipped it into her mouth


“I…. I… I…. I uhm…. I ”

“Just tell her the damn thing and get out of here Rio!” Sathanas said within me

“You shut up old man!” I fired back at Sathanas

“Huh? Did you say something Rio? She asked.

“No! I just need a drink!” I replied and gulped in the juice that laid before me……




🍀🍀🍀30 MINUTES LATER☘️☘️☘️


It’s been minutes of silence, No one had said a word to each other the entire time. I waved a sigh and watched Ciara who took in the last piece of meat that laid before her and then drank some water.


“Ciara…. “I was the first to start while she raised her eyes to meet mine, damn! Those big eyes were really frustrating and difficult for me to say anything.

“Ciara, I called you here because I wanted to tell you that I…. ” I said and paused as Ciara interrupted me


“You know what Rio? I think I should go first, ladies first remember?” She replied and beamed a smile at me.


“So through the entire month without you around me got me thinking Rio, Remember what you told me right? I think I might have an answer to that!” She said and paused before speaking


“Ciara!’ I called but she couldn’t hear me as she made to speak

“Remember when you ask me out and I said I would have to think about it?” She added and also paused


“Ciara, listen to me!” I tried saying but still, she couldn’t hear me as she only made to speak which infuriated me the more


“So I thought about it and I think I found the answer….. I think I…. I… I think am gonna go for it Rio, my answer is Ye…. ”


“Laura and I are in Love!!!”


I snapped at her, my heart thumbing so hard after dropping the bombshell on her that interupted her thoughts, tears streamed down my face while the smile on her face slowly vanished away, just to be replaced with a face of sadness which soon became filled with tears


“Wha…… Wh… What did…. What did you just say Rio? Lau… Laura and you are in love?”

Ciara stuttered in a teary tone, it wasn’t up to a second that the tears she tried hiding in her eyes began streaming down her face while I felt my heart skip a beat as I watch her cry, but I couldn’t stop here, since I said it already, I might as well as finish it.


“You…. You heard me Ciara and am sorry okay? I…. I.. I tried everything I could to tell you this but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t watch you cry, I didn’t wanna say it but Laura and I… We are in love okay?”


“I died Ciara, I died a thousand times, I died every single moment I thought about saying this to you, I died when I heard your voice this morning, knowing very well of what I intended to say, I died every time you call okay? I died every single time I saw your text, I couldn’t bring up myself to tell you this but I think it’s time I do, I can’t let you be in the darkness forever, I… I .. I am in love with Laura! I know it’s complicated but I am!!”


I added, breathing heavily while the ground made a sound as Ciara fell on the floor which drew some attentions. I spranged on my feet almost immediately after watching her fall as I ran towards her and made to help her….


“Don’t, don… Don’t you dare touch me Rio, am okay! Yeah. I feel good, am okay! It was nice meeting you after so long Rio!” Ciara said sadly, tears streaming down her face the entire time she spoke while she took her bag and made to head back.



I yelled while she halted at the doorpost and slowly turned to meet my gaze, she smiled faintly and then opened the knot of the door and bolted out, leaving me behind as I folded my fist and watched her hop into her Car and drove away.


I tightened my fist while the transparent glasses that were put in place all round the restaurant cracked and then shattered into pieces, leaving everyone shock and in a state of panic while I weakly sat back on the chair and gulped in a drink….


Meanwhile, Hidden in the shadows came a being with a dark veil on his face, a smug on his lips while he had this aura that dwell round him, it was Abadon who’s lips moved a bit as he made to speak


“Interesting, the vessel is Depressed, the demon Lord is weakened and it’s just the perfect time to strike, How Wonderful!!!”……






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  • Rio please tighten up your seat belt Abadan is coming for you. Please be strong don’t allow anyone to destroy you again.

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