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The Last Demon – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 10]



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🗡️🗡️EPISODE 11🗡️🗡️






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☂️☂️☂️Pearch Falls ☂️☂️☂️


It was still noon, the weather had changed and the sun was out already. The fog around Pearch Falls had almost cleared out when all of a sudden, a flaming portal appeared, revealing Samael as he emerged from it and headed towards the fallen Van whose various part had several damages as it emited smokes.


Seconds ticked and another Portal appeared, revealing Rio and Co as they all emerged from the portal and headed towards Samael’s direction


“What the hell?” Laura mumbled and stared at the dark writings on the Van which emited smokes.


“He knew we would come for them!” Samael said, still staring at the writings which read “I will be back!”..


“Holly shit!!” Rio yelled and stood before Samael who howered above the four figures that laid on the floor with Trident symbols impaled on their foreheads.


“What the hell happened to them?” Rio asked

“He came for then, he came for their souls!” Samael replied

“What souls!” Rio asked

“He came for the teen girl and then feed on their souls but not after putting these marks on them!” Samael explained.


“We need to stop him, whoever he is, we need to fucken stop him. He can’t keep on taking people’s souls okay? The creaken need to be stop!” Rio yelled..


“Well, it’s not that easy Rio, things just got a lot harder right now!” Samael said in a worried way.


“How? What do you mean?” Rio asked,his face held confusion.

“Back then. When I saved you guys, the Creaken was wounded and now he needs his power restored but in doing that, he need to feed in souls but not after taking a host as his own!” Samael explained in one breath


“Okay fine! What do we do about them? How do we save them?” Kelvin asked as he stared at the four figures below him.

“There’s only one way to save them!” Samael said..


“Which is!”

“The only way to save them is by defeating the Creaken and in doing so, we need to find the host and kill it!” Samael said while a sweat dripped down Rio’s face as he flinched


“What? No way! We can’t kill the host Okay! We can’t just kill innocent people!” Rio flared up while tension began to rise among them.


“Well, Do you have a better plan then !” Laura fired back at him.

“I don’t have one okay but there’s always a second choice!” Rio replied while he breathe heavily.


The hot sun shown fiercely on them while a sudden wind blew pass them. Almost immediately, Samael rose his head up and flashed a smile.


“What if there’s a second way!” He muttered.

“And what way is that?” Michael asked…


“Am gonna tell you all okay but for now, we need to take this bodies to a secure location and I think I have one!”


Samael said while he squatted low and lifted off a body. Michael and Kelvin repeated same act while Rio bent low to lift the last body. Rio made to lift the body but suddenly fell weakly on his knees and Clutch tight to his head


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, It hurts!” Rio yelled in pains which he kept hearing strange voices in his head. His lower neck glowed and a tattoo which glowed reddish appeared.


“What is it Rio?” Samael asked.

“Apocalypse!!!” Rio yelled, screaming out loud as it created a force that brought down trees, send the Van flying metres away and blasted Samael and the rest due to his impact.


Rio breathe heavily as the voices in his head died down while he slowly stirred on his feet.


“What the hell just happened?”……









A lady walked into the headquarter which was filled with various Techs and Metal physical Equipments. Both advanced and ancient Techs.


Several Robots occupied Every little corner of the headquarter as they each carried Plasma Ray weapons and gadgets. The lady bypass them and walked into a narrow passage with fewer people in it.


She halted at the a door which had a gold handwritings on the Wall. She smiled and placed her hands on the wall, a beeping sound could be heard as a gadget scanned her hand and a transparent door was opened


She walked through the door and then walked through another one and finally, she came to a halt as a huge room came in view. Several gadget could be seen all round the room, Advanced computers, Weapons, a huge screen and so many more that we could think of.


“Any signs of Demon activities?” The lady asked while a Man stood and saluted her..

“Speak!” She ordered


“We have a serious problem Ma’am, Felix and Co are missing!” He replied and took his sit.

“What? Where they on any patrol today?” The lady asked


“Yes Ma’am, The principal of Crystal College called earlier today, a girl had Suddenly fainted and she had a trident Symbol on her head!” The man explained.

“Definitely a demon’s Work!” The lady said and smiled


“Is there more?” She added

“Yes Ma’am!”

“Then speak, I ain’t holding your tongue am I?” She yelled


“Felix and Co had taken in the girl and had reported. They were on their back to DPH but that’s all, we haven’t heard from them for a while now!” The man Explained


“Shit! Get the Drones in the air, I want every Single information On Felix and Co. Come on!! Get those fingers working, give me an image!”


The lady ordered while the man started typing some few things on the system. Seconds ticked and a photo showed in the huge screen, it was a photo of The Van with the inscription”DPH” written below the plate number of the Van


“Damn it, Give me a location!” She ordered and the man began typing on the system


“Pearch Falls Ma’am!” He answered.

“You gotta be kidding me, is there any sight of them?” She asked

“Nothing Ma’am!”..


“Isn’t there a camera or something around there? Come on, give me something! Be damn fast about it!”


She commanded, more like a yell actually. The man typed some few things on the System and the image on the screen flickered and suddenly vanished. Soon, a video began displaying while everyone in the room payed rapped attention to it


“What the! is that a portal?” The lady asked as a flaming fire in the form of circle showed on the screen while some figures emerged from it. Seconds ticked and the video was still playing.


“Wait, Zoom in a little!” The woman said while the image began zooming

“Okay stopped!” She ordered


“What the hell?” The lady gasped as the Van flew metres away while some trees were brought down to their knees


“What the heck is that?” The lady asked while the man zoomed in on the picture. On the neck of a figure was a red tattoo which glowed reddish and suddenly vanished.


“Come on, get me a damn picture of them will you!” The lady yelled and a picture was displayed on the screen with some written details.


“Williams Smith, Crystal College! Age 18!” The man read out loud while the lady flashed a smile and turned to stare at everyone


“Alright people, get the Drones in the air. You, get the robots ready. You, I want the boy tracked and feed me the details. Let’s get moving, we have got a demon to catch!”…..










Damn! This place sure feels like hell. I yelled as I put on some sneakers and and some nice clothes. It was time for the school party and I just couldn’t bear to miss it.


The men from DPH were tied to a huge stone somewhere around her incase they do wake up and go Crazy. Earlier on, we all had discussed some plans which we could use to defeat the Creaken and it was time we started.


“Let’s go already!” Laura yelled from the other side of the Wall while I smiled and walked out of the room. Can’t believe am finally getting myself into these demon shit.


“All done, Can we all get going already!” I asked

“Yeah, remember, don’t get distracted and forget the plan alright!” Samael retorted.


“Oh yeah. You better don’t get distracted or else, I won’t be the one doing the saving!” Laura elucidated and smile while I nodded in response


“Alright guys, let’s do this!” Michael said and placed his hand on the air while the rest did the same act..


“Uh, Go demons! Go Demons!!” I yelled while the rest all started laughing and began walking away. I felt a rush of emotion flow down my spine on seeing them laugh and for some reason, I felt happy. Seconds ticked and I waved a smile as I followed after them while we headed towards Crystal College, it sure gonna be a damn way ahead……








The wind blew pass me as I ran my bike Into the huge school and halted while I alighted from it. I stared into empty space as I sighted Laura and Co already in the school, damn , do they really had to use the portal.


I walked pass the crowd and received several glares from the girls. I winked at some and they smiled back at me. Been handsome sure feels good.


I thought as I continued walking and suddenly bump into someone. The scent sure feels familiar


“Am sorry!” I said.

“Am sorry!” The soft voice replied while I raise my head up.

“Ciara?” I yelled while some few girls turned to look at us.


“Look who finally decided to come!” She replied while I flashed a smile, revealing my cute dimples.

“I can’t turn down a girl’s request!” I replied while she chuckled

“You’re still a jerk!” She said


“Come on, am changed already!” I said while she stared at me with doubt in her eyes. I slowly tilted my head towards another direction and there she was, Laura glared at me while shaking her head and then back to her drink. She’s so creepy.


“Hey, are you okay?” Ciara asked, jolting me out from my thoughts.

“Yeah, am okay!” I replied


Seconds passed and turned into minutes and minutes into few hours and still there wasn’t any sight of the Creaken or it’s host. It was Night already, Ciara and I have really gotten to know a lot about each other while I felt my heart skipping a beat each time she stared at me.


“So we are friends now right?” I asked.

“Yes dummy, only friends, nothing else!” She replied and headed towards the dance hub


“Care to join!” She said while I smiled and plunged towards her.

“oh yeah, let’s rock!” I said and joined the hub


Minutes pass and we were still dancing, wow, she’s really good. Suddenly, I halted as I felt a rush of wind blew pass me while I stopped dancing and turn to look around. I could feel it’s demonic scent all around the place, it’s dark breathe creeping into my soul. The Creaken was Here!


“Are you Okay?” Ciara asked

“Yeah, Excuse me, I need to do something!” I said and excused myself while I went in search of Laura and Co and finally, I met them.


“Am not the only one scenting it right?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s here, we scent it too!” Michael replied

“You guys search that place, I will search the other side!” Samael said while we all nodded and diverted Into different positions


I kept searching all around me while I still felt it’s demonic aura all around the place. I turned around and bump into someone while pouring the drinks on him.


“Am so Sorry Me Daniel!” I apologized and made to clean his clothes while I accidentally placed my hands on his own hands. I gasp as I could feel my eyesballs turning white while I felt myself trapped in a weird realm.


“Kill Him!” The voice inside of me spoke while I gasped as I came back to reality and breathe heavily.

“Are you okay?” Mr Daniel asked

“Yeah, am fine!” I said and excused myself, leaving him all to himself.


“Laura!” I yelled as I searched my surroundings, we have searched almost everywhere but still no sign of them.

I blinked as Samael and the rest all approached me with down gazes.


“Guys, Look!” I said as I stared at a teen girl heading towards a direction. My brain clicked and I gasped as I knew who it was, it was the girl that had earlier fainted in the school and now she was missing, why’s she here of a sudden?


“Follow her but keep a distance!” Samael said while we all nodded and went after her. We carefully trailed behind her and saw that she headed towards the girls room. Seconds ticked and I couldn’t get a hold of myself anymore as I ran towards the room and burst through the door just to meet my nightmare.


“Ciara!” I yelled and squatted low to her while I placed her head on my chest. The rest of the team entered the room and gasped as they sighted the trident on her forehead while the strange teen girl was no where to be seen.


“No! No!! No!!! This is not happening!” I yelled as I clutch tight to Ciara while I shaked her severally but her eyes were shut closed. She couldn’t budge or move a bit at all.


“Rio, we need to….. ”


Laura could finish her words as she suddenly landed on the ground with a thud. A blue glowing substance could be seen on her neck while she couldn’t move an inch.


“Lau…. ” Kelvin yelled and landed on the ground and likewise did Michael and Samael, their eyes were active and widely opened but they couldn’t move an inch. It was as if they were paralyzed.


“What the fuck is happening??”


I yelled and slowly dropped Ciara while I stirred on my feet. I flinched as I sighted some pairs of white glowing figures running towards my destination.


“Wait, is that a robo…. ”


I couldn’t finish my words as I felt a zap on my neck. I placed my hands on my neck and pulled a substance out. it was the same exact substance used on Laura and Co.


I raised my head up just to be welcome with two different zaps on my chest. I bounced backwards as I four different substance came from different angles and Pierce through my skin.


I could feel my legs shaking while I struggled to keep my eyes open. Two different Zaps send me on my knees while I slowly raised my head up just to be welcomed by an heavy punch that send me down the floor.


“Hurry, Wrapped them up!” A feminine voice said while the ground thud as some robots came through the door.

“This one is different Ma’am, the demon clawed solution couldn’t take him down. We had to use 9 of it!” A manly voice boomed from the corner while the the ground made sounds as a figure approached me, I felt sudden cuffs on my hands and same thing went for Laura and Co. The cuffs seemed weird as it seem to be draining my energy.


“All done boys, raised this one up for me!” The feminine voice ordered and I felt strong arms grap me and lifted me off my feet.

“What are You?” She asked and took off her glasses while I struggled to speak.


“You….. You don… You don’t understand lady. We need to stop him. He.. he’s coming!” I stuttered

“Who is coming?” She asked.

“The…. The Creaken, he’s coming for her, you need to let me go” I stammered while I struggled to be set free but my strength failed me


“Alright boys, now load them on the Van for proper searching!” She ordered while I boil in anger as I watched them drag Samael and Co, coupled with me. I struggled to break through the cuffs that bined my hands while tears streamed down my face as I stared at Ciara, he was gonna come for her…


“Don’t bother trying, you can’t break through those chains, they are specifically designed for demons like you!”


The lady said and I felt a slight wind blew pass me and a sudden rush of air, a Burst of raw power as the same voice in my head spoked and send chills all through my Veins, I suddenly felt my strength, I felt power, I felt stronger while the voice spoke again.


“Are you Ready?” It said

“Ready for wha….. ”


I tried replying my conscience but I couldn’t finish my words as the cuffs on my hands sparked and broke into pieces while my eyes took a red shade.

I raised my hands and the robots that held me went crashing towards the wall and disintegrated into orbits. The remaining ones moved back in fear as my hair got lose and caught off in flames.


I felt a burning pain on my neck as a red tattoo appeared and glowed while I levitated as Red Glowing Wings erupted behind me.


“No where!” The lady Yelp in doubt and bounced backwards while my lips etched into a quick smile as several Robots swooped towards me.

“Bring him down!”.


The woman yelled and the robots began raining down several bullets on me. I smirked and flapped my wings and in a matter of minutes, the robots were all down while I landed on my feet and approached the lady and the rest of her team.


“What Are You?” She yelled and gasped as my clothes ripped and burned off my body while my muscles ripped and expanded.


“We are not the bad guys, don’t make us look like one!” I said in a demonic voice and the lights around me sparked and shattered into orbits while the lady gasped and moved backwards. I smiled as I took slow steps while my lips etched to speak


“I Am Sathanas!!!”…..






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