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The Last Demon – Season 1 Episode 9

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🗡️🗡️EPISODE 9🗡️🗡️










“Who the hell are they?” I asked as I shivered feverently!..





So There’s this Pandora box of some kind which is to be opened by Sathanas alone. It’s a mystery on its own which we will come to understand as the story continues. So Asmodeus (Sathanas brother) needs Sathanas Powers for the box to be opened so he can take out it’s dagger. Will he succeed? So Rio saves Ciara from a weird dream and now he been attack but he gets help from his friends. Will they succeed? Next Episode Commence…..











“Creakens!!!” Michael replied while he still pose for battle, wings out, claws at alert.


“Creakens? What the hell is that suppose to Mean!” Rio asked while he hid behind the three figures whose aura was beginning to surface.


“They are Demons of Asmodeus with the ability of feeding on souls and with the ability of conjuring lightening with their Tridents, you need to be careful!”


Michael explained and dashed towards the Creakens. A huge force sliced through the air as Michael flapped his wings while he directed it towards a creaken who wore a black rope.


The force whizzed pass the skeletal ear of the creaken as it ducked the force and raised it’s trident to the sky, the sky rumbled while it conjured a dark lightening and directed it towards Michael. Michael wails ranted the air as the dark lightening collided on him and threw him few feet away.


“We need the boy, bring him to us!” The creaken who wore a red rope spoke in a demonic voice while he struck his trident on the ground. The ground cracked as the trident landed on it while Fear Spranged to the surface as Rio bounced backwards in fright.


“You want him huh? The come get him!”


Laura yelled and black wings erupted behind her back while she levitated and dashed towards the creaken on the red rope. He seemed more powerful and strange, a smirk strangely appeared on his skeletal face and just when Laura had almost descended on him, It’s trident trembled while it mysteriously appeared behind Laura’s back and connected a kick behind her.


Laura yelled as she crashed on the wall while the Creaken smirked and approached Rio.

“Hide!” Kelvin elucidated and black wings erupted behind him while he stared at the creaken who approached Rio


Meanwhile, Michael on the other hand levitated and flew towards the battle field while he grapped one of the creaken on black ropes as they both fell and roll on the floor. The creaken sneered at human and stirred on it feet at inhuman speed while it iniated a punch towards Michael’s face.

Michael who had noticed it’s move, caught the punch just before it could land on him but it didn’t last for long as another lightening struck him from behind while he fell on the ground as smoke emited from his back.


Laura leapt towards the creaken and evaded a punch at it, the creaken ducked the punch and grapped her fist while it tried choking her with it’s trident. Laura heaved and placed her leg on the wall nearest to her while she did a backflip and escaped from it’s grip…


She flicked her hands and a huge force from nowhere appeared and blasted the Creaken away while it landed few feet away from where she stood. She smiled in satisfaction as the creaken crashed on the wall but her smile slowly vanished as bone breaking illuminated the entire breach of new York City.


“No way!!!”

Laura gasped as the creaken slowly stirred on its feet and began walking towards her as if it had not been blasted by a force seconds ago…


The sound of bone breaking filled the entire breach as Michael strangely appeared behind the black roped creaken who slowly tilted it’s head towards his direction but was welcomed by a punch that connected to it’s head and send it crashing away. Michael roll his head as the Creaken stirred on its feet and dived towards him


Meanwhile, Rio shivered with fear as the red roped creaken whose skeletal structures shown brightly with the sun, slowly approached them. The ground became steamed as Kelvin eyes glowed darkly while his huge black wings appeared and flapped together.


“The boy is mine, give him to me!”


The Creaken said and took another step while Kelvin huffed in response and dashed towards it. The creaken raised it’s trident up to the sky and the sky thundered while it’s Tridents Sparked as he slowly conjured thousands of bolt of lightening and diverted it towards Kelvin whose eyes became widened as he saw the incoming Lightening.



Kelvin yelled as the lightening collided on him while he tried to suppress the pain that cursed through his Veins. Rio flinched as Kelvin’s wings involuntary disappeared while his eyes took their Normal shade.


“Let go of him! You are Killing him!!!” Rio yelled as dark smokes could he seen Emiting from Kelvin’s chest while he Yelp in pain. Rio’s words fell on deaf ears as Kelvin could be seen flying feets away, the Stony particles of the wall crashed in orbits while Kelvin fainted on crashing on the wall.


Laura ducked the black ropes creaken’s trident that aimed for her head while she connected a punch to it’s lower abdomen. The punch had no effect as it it landed on the bony part of the creaken. Laura’s lips etched into an awe look while the Creaken tossed her away with it’s trident.


Laura who couldn’t gain her stance was too late to move a single bone as she was welcome with a surprise attack, the Creaken grapped her by the neck and pinned her to the wall while it chocked her with it’s trident.

Laura widened her eyes a ashes struggled to be set free while she fiddled her hands and searched for anything hard. A whoosh sound could be heard as Laura’s hands landed on a hard disk while she smashed the disk on the creaken’s head and got freed from it. Laura’s breathing illuminated the entire place as she struggles to catch her breath.


The black roped creaken veered at her and plunged towards her, lightening flashed as the creaken struck it’s trident on the ground and diverted towards her. A dark smoky chain appeared from the trident and wrapped itself on Laura. Her wails send cracks to the wall as her wings disappeared while blood slowly dripped from he lips and stained the ground…


Michael Aimed a kick at the black roped creaken who approached him but the creaken evaded his kick and blasted him with it’s trident while he landed on street light which shattered into orbits but luckily for them, the breach was a deserted breach so there were absent of human activities around there.


Michael stirred on his feet and levitated while blood dripped from his lips, he placed his hands on his head and dived towards the creaken but on getting to the creaken, the creaken conjured a lightening blast that struck him so hard that he crashed beside Rio while his wings disappeared. Michael tried stirring on his feet once again but his strength failed him as he couldn’t stand.


“Stop!!!! You’re Killing them!”


Rio yelled as he watched Laura whose eyesballs had turned white already as she found it hard to breathe. A slight thud could be heard as Laura weakly fell on the ground while the three Creakens slowly approached Rio who bounced backwards and just before he could make a run for it, the Creakens stretched their Tridents towards a direction while a portal suddenly opened as they caught him and began dragging him towards the portal.


Rio flinched as he felt what he had no felt for a long time now, Fear.

Seconds ticked and Rio had almost entered the portal when all of a sudden, a hidden aura surfaced the entire surroundings while the ground became steamed, a slight thud reverberated the ground and a huge mass of fire appeared from no where and blasted the Creakens, there by, making the portal to vanished.


The force threw Rio away as he also fell on the ground. The Creakens stirred on their feet and sneered at the figure before them while their broken bones merged together and became afresh once again.


There, standing in front of them was a man on a veil while he had a smirk on his face as he stood in sight of the Creakens that approached him. An aura radiated from him while the sky turn dark and gloomy.


The red roped Creaken sneered and with a flick of it’s hands, the black roped Creakens dived towards the figure who stood his ground, his lips etched into a simple smile while he raised his head up and a huge fire from no where appeared and blasted the Creakens in sight of him as they crashed on the ground.


The wind blew as the Creakens conjured dark lightening and diverted them towards the figure. The figure heaved in satisfaction as the lightening Collided on him while his entire body sparked feverently as he absorbed the entire lightning and redirected it towards the Creakens.


The Creakens yelled as the lightening rained on them, their Tridents falling frets from their hands while they shrienked and disintegrated into tiny orbits. Their Tridents also vanished and disintegrated into ashes.


The red roped Creaken sneered in anger and leapt towards the figure while in motion, twisted it’s body and conjured Lightening at the figure. The figure Crossed his arms into a wakanda pattern while the lightening landed on him and pushed him backwards but he absorbed every bits of it.


The figure raised his hands up and hurled Earth’s rocks at the creaken, the creaken created a force field with it’s trident but it didn’t last for long as the earth Rocks broke through the force field and landed on the creaken who yelled in pains…


The unknown figure conjured water balls and directed them towards the creaken who ducked the attack and stared at the figure while a portal appeared behind it.


“We will be back!”

The creaken battered and got sucked into the portal, the projection flickered and he was gone. Laura who had regained her breathe stirred on her feet and approached the figure. Michael did the same act and likewise did Rio except Kelvin who had fainted already.


“Who are you?” Rio asked while the figure gently removed his veil, revealing his bright face while he bowed before Rio.


“My Lord, am so sorry I

Wasted so much time before I could find you!” The figure said and raised his hands up while Rio had a confused gaze.


“Okay, this is so crazy, who the hell are you?” Rio asked once again while the figure stirred on his feet, his eyes rested on Michael and Laura and then back at Rio while he made to speak.


“I am Samael, your loyal surbodinate!”


The figure now known as Samael replied while Laura widened her eyes and likewise did Michael as they all made to speak. Well, except Rio who still looked like a dummy!


“Okay! Okay!! What the hell is happening here? Do you guys know him?” Rio asked while the entire place became quiet once again.


“Yes Rio. We know him okay! He’s your loyal surbodinate, well, he was and am surprised at how he’s still alive, I thought they all died back then during the battle between Sathanas and The six authors of calamities!” Laura replied while Samael made to speak.


“Well, millennials ago, they were four princes of the devil who were your guards. They each had the ability of controlling Elements. During the battle between Asmodeus and you, my Lord, The four of us all died, well, except I. I knew the future would be a long way ahead and having the ability of absorbing people’s powers, I absorbed my brother’s powers and took them as my own. Thereby controlling all four Elements at once my Lord. ”


“Ever since then, I have been searching for you but never had it crossed my mind that you were remoulded into a human form until I sighted you on a mountain with Williams and saved you that day!”.


Samael explained while the rest of the team faces became brightened up. At least, he had save them from the Creakens and he was on their side. Sweat streamed down Rio’s face as he kept staring at the man in sight of them.


“Why do I have the feeling that something still bothers you!” Laura said while Samael flashed a quick smile.


“I kept tracks of Asmodeus and we need to hurry, time is against us. Asmodeus plans on opening Pandora’s box and in doing so, he needs your powers my Lord! We can’t allow that to happen”


Samael explained and Rio flinched at the mentioned of his words while Laura slowly turned to meet his gaze


“What really happens if Asmodeus lays his hand on my Powers!” Rio asked while dread creeped into the silent breach.


“If that ever happens My Lord, the demon World and the human world as we all know it is doom! Asmodeus will destroy everything that set it’s foot in his path and that’s why we need to stop him ”


Samael explained while silent followed after him as everywhere became quitened. Everyone awaited Rio’s answers as he only bored his head to ground without saying a single word.


Suddenly, an infiltrating aura surfaced while Lightening flashed. The breach lights shattered into orbits while Rio slowly raised his head up. His red glowing eyes rested on everybody while the sky became darkened as he made to speak.


“Asmodeus needs to be stopped. This is my home. What do you need me to do?”………






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