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The Last Demon – Season 1 Episode 8




🗡️🗡️EPISODE 8🗡️🗡️










“With my Brother out of the way, I will consume his powers, Croxx will be mine and no one will Stop me!”…..


Asmodeus Veered and Disappeared while the red candles began burning once again, the darkness cleared off while Everyone was left in distraught (Despair)………










The entire library was quitened as Every student had stopped under the manipulation of time. Laura walked towards the two boys who stood as she approached them.


Kelvin had bruises all over his face and he looked weak while Michael still looked Healthy, Laura’s wounds had healed up already as she was back to normal. She had a panicked look as she thought about Rio.


“He’s gonna be okay Laura!” Kelvin said and pated her.

“Yeah, he better be or else, am really gonna chop off his head if he gets caught!” Laura retorted with a smug.


“More reason why we have to find him, he may be in danger!” Michael added while the rest of the team all turned to look at him.

“What do you mean Michael? The boy has got the chain of death to protect him, he’s gonna be okay, moreover, he needs some space right now!” Kelvin asked.


“That’s the problem guy, there’s no time, the power of the chain is almost used up and that’s why they found him, we need to find him ‘ASAP’ ” Michael explained while the rest all had a worried look.


“Then let’s get going already!” Laura said and turned to conjured a portal when Michael stopped her by holding her hands.

“Are you crazy? We can’t, what about the students?”


Michael yelled, still staring at Laura who hummed in anger and then turned and started walking forward.


“Okay! Okay!! I got this”


Laura said and with a flick of her hands, the projection flickered and the shattered materials that littered the floor all rose up under Laura’s manipulation and got back to their original shapes while everyone suddenly began moving and got back to their doings.


“All good, can we go now?” Laura said and smiled as they all turned and entered a quiet place.


Laura stretch her hands forward and a portal came in view, the projection flickered showing that they were all gone as the portal slowly vanished into thin air………..







It was a sunny afternoon, the breeze blew eerily and the serenity of the environment looked adamant. The whole place has been razed to it’s knees while crumbles of dust filled the entire Atmosphere.


Moments later, tiny sparks hunged the air while a beam of light slowly appeared, the whole beams and sparks merged together to form a round flaming circle, a Portal. The wind blew and Rio emerged from the portal which suddenly closed. He had a freaky face which showed how angry he was while he took random steps and approached the fallen house he once knew as home.


The building was located into the depths of the woods so there wasn’t any signs of human activities going on anywhere. The more steps Rio took, the more tears that streamed down his face as old memories came rushing back to him. A once ignorant boy who is now put in between darkness and light, been hunted by dark entities unknown to him and now, he’s some kind of a body created by a dark Crystal pearl of some sort. A living vessel which is to be possess by a demon Lord.


Seconds ticked and Rio could be seen moving towards some fallen parts of the building, he smiled as he took eager steps towards the place and began pulling off huge rocks and tossing them away. He wasn’t surprise or marveled at the strength he displayed in piling them away.


By now, the dust rose and defiled the law of gravity as they all filled the air. Rio smiled as he sighted his fallen motorcycle, it was a Yamaha WR250X, an advanced super motorbike.


“Dad!!!” Rio mumbled and pulled up the bike while his thoughts became crowded with past memories. Rio could still remember it just like yesterday. The day Williams had brought a bike home and presented it to him as a gift so he wouldn’t disclose himself with humans, he was a caring Father after all. Rio mounted on the bike as the memories slowly faded away. Williams was gone and he had to face the future.


Rio ignited the engine but the sound still couldn’t be heard. He tried to do it again but halted as the ground became steamed and hot. A slight wind blew passed him while the chain glowed and he felt some presence behind him, he needed no one to tell him who it was.


“I told you to stay away!”


Rio said angrily as the three figures came to view and advanced towards him, they had worried faces as it showed all over their faces , well, except Laura who kept a demonic gaze and stared into empty space.


“We came for you Rio, you don’t know how to use your powers yet and you might be in danger. Asmodeus has sent Abadon and he won’t rest untill he lays his hands on you. More demons are coming and you need our helps In stoping them!”


Michael explained in one breathe while Rio huffed and turned to look at him, he had a broad face but something or some sort of name still tugged his mind and he wouldn’t help but say.


“I don’t give a shit about anything, I need some space okay and…. ” Rio said and paused as he raised up his head to meet Michael’s.


“Who the hell is Asmodeus?” Rio asked while Michael turned and looked at Kelvin who nodded in response to him.


“Asmodeus is your older brother Rio, he won’t stop untill he gets you and consume your powers, he’s coming for you!” Michael warned while Rio laid down his gaze and rested his hands on the soft gelt of the Yamaha bike.


“What the hell does he wants my powers for?” Rio asked once again.


“Well, let’s just say Croxx isn’t his kingdom for now untill he he lays his hand on Pandora’s box and in doing so, he needs your power which is why he won’t stop untill he gets them!”


Michael explained and by now, sweats were already dripping off Rio’s face while he turn to stare at Kelvin.

“Is this true?” He asked while Kelvin made to speak.


“He’s damn Right Rio and you have to listen to us!” Kelvin replied.


“Can’t believe am saying this but, What the hell lies in Pandora’s box huh?” Rio asked once again


“Pandora’s box is the sole treasure of your Father, it was a treasure he got after defeating Pandora millennials ago, inside the box lies the Dark dagger of Pandora. The only dagger used to killed demon Lords, a normal demons like us to be exact can’t survive a single attack from the dagger as we have no souls, once pierced by the dagger, we vanished…. ”


Michael explained and paused while he breathe in the soft air as he made to speak once more. Everywhere was quitened as fear gripped Rio while they all paid rapped attention to what he had to say.


“Pandora’s dagger is a deathly weapon, Demon Lords like you, your Father and your brother Asmodeus can survive it’s attack but it comes with a price, you become a human and lose all your powers once pierced by it. Your Father handed the box over to you and only you alone can open the box which is the more reason why your brother wants to take your power and open the box. ”


Michael explained while he breathe heavily, he hasn’t caught his breathe for some minutes now. Tension filled the entire horizons and to Everyone’s surprise, Rio bursted into a deep laughter and started applauding Michael who had a confused gaze.


“That was really good Bro, I mean, for some moment there you got me really worried and scared but guess what? I don’t fucking care. I don’t know where you cooked up the story but Asmodeus or whatever he’s been call can come for all I care. Am done with this entire shit okay!”


Rio said and the wind blew while his eyes turn red but slowly vanished away. Everyone, Laura included all had an awe gaze at the sudden words that came out of Rio’s mouth. No one had expected that, a Normal human would have been scared to death after hearing such Stories.


The sound of the Yamaha bike filled the air as Rio ignited the bike and made to speed away when he was stopped by Laura who hasn’t said a single word since they all started talking.


“Didn’t you pay a single attention to what he said?” Laura yelled and her eyes turned greenish while claws crept out of her fingers as she held tight to Rio’s bike in an attempt to stop him from moving away with her demonic strength.


” I heard okay and I just told you, I don’t fucken Care! Now hands off my bike!!” Rio yelled


“You don’t get it do you? If Asmodeus lays his hands on you, the demonic world all together with this pathetic human world of yours is in doom. Asmodeus will gain control over everything!” Laura yelled once more while an aura radiated from her.


“I get it Okay! I need some damn space, why don’t you go sort out everything yourself!”


Rio elucidated while Laura had an amazed gaze as Rio’s words pierced through her ears. Maybe he was the demon Lord after all as he cared about nothing but the only difference between Him and Sathanas was that, Sathanas would stand and fight for the world but Rio was the exact opposite and she was starting to doubt that he was the body formed specially for Sathanas.


“Maybe we were wrong after all, you aren’t Sathanas, you are a demon shade of Your older Brother!” Laura said and Released her grip on Rio’s bike while the Yamaha bike sped forward in an amazing speed.


“Let’s go, I never wanna see his face again, am gonna chop off his ears if I ever lays my eyes on him again!” Laura said and plunged forward while Kelvin and Michael watched her dived towards a portal.


“Can’t believe he just left after that, maybe Laura was right and we were wrong after all!” Kelvin muttered and stared at Michael.

“Let it go man, he just needs some space!” Michael responded while Kelvin smiled as they both headed towards an open portal, the projection flickered and in less than few seconds, they were gone.


Meanwhile, hidden in Shadows came a man who had a smirk covered in his lips while he had a veil on his face. An evil aura radiated from him while his lips moved a bit.


“What a perfect timing!”……





☂️☂️☂️LOCATION ☂️☂️





The atmosphere looked grim while the sun shown fiercely on me, maybe the ancestors of the demonic World as I have come to know of where angry with me or something!


The sound of the Yamaha Bike filled the entire breach while I sped forward at an amazing speed, the wind kept blowing through my ears while my ears drifted over to what had ensured between Michael and Co minutes ago. Something weird really happened and for the first time in my life, I kind of read Laura’s thought while my heart felt like melting, I felt a sudden need of change.


I heard her words, she thought I was a demon Lord after all. My mind became overwhelmed with several thoughts running through my mind while a dark grutttaral voice kept speaking inside of me and telling me to head back and join the rest. I waved off the feeling and came to an halt as I couldn’t concentrate on the way. I stopped and parked behind a tree while I sat down and rested my head on my Laps and got unknowingly sucked into a dream.




🛠️🛠️🛠️THE DREAM🛠️🛠️🛠️


“Where the hell am I?” I thought as I raised up my head and sighted my bike beside me. I swiftly spun my body as I sighted a feminine figure about crossing the road. She was putting on some ear piece and wasn’t looking while the sound of an engine came to view as a huge truck filled with loads came in view.


I gasped as I sighted a huge board beside the roadside with the inscription “New York Breach”, I turn and looked at another direction and I saw a huge clock besides the road which read 4:13 pm. I gasp and waved my hands off but It all fell on deaf ears as the Huge truck rammed over the girl’s body just before I could do a single thing while the whole projection flickered and turn to dust….






I jerked off from the place I laid and turned to look around, it was the same exact place as seen in my weird dream. For some reason, it felt so real and scary. I hurriedly turn and stared at my Wristwatch which read 4:12pm, on sighting it, I jerked off from the place I sat and scanned the entire surroundings and to my surprise, I sighted the same exact girl about crossing the road without looking. She had the same ear piece as seen in my dream and she’s also a blond!


My heart skipped a beat as the same exact truck appeared from no where and began speeding towards her. I waved my hands up but she couldn’t see them. I felt powerless, I felt devastated, numb and down. It was all over ,she was gonna die!…..


“Save her!”


A dark voice spoke in my head and all of a sudden, I felt a some rush of wind. A burst of raw power which flowed through my veins and just before the huge truck had almost hit her, my body moved on its own and I sped towards her, my elbow got some bruises as I grapped her by the waist while we both landed on the other side of the road.




The strange feminine figure yelled and stirred on her feet. Her eyes almost budge out of their sockets as she looked terrified at the narrow escape of dead while she turned to look at me.


“Ciara!!!!” I yelled ammoused while she only stared at me without uttering a word.

“Hey it’s the jerk that saves my life, what a world!” She retorted and smile.


“You’re welcome!” I added while she slowly walked towards me, I gulp the lump that hunged round my throat while I stared at her hips as she approached me. The thought of it alone created a budge in my trousers as she swerve her hips to my stance.




I yelled out loud as she kicked me in the tummy while I fell on my knees, it hurts so much.

“That’s for touching me without permission, next time, am gonna chop out your fingers and fees them to you!”


She said and slowly walked away while the pain I felt slowly vanished away. For some reason, she reminded me of Laura and I wouldn’t blame her since I was a jerk in the school.


“You’re welcome!!!” I yelled as I watched her disappear while I stirred on my feet and began walking towards the other side of the road where my Bike laid. Suddenly I halted as I sniffed the air. Something strange had changed about it


Fear spranged to the surface while the ground steamed with heat. Smoke came out of the ground and the lights around me flickered and shattered into orbits while the sky thudered and became darkened. I had a deadly feeling that something so evil was slowly approaching. Something dark and demonic.


I gasped as the ground quaked and splitted into two equal halves, dark smokes surfaced from the ground and filled the horizons while three figures with smoky tridents erupted from the ground. One wore a red rope while the other two wore black ropes as they breath evil. Their bony structures had an aura that made the storm brew while I slowly bounced backwards in fear.


I made to run but a strong arm grapped me by the shoulder and before I could say duck, it flunged towards the other side of the road while the wall had a crack as I crashed on it.


A giant thud landed beside me, the demonic aura and the special scent that felt so familiar erupted beside me while I stirred on my feet and stared at them. They came back for me!


“Laura!!!” I chipped happily!

“Call my name once again and am gonna chop out your tongue and skin you alive!” Laura yelled in response and I became quitened at once. Forgetting that dread filled the entire surface. Damn, she was really scary.


“We need to run!” I yelled

“We can’t, you can’t escape from them, the only way of escaping is by fighting our way out of here!” Michael replied an pose for battle while fear spread down my spine.


“Who the hell are they!” I asked as I shivered feverently!








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