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The Last Demon – Season 1 Episode 7

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🗡️🗡️EPISODE 7🗡️🗡️












So Rio is Santhanas, the god of all demons, Michael and the rest are also Demons, a battle is about taking place, how did Williams appear? What happened? Next Episode Commence……












I voiced out in despair, my breath slowly fading away why I took random steps towards him, his face showed vividly under the influence of the lights that illuminated the library. My legs felt heavy with each steps I took.


“Stop, he’s not Williams, he’s not your Father!”


Michael said and placed his hands on my chest, in an attempt to stop me from moving. I had a confused gaze while I only stared at him. My Dad was over there.


“Get off me! That’s my Dad over there!” I yelled and took his hands off me while I took another step forward but Michael stopped me.


“You are damn right boy! Am right here, come to me!” Williams (Dad) said, his hands widely opened while he yielded for me to come forward.


“Listen to Michael Rio, that’s not your Dad!” Kelvin elucidated while I had a second thought as I stopped on my tracks and stared at Williams whose eyes glowed yellowish. My Dad eyes Never glowed.


“If he’s not my Dad, then, Whose he?”


I scowled, still staring at Williams while I awaited an answer from Michael and Co. The wind blew pass me as Laura kept flapping her wings together, damn, they were too huge and beautiful.


“Abadon, the demon with ability of shape shifting and a betrayal of Croxx!!!”


Laura yelled and flapped her huge wings together which it created a huge wave that slice the air, consuming some demons while the rest made contact with the so called Abadon and threw him away but while in air, he twisted his air and landed safely while his burning crown vanished.

I gasped and bounce backwards as Abadon face moulded into a skeletal face and took back the form of Williams. A smiled creeped towards his lips while he stealthily approached Me..


“Well, Seems like you have gotten so powerful to see through my illusion, damn, I almost had him!”


Abadon battered and with a flicked of his hands, the demons who howered above me charged towards us. I gasped as their bodies enlarged into huge sizes and swooped towards me.


The demons reached out their hands to me but Kelvin leapt towards the demons and sliced through the demons while Black glowing wings erupted behind him. He smiled at me and then dived towards the weird looking man called Abadon.


“Quick, hide under the table!”


Michael yelled and burst through the incoming huskibals while I quickly went and hid under the table. Tears streamed down my face as I stared at the students who had stopped under the manipulation of time. Sweat trickled down my face while I took a peek on what transpired between the demons.


I watched as Laura ducked a demonic hand and stuck her claws through the neck of a demon who immediately turned to ashes. Michael waved his hand and a weird smoke from nowhere appeared and blasted the huskibals before him.

Kelvin flapped his wings together, creating a force and directed it towards Abadon who smirked and ducked the force. The ground quaked as the force landed on the ground while Abadon disappeared and reappeared behind Kelvin who was too late to noticed anything as Abadon grapped him by the neck and threw towards the wall.


A huge thud could be heard as Kelvin crashed on the hard Wall, creating a crack on the wall while his black wings disappeared. Blood oozed from his lips as Abadon landed on the ground and charged towards him.

Kelvin yelled in pains as Abadon grapped him by the neck and sent fast punches at the region where his wings where to come out, blood dripped from his lips and with the little force that was left in him, He placed his left leg on the wall and did a front flip while in motion, escaped from Abadon’s grip on him.


I felt a rush of emotion flowed through my body, sending hickeys down to my spine as Abadon grapped Kelvin by the neck and flunged him towards an abandoned Warehouse, Dust particles Rose up and manipulated the air as Kelvin crashed on the wall which shattered into several pieces while he crashed on the floor, unable to stand up.


A weird light glowed and reflected on my face while I felt my chain glowing, I flinched as I felt something grapping my legs and slowly pulling me away from the table I hid. I gasped as I struggled to free myself but my powers failed me as a demon grapped me by the leg and flunged me towards another table which broke into pieces I crashed on it.


“Come on! Come on!! ” I yelled as I closed my eyes while I tried to summon the so called Santhanas who dwell in me but it was up to no avail as I sigh in defeat, my shoulders dropped low while I felt strong arms grapped me by the leg and sweep me off my feet.


“Ahhhhhh, it hurts!” I whined as I landed with an heavy force.


“Shit!! You gotta be kidding me!!”


Laura yelled and swooped towards me while I closed my eyes and raised my hands up as the demons made to hit me but to my surprise, I felt black smelly liquids dripping on me while I opened my eyes to discover tons of ashes on the ground while Laura stood before me and began approaching me.


“Wha….. What are you trying to do?” I stuttered while she manovoured her way towards me.


“Hold on, you can’t handle this alone so, am gonna possess you!” Laura said and before I could say another word, I felt Sparks of energy flowing through my body while Laura disappeared into thin air.


“I…… I…… I feel strange ” I mumbled.

“Of course you are gonna feel strange, am Inside you dummy!” I felt a voice Inside me and it seemed so familiar, it was Laura’s.


“Get off me, My body is not for Demons and am definitely not sharing it with a girl!” I yelled but it fell on deaf ears as I found it hard to control my own body.


I flinched as a claw whizzed through my ears while my body moved in an unnatural way and lifted a huge rod. The ground vibrated as I smashed the huge rod on the demon that projected towards me.


I moved at an impossible speed while I stepped on ground, giving me a pushing force as I leapt high and descended on Abadon.

On getting to him, Abadon noticed some strange movement in the air as he swiftly spun his body and sent a bone breaking punch to my ribs while I yelled in pains and got propelled by the punch as I crashed on the ground.


“I….. I… I feel so hot!” I thought as I stirred on my feet while my body suddenly became filled with heat. I could feel my organs moving against themselves as if fighting one another.


“Are you okay?” Michael asked while I slowly nodded. I felt okay but something inside me was dying. I gasped as I figured it out at once, it was Laura, my body was fighting the transformation.


“Laura!!!” I yelled while a beam of light shown on my body and almost immediately, Laura appeared and landed on the ground. Her skin was burned, Smoke emited from her skin while she yelp in pains.


“Laura, are you Okay?” Michael asked

“Am okay, I will heal but his body fought the transformation!” Laura retorted and smile.

“Watch out!” Laura added while Michael stood and sliced through the demon that approached me.


The wind blew beside me, Laura’s wails pierced through my ears as they went echoing down my spine. Tears streamed down my body as I watched the weak Kelvin who laid on the ground while Laura’s body was covered in burns. My heart skipped a beat as Michael approached Abadon and got thrown into a vase building while I fell on my knees. At that moment, nothing seemed to bother my mind or trouble me. Everything felt like slow motion, they were all hurt, all because of me while Abadon and his demons had a look of triumph. A smiled hunged round his face while he stealthily approached me.


I felt my heart covered in Darkness as Abadon gained widths on me, all I wanted to do was to end him. He had to pay. I thought as I felt someone take control of my body while I felt thousands of emotions cursing through my veins, I took steady steps as I slowly rose on my feet and took a glance at him.


“Don’t Summon Him!!” Michael yelled but it all fell on deaf ears as I could feel my eyesballs taking a shade while my back became hardened.




I yelled in pains, the wounds on my body vanished while a huge force from no way at all appeared and threw Abadon off his grounds while he crashed on the wall. My eyesballs glowed reddish while Claws crept out from my fingers, my hair caught off in Flames while I felt a burning pain on my neck as a red glowing tattoo appeared and lastly, I yell in pains as red glowing wings sprouted out from my back and flapped together, my legs lifted off from the ground while I levitated.


“Santhanas!!!!” Abadon voiced out as he spitted out blood while he removed the rocks that fell on him, a smug hunged round his face while he approached Rio.


“Abadon, you made a mistake summoning me!!”


Rio spoke in a demonic voice while the lights around the library went dark, Santhanas sneered at Abadon and lightening flashed, the lights flickered as Santhanas’s eyes glowed more darkly


“Oh, how I have always wanted to fight you!” Abadon veered and plunged towards Santhanas while in motion, Green Wings erupted behind him as he levitated and soon, he was on the same level as Santhanas


“Come on then!” Santhanas retorted and smiled, his lips etched while he furrowed his eyebrows. Both figures flapped their huge wings together while an err sound could be heard as both figures clashed…….





The battle ground had died down, several demonic bodies littered the entire surroundings and soon, they all turned to ashes. There wasn’t any sign of Huskibals and neither were there any sign of Demons. It was evident that all these was the doings of the god of all demons.


The sound of blood dripping illuminated the entire surroundings as Abadon laid weakly on the ground, his two Wings had been ripped off by Sathanas as they laid beside him, blood dripped from his back while the pain that cursed through his veins never seemed to stop.


Sathanas stood few feet beside Abadon who was too weak to move a bone, a smug hunged round his lips while he stealthily approached Abadon. Abadon who felt a renew sense of humor conjured a portal and dived towards the portal right before Sathanas could get to him while his huge wings vanished.


“My Lord!!!!!”

Michael said as Sathanas turned to meet him, the air cracked while Rio fell on his knees as his body too their normal shapes. He had an angry look as Michael and Co slowly approached him while he stirred back on his feet, he felt weak.


“You could have died, you ain’t ready, don’t ever do that again!” Laura yelled while they all advanced towards him.


“Stay back!!” Rio yelled


“Am done, you know what? Fuck you all! Fuck this plan, Fuck Sathanas, Fuck Everything, Am done!”


Rio added and stretch his hands towards a direction and just before anyone could stop, Rio ran towards the flaming portal which sucked him right into it……








The red candle that emitted red flames filled the entire horizons as it illuminated the whole region revealing dark forces which were five in numbers as they sat round a table. One could know that they were an embodiment of possess dark souls called the six authors of calamities.


The air cracked and the fabric of reality ripped opened as a mysterious figure appeared while the remaining Five all rose on their feets and bowed before him, Sparks hunged on the air as it created a throne which emited dark smokes as the figure sat glamouriously on it, his dark eyes rested on everyone that was present.


“Asmodeus, I don’t think Abadon can handle the boy alone!”


One of the representative spoke in a demonic way while they all rested their eyes on him and just before any other species could speak, the ground quaked and a portal appeared, revealing a dark figure who crawled from the portal as blood dripped from all part of his body while his back emitted smokes.


“Abadon, Who did this to you??” Another figure of the species spoke while Abadon made to speak, fear grip his soul as his eyes landed on the figure who sat on the dark throne.


“It….. It…. It was Sathanas, we underestimate him, he took control of the boy and attacked, he took my wings!” Abadon replied and bored his eyes to the ground.


The entire room became lit with deadly auras as everywhere became quietened, no one uttered a word. The red candles that flickered the room went off while lightening flashed severally.


The wind blew while dread filled the room as the dark throne became empty, Abadon gasped as strong arms grapped him by the neck and rose him off his feet.


“The only reason am sparing you right now is because I have plans for you!” Asmodeus who had not said a word since, spoke in a dark grutttaral voice while he flunged Abadon away. The wall cracked as Abadon crashed on it.


” Am sure he’s receiving help My Lord but, What do we do now?” Another figure figure while Asmodeus appeared and sat on his Throne once again. His lips etched while he made to speak.


“Unleash the last Creakens and bring me my Brother!”


Asmodeus Ordered and Everyone gasped at the mentioned of his words while darkness creeped towards the room. It was evident that Creaken were meant to be deadly and poisonous.


“With my brother out of the way, I will consume his powers, Croxx will be mine and no one will stop me!!!”


Asmodeus Veered and disappeared while the red candles began burning again, the darkness cleared off while Everyone was left in distraught (Despair)…….






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