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The Last Demon – Season 1 Episode 6

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🗡️🗡️EPISODE 6🗡️🗡️






NOTE: Bear with me, this episode is filled with explainnations, just bear okay? More actions to come, it’s just getting started…….






So, the portal sucked Rio into an unknown world, Michael Happens to save him and reveal to Jim that he’s a demon, how’s that possible? Rio transformed, to what exactly? Who are the others? What does Michael have to say, Next Episode Commence…….







🕷️🕷️🕷️TWO DAYS LATER🕷️🕷️🕷️





Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it hurts! I whined as I struggled to opened my eyes, the Ray’s of light that reflected on me send chills to my spine as I finally opened them, first my vision was blurry but it all cleared off to reveal the beautiful scenery that laid before me, beautiful trees came to view while some huge Stony rocks showed vividly. I smiled as I slowly jerked off from the place I laid.


“Oh, you’re awake!” A voice which I recognized so well boomed behind me while I swiftly spun my body and to my aid, it was Michael.


I clutched tight to my head as he manovoured his way towards me, his eyes not leaving my face while he swing sat upright before me!


“How the hell did I get here?” I asked, sounding so desperate while he only stared at me as if he had seen a ghost.


“What’s up with that look, did I say something wrong?” I added while he blinked severally as he adjusted his body and made to speak.


“First off, are you kidding me? Don’t tell me you didn’t remember anything from two days ago?” He replied while I blinked my eyes in confusion, was he kidding me? Two days!!!


I thought ammoused, it’s been two days already, I sighed as I raised my head as if getting something and then, it began rushing back to me, the events started displaying before me, the last thing I could remember was, the huskibals, the bloodshed, my intervention, Dad and…… That’s it!


“Will you stop that for crying out loud, Williams is not your Dad!”


Michael yelled, causing me to flinched as I stared at him, almost forgetting that he could read minds, this was getting crazy and he needed to stop that!


“You need to stop doing that and, you seem to be out of your mind or, why else would you tell me that the same man who raised me for nineteen years is not my Father huh?”


I yelled, veins sprouted out of my neck and spread through my entire body while I became consumed with an eternal heat all of a sudden.


“Okay! Okay!! Cool off Rio, let me do the explainings!” Michael retorted while I breathe in the air as I began paying attention to what he had to say.


“Williams is not your Father, he was the human friend of Billy and Mara, the only human who knew about our world, he was meant to protect you till you finally clocked nineteen and for some reasons, you are way older than him!”


Michael explained, leaving me dumbstruck as I opened my mouth wide, wanting to say something but nothing seem to coming out of my mouth. I blinked severally, still staring at Michael who kept a serious gaze while I broke into an overwhelming laughter.


“Seriously? That was good man but you need to cut the joke and be serious with me! So, am supposed to be 100 years old now right?” I said jokingly while Michael smiled as he made to speak


“You are way older than that!” Michael mumbled under his breath, leaving me awe as I stared at him with my mouth shut closed.


“You don’t believe me do you? Find, I will prove it to you!” Michael said and stirred on his feet.


“What are you waiting for? Get the heck up!” He added, still staring at me while I stirred on feet and turn to face him. He really gotta be kidding me.


“While you were in your demon form, you unknowingly created a portal, it’s the least of your abilities and now, am gonna teach you how to create one…… Willingly!”


Michael elucidated, leaving me still confused as I slowly turned and positioned myself to whatever he was planning on doing, a portal my foot.


“Close your eyes, think of everything that you have ever felt, the pain, that Power that had always wanted to burst out of your lungs, feel the heat, the knife cutting through your veins and soul, let out your biggest demons and…… Release them!”


Michael whispered into my ears while it all when echoing down my soul, I could feel everything with my eyes closed, the heat, the pain, the darkness, everything, I felt everything, I smiled as my body became overwhelmed with emotions while I…….




I yelled, screaming out my entire lungs while a huge force came out of my screams and shattered several objects into different pieces, I stretched my hands towards the vase Placement before me, creating sparks around the air as they all gathered and formed a red flaming portal while it brought some trees to their knees.


“That’s it!” Michael said.

“I…. I…. I believe you” I muttered, still not knowing when those words came out from my lips as I slowly dropped my outstretched hands while the portal slowly vanished into thin air.


“Yeah, you better do, you are way powerful than them once he’s awoken, creating a flaming portal is the least of your abilities, you are a demon Rio, you are powerful than you think!”


Michael explained while I absorbed his words, still breathing heavily, can’t believe I just did that, something tugged my mind by his words but I had to let it slide away for the meantime.


“What else can I do huh?” I asked


“Every demon have the ability to possess someone Rio, you can do that and as well as read people’s thought, see people’s past, their dark desires and a lot more ” Michael explained, leaving me with an awe look while I made to ask another question.


“Wait, back then you said something about the kingdom of croxx, how come it’s my Kingdom? Who the heck am I?” I asked.


“That’s a good question Rio, actually, you are……. ”


Michael made to speak but he couldn’t finish his words as the sound of strange screechings diverted out attention. It was the huskibals, I could recognize their voices from a thousand miles away.


“Shit! We need to go!”


Michael yelled as he grapped me by the arm and turned to face another direction. I gasped as he closed his eyes and reopened them while they took a different shade as his black glowing eyes rested on me. My gaze awe while we got sucked into the portal created by him….




The sky was out and also slightly darkened, the weather had a weird shade like some sort of darkness had taken over, the wind blew pass the horizon as it created a portal, revealing Michael and I as we emerged from the Portal


“Where are we heading to?” I asked Michael who kept moving toward the quiet path that led to Crystal college.


“To meet the others, we have to get you prepared, it won’t be long from now!” Michael replied

“Long before what?” I asked once again

“Before they find you, the chain is getting weaker, its power is almost used up and that’s why they found you, we need to get you ready before it’s power finally dies down!”


Michael added and just before I could ask a different question, the sound of people’s chattering diverted out attentions as we walked through the gates of the school, all eyes drifted towards us as we walked through the passage, of course they had to be surprise, seeing a bully with the person he has always bullied was a new thing to them.


“Where are the others?” I asked as Michael followed the route that led to the school library, moments ticked and we arrived at the huge library in no time while Michael walked towards a table of two and sat down, I opened my mouth with shock as I followed after him and sat down with them.


“You gotta be kidding me, First it’s Michael and now it’s….. It’s Laura and Kelvin!” I yelled while Kelvin smiled except Laura who kept a demonic gaze at me.


“Are…. Are you guys demons too?” I asked while Kelvin smiled and slowly nodded his head.

“How…. How’s this possible? Who the hell are you guys?” I stuttered


“What, don’t tell me he doesn’t remember any fucken thing!”


Laura yelled while I widened my eyelids in confusion, was I supposed to remember anything?


“Am sorry guys, he doesn’t remember a single thing, I had to save him from the kingdom Of Croxx or he would have been dead already!” Michael replied

“This is gonna be harder than I expected, Didn’t Williams tell explain anything to him?” Kelvin asked while I felt numb and empty at the mentioned of Dad.


“Who the hell are you guys? How did you two also know my Dad?” I asked while Kelvin and Laura tilted their gaze towards me and then towards Michael, dumbstruck at the words that came out of my mouth.


“Don’t look at me, I told him already!” Michael retorted.

“I think am starting to doubt that he’s the one, are you sure it wasn’t a mistake?” Kelvin asked


“How about I chop out his heart with my claws and feed them to him so as to confirm!” Laura battered, sending creeps down to my soul, she was craziee than I had thought!


“Come on guys! He’s the one okay? He got the chain of death and he appeared at Croxx, moreover, Williams is dead and he created a portal, I watched him die!”


Michael Explained while I felt my heart pumping in anger at the mentioned of his words!


“What? You watched him die and you did nothing?” I yelled and grapped him by the neck while my eyes took a dark reddish shade, tightening my grip on him while he struggled to speak


“Stop it Rio, I couldn’t interfere, I appeared late and I had to be make sure it was you, Am sorry!”


He explained while I released my grip on him, my eyes took their normal shadesw while we both breathe heavily as tears streamed down my face.


“Don’t shed those puny tears of yours, can’t believe I sign up for this, you know what? why don’t you guys just tell him the damn truth, we don’t have much time!” Said Laura.

“Tell me what?” I asked.


“You have to listen to me Rio while I explained this, Williams never told you anything, he was meant to explain everything to you when you clocked 17 but he never did, you are just a body formed from the dark Crystal pearl, You are Santhanas, the destined ruler of the kingdom of Croxx, the leader of all demons himself!”


“Thousands of millennia ago, your father Falcon, appointed you as the ruler of Croxx and then it happened, you had an older brother who became jealous, and being jealous, he formed an alliances called the six authors of calamities, an embodiment of possess dark souls who could destroy Santhanas once and for all, all because you welded the strongest demonic power!”


Michael Explained while the whole Library became filled with extreme heat as Michael’s words kept piercing through my ears while he made to speak once more


“You had no idea of your brother’s plan, you brought down your guard and you were defeated but you found a spot and you escaped, days later, you came to seek for help from us, we are your most trusted friends!”


“You came up with a plan and we all headed towards the coven of Billy and Mara where You were created, Billy and Mara created a body, a body formed from the dark power of the crystal pearl with no memories of the demon world, a seal was made that when you clocked 19, we would locate you and Santhanas would be awoken and so we set out for the human world!”


“Unfurtunately for us, the six authors of calamities found out and went after you, it was an opportunity they didn’t wanna Miss since you were still a child with no powers, Billy and Mara had a human friend named Williams and so they handed over the baby to you but unfurtunately, they were captured by the huskibals, vicious creatures created by Santhanas himself which can only be controlled by Santhanas himself or his golden ring which lines in the hands of the six authors of calamities!”


“The huskibals can scent it creator (Santhanas), so the chain helps to keep the scent hidden while the Grimm molecular solution helps to keep your power from surfacing. Billy and Mara didn’t have enough time to explain to William’s that he had to stop feeding you with the solution once you clocked 18 so that Santhanas would be awoken at the age of 19 but, he had no idea and now Santhanas can’t be reborn but he appeared back then at the kingdom of Croxx, he halfly appeared since the solution had affected his appearance, I attacked you since your body wasn’t ready for the transformation or else it would have killed you and now we need to seek ways to get you ready!”


Michael Explained and by now, for some reasons, I was shedding tears while I absorbed Evey single bit of his words. I flinched as everywhere suddenly became dark while I scent some powerful demonic presence around us. Everywhere quietened and silent.


“Why!! Why create me? Now am some kind of body for some…….. ”


I couldn’t finish my Words as the chain on my neck glowed reddish, lightening flashed while everyone in the library except for the four of us stopped in midair under the manipulation of time. I knew it wasn’t ordinary. Something evil was about starting.


“Shit! They are here!”


Laura yelled and spranged on her feet while the rest of them, I included also stood on our feet, I watched with terror as their eyesballs glowed, Luara had a green shade while Michael and Kelvin had dark glowing eyes. I flinched as Claws crept out of Luara’s fingers while she pose for Battle.


I held tight to my clothes as a mighty rain storm brewed and thundered while mysterious smokes appeared and covered the entire horizons, making everything insecure.

I narrowed my eyes through the smoky substance and it was like I could see beyond the smoke, I felt fear run down my spine as the ground quaked while demons with burning bodies erupted from the ground and almost immediately, the air seized as several huskibals also appeared and breathe evil.


I flinched the more as black wings appeared behind Laura’s back while she flapped her wings and levitated on the air. I closed my eyes in expectations as the demons charged towards me but to my surprise, Kelvin conjured fireballs that consumed the demons.




The voice that had mocked and raised me over the years boomed behind the demons while I gasped as some figure with an aura that made my skin crawl appeared amidst the crowd and stood in sight of me. His dark yellowish blowing eyes rested on me, a burning crown hunged round his head while my breathing became hardened as I etched my lips to speak.








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