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The Last Demon – Season 1 Episode 5

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🗡️🗡️EPISODE 5🗡️🗡️









“What the!! What happened to me? Where the hell am I?”……





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“What the hell happened to me?” I yelled but my voice came echoing back to me, I was devastated, worried and lost.


“Where the hell am I?”


I asked myself again, still with no response, I fell weakly on my knees while the tears that boiled in my eyes began streaming down my face at once and then it happened, it all came rushing back to me.


The last thing I could remember was The house….. Williams and… And…. And..


I couldn’t finish my words as the Memory of what happened moments again came rushing back to me, the dead of Williams overwhelmed my thoughts and I couldn’t help but cry out the more, I cried in silence, everything happened so fast, it all seemed like a dream to me, too real to be true. I couldn’t save him.


The sounds of strange ominous sounds diverted my thoughts as I stirred on my feet and scanned my entire surroundings, everywhere looked so ancient, where the hell was I? I thought as I took slow steps forward and finally halted as some buildings came in view, everything seems so ancient and covered in ruins


“Who…. Who… Whose there?” I mumbled as I felt some presence behind me, the air seized while i pucked at the aura that divulge round me, so strange and evil


My steps quaked the ground as I began stepping towards a vase placement and suddenly, I furrowed my eyebrows as I scented something and swiftly spun my back.


The air seized and the fabric of reality ripped open as I widened my eyes at what stood few feet away from where I stood, I gasp as I remembered what they were, the same things that came after me when Dad died. The air around me got weirder while I slowly turned and bolted into Sprint as their shrienks brought a severe headache to me.


Lightening flashed as a huge mass of lightening struck the ground as it created a huge smoke, I gasped as the smoke cleared off to reveal a figure whose body radiated an Infiltrating aura while his black glowing eyes rested on me.


I halted as I came nearer to him, his face was covered with a coat and I couldn’t get to see him clearly, I flinched as I heard the screechings of the strange things while I held tight to my Chain.


“Quickly, over here!” The figure said to me while I hesitated a little while before taking the path that he followed, I gasped as the strange figure radiated an aura as he raised his hands up and strangely, a force field appeared from no where and shielded us. Minutes later, I shivered as I watched the strange smoke figures float above us and vanished.


“Do you still have the chain?” The figure asked, sending chills down my spine while I only kept mute as I stared at him. How the heck did he know about my chain? I thought as I watched the force field disappear Into thin air.


“Come on, don’t give me that look, do you have it or not?” He asked again while I slowly nodded my head and revealed the chain to him. A smiled creeped towards his lips on sighting the chain that laid in my hands.


“Hurry, put it on!” The figure said while I nodded as I hunged the chain round my neck.


“Who….. Who are you?” I stuttered, sweats trickled down my face while we both stirred on our feet, I watched as the strange figure stepped few feet away from me and placed his hands on his coat, something seemed so strange about him, I thoughth as I watched him pull off the coat while he swiftly turned to face me, I felt my heart skip a beat as I stared voidly into his face, my lips etched into confusion while I made to speak.


“Mi… Michael?” I stammered, my legs twitched while I shivered feverently, how the hell was Michael standing right in front of me, the same kid I have always bullied was the same person who saved me.


“You seemed surprised, I guess Williams didn’t explain everything to you!”


Michael muttered while I felt chills flow down my core and just before he could do anything, I dusted my fist tightly and grapped him by the neck as I pinned him towards the wall, a smile creeped towards his lips while I growl in anger. How the hell did he know my Dad?


“Who the hell are you? How did you know my Dad?” I yelled while he furrowed his eyebrows and smiled sheepishly.




He asked faintly and stared dangerously at me, his lips etched into a smile while he gently placed his hands on my fist and release my grip on him.

I growl in anger as I initiated a punch at him and just before it landed on him, a slight wind blew pass me and I gasp as Michael strangely appeared behind me and sweep me off my feets, a loud thud could be heard as Michael rammed me towards the ground. His hands placed on my chest while his eyes glowed darkly, sending hickeys down to my core.


“What….. What are you?” I yelled, scared and terrified to stare at him while he stirred on his feet and began walking towards a vase placement.


“Williams never told you anything did he? If you wanna seek answers, follow me and I will tell you everything!”


Michael muttered as he continually plunged towards the vase Placement, leaving me all by myself in confusion, I sigh as I cleared the tears that boiled up in my eyes, I needed to follow him if I wanted answers, I thought as I began running towards him while my chain danced to my movements……





It has been minutes, the sky was gloomy while drop of rains illuminated the entire street as I walked behind Michael who was was as silent as a graveyard the entire time. The ancient world was covered with beautiful buildings that glowed glamouriously under the influence of the sun.

I smiled as I watched the strange figures covered in ancient ropes, all staring at Michael and I as we walked pass them and for some reasons, I felt peace and calmness as I walked through the roads.


“Who…. Who are you?” I asked Michael who didn’t budge but kept moving.


“That’s a question for another day Rio!” Michael retorted and smiled while I felt angry at the response given to me by him.


“Been angry won’t change anything Rio, always remember that!” Michael retorted while I blinked in disbelief, amazed at how he knew what bothered my mind, was he some kind of alien or what?


“Errrr, those things that were after me, what are they and why were they after me?” I asked while Michael flinched and halted, the breeze swerve with the sun as Michael swiftly turned to face me.


“For your first question Rio, those things after you are called the huskibals, demonic creatures created by the most powerful Demon god of the kingdom of Croxx, your Kingdom!”


Michael replied while I found it hard to absorb all what he had just told me. I felt my heart skipped a beat at the mentioned of his words and I couldn’t help but asked.


“What…. What do you mean, Is this my Kingdom?” I stuttered while he slowly nodded.


“I will explain that another day and as for your second question Rio, let’s just say you possess something special and the huskibals are after it!”


Michael explained while I gulp the lump that hunged my throat, Dad always said the same thing which I find so confusing.


“For goodness sake, Williams is not your Dad Rio, he never was and don’t even bother asking, I will explain that another day!”


Michael elucidated and smile, leaving me completely speechless and dumbstruck at how he knew what bothered my mind. seriously, was he a demon or what?


” Just what the hell are you?” I asked when it all became too much for me to bear while Michael smiled as he made to speak.


” I am a demon Rio, just like you and one of my abilities is reading people’s thought, you can also do more than that!”


Michael explained while I shifted backwards at the mentioned of the word ‘Demon’, no fucken way was I gonna be a demon, no way.


“Just get over it Rio, it will all make sense when you finally meet the others but for now, follow my lead and do nothing okay?” Michael said while I nodded.


The wind blew feriously as I walked passed the crowded streets, suddenly I felt a limp of fear as I stared at the sky, the air around me changed while the sky rumbled, creating a dark spot as the huskibals or whatever they were called began storming from the sky and headed towards our direction while everyone wailed loudly and began storming away




Michael muttered as they gain on us while he slowly turned to face me, his lips etched while he made to speak.



“Rio, no matter what happens, don’t intervene and do nothing!” Michael said while I nodded and watched as Michael drew me towards a vase placement.


I watched in tears as the huskibals terrorized the entire villagers, blood splashed and mixed with the drop of rains that littered the entire surroundings, I felt my heart burning as the huskibals who appeared to be in human forms killed dozens of the villagers, my heart tore into a thousand pieces as I watched with horror. How could I stay huddi and do nothing while I watched them been killed, I have had enough of this.




I yelled, my heart darkened while I came out of my hiding and approached them, bone cracking illumination the entire surroundings as I approached the huskibals while everyone turn to stare at me, something was gradually taking over me as I found it difficult to control myself.


“Who are you? The six authors of calamities will deal with you!” The huskibals muttered in demonic voices while tremendous anger surged through me, I could feel my body radiating a deadly aura while I felt tons of flows of energy sparking through my body


“No! No!! No!!!”


Michael yelled from the other side of the road as I raised my head to the sky, the chain that hunged round my neck glowed while the sky turned dark, too dark for anything to be seen as lightening flashed severally.


Everything in my path became darkened, my lips etched into a sly smile as my eyesballs turned red, my hair caught off in flames while I felt a force of red smoke evolved round me, I felt a seering pain around my back as they caught fire while Red glowing wings erupted behind me and a red glowing tattoo appeared on my neck and glowed Reddish.


“Satha…… ”


The huskibals couldn’t finish their words as I levitated, smiling wickedly while I flapped my wings together, creating a huge force that slice through the air and consumed the huskibals that stood in front of me while the remaining ones of them flew towards me.


I smirked dangerously while I leapt and landed in the midst of them, too fast for them to see as I merged with the wind and cut through their smoky bodies. My brutality wasn’t to be reckoned with and for some reason, I enjoyed every bit of it.




I wailed louder as I felt my soul been covered with darkness, something or someone was trying to take over me. A smug appeared on my face as strange vines erupted from the ground and hunged round my legs and arms. It was Michael’s doings. Earth pillars rose above me and landed on my back while blood spluttered from my mouth and splash on the ground, I wailed in pains as I shrienks and took my normal form.


“What….what happened to me?” I yelled in confusion, not remembering a bit of what just happened, I felt my whole body burning in flames while my eyes were becoming darker and darker, my chain glowed Brightly, Sparks hunged round the air as it created a flaming portal and that was all I could remember as my vision became completely dark.


“You gotta be kidding the hell outta me!”


Michael voiced out in despair as he approached Rio who had fainted, the entire street became dark as screechings of several huskibals sounded all around the place. Michael hurried as he placed Rio on his shoulders and headed towards the flaming which sucked them right into it…….






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