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The Last Demon – Season 1 Episode 4

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🗡️🗡️EPISODE 4🗡️🗡️






NOTE: some said it’s confusing, some said the grammars are high, well, it has ended in the last episode and the story has started already, am gonna be posting every day now! Pls don’t be angry for the delay!! And the Episode is long (to make up for the delay!!)…..






Meanwhile, the same force created a huge wave gat vibrated the ground, creating a twist of plot as Williams found it hard to gain his stance while he stealthily descended down the mountain……








⛱️⛱️⛱️8 YEARS LATER⛱️⛱️⛱️


It was noon, the grass swerve with the breeze while the sun shown brightly, out in the opened Field, a shadow could be seen as it came in view while a little house stood few feets from where he stood.


A full grown up guy probably between the age of 18 and 19 years could be seen lifting a huge rock with both hands, sweats trickled down his face due to to the hot Ray’s of the sun that reflected on him.


A rock that would have taken about a number of 12 men to lift, the young fellow single handedly carried and pilled them together as if it was a piece of cake. The wind blew pass the young fellow while some presence came in view.


“You never listen do you!”


A voice which seem to boom from the four corners of the horizon warned as it plunged towards the young fellow who still held the rocks together with his both hands.


“Am almost done with this Dad!” Rio replied


“You need to stop doing this extraordinary things Rio, people will get scared and runaway if they see this!”


Williams retorted while Rio heaved in disbelief, a loud thud could be heard as Rio single handedly tossed the rocks over to the other side of the road. Sweats still streamed down his body as he stood before Williams whose gaze was awe at the young man that Rio had become. His muscles were ripped and enlarged, his chest were hugely visible while his abs showed vividly, it was a thing any normal human dreamed to have.


“I still don’t get it that, it’s normal for me to do that!” Rio yelled


“Just get over it boy, you gonna be late for school!” Williams said and headed towards the shack that they lived in while Rio hummed in anger and followed after him, both heading towards the same direction.




Minutes later, Rio was all set to leave for school, his bag hunged neatly behind him while he gently opened the door and made to head out but….


“Not so fast Rio, you still haven’t taken it yet!” Williams voice boomed behind Rio who halted and slowly turned as he walked towards Williams.


Rio angrily walked towards a table that had a cup on it, a cup filled with a greenish liquid with a terrifying aura as smokes emitted from it. Rio breathe heavily as he held his breathe and gulp the entire content at once.


“All done, you Happy!” Rio muttered angrily as he began heading outside once again.


“God damn it, I still don’t get why I had to take that every morning for the past years!” Rio cursed under this breathe as he began heading out.


“I heard that Rio, one day you will understand!”


Williams retorted while Rio paid no attention to him as he plunged towards a specific area and pulled off a cover, the dust particles all filled the arena as Rio pulled the material off while a huge motorcycle came in view. Rio wasted no time as he mounted on the bike at once, the sound of the engine ranted the air as Rio ignited the engine


“Whatever!” Rio mumbled and bolted into a Sprint while the motorcycle ran in a constant direction.







The sound of a motorcycle filled the entire horizons as Rio came in view while he entered a huge gate with the word “Crystal college” boldly written on the edge of the gate. The water rose and splash on the metal gate while Rio came to a halt as he packed his bike and alighted from it.


The entire students stared at him as he walked through the passage that led to his class, the door slammed opened as Rio barged through the door and headed towards his sit.


Suddenly, a young figured boy could be seen heading towards Rio’s direction, on getting there, he tripped and just before he could fall down, Rio caught him in one swing while the coffee the figure was holding all splashed on his clothes. Rio’s smile suddenly turned into a frown while a loud thud illuminated the entire horizons as Rio released his grip on the figure who fell to the ground while Everyone turned to stare at him.


“Stop the stare nerds!” Rio yelled while everyone got back to their doings


“What the heck was that for man?”


The young figure known as Michael asked as he got back on his feet and just before Rio could answer him, the door burst open, revealing a dark skinny man with a bald head who approached the student’s


“Hello Pupils!” He muttered while everyone payed rapped attention to what he had to say


“Today’s the day of the excursion, I need you all to head outside towards the Van that has been prepared, will meet you all there in an hour!” The man explained while Everyone happily stormed outside and truth be told, a Van laid outside.


“Aren’t you gonna come Rio?” Laura asked Rio who furrowed his eyebrows and glared dangerously at her.


“You mind your biz blond, I got my own bike you know?”


Rio retorted, smirking wickedly as he mounted on his bike and rode speedily while the Huge Van Followed after him…







The sound of two different engines roamed round the woods as a huge white Van came to view while several students alighted from the van and walked round the horizons.


Moments later, a black bike came to an halt, revealing Rio who alighted from the bike and approached the students, a smug hunged round his lips while his black hair rose up due to the effect of the wind.


“Okay students, you all are gonna be in groups alright?” The man known as Mr Daniel also known as the owner of Crystal college muttered as he walked towards the midst of the students who gathered round him, all forming a crowd.


“You’re all gonna follow the path that leads to a cave, when you get there, retrieve the package and head back okay?”


Mr Daniel asked while everyone nodded as they all payed attention to the list of names, minutes passed and the final list of names filled the air as Mr Daniel spoke out loud.


“And for the last group we have, Michael, Laura, Kelvin and Rio, you’re all dismissed!”


Mr Daniel said as everyone entered the woods and began the search but meanwhile, four shadows could be seen moving towards Mr Daniel who swiftly turned to face them


” And how may I help you?” He asked


“Am sorry sir but, working with Rio is wrong, he’s a nerd!” Laura said

“And why do you think so?” Mr Daniel asked


“He’s a bully, he does things his own way!” Kelvin answered and just before another word could be heard, Rio could be seen moving towards the forest with his right hand in his pocket while the other hand ran through his black curly hair.


“You can all go back if you’re all scared nerds!” Rio said and entered the woods while the remaining three hummed in anger and followed after him….




Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into more minutes, the wind blew wildly as dozens of trees came to view, Rio and the other three figures could be seen walking towards the path that led to the so call destination!


“Do we even know where we are all going huh?” Michael asked but no one payed any attention to him.


“Guys, I think I…… ”


Laura made to speak but halted as she notice some strange movement around the woods, the four figures, Rio included all stopped as the bushes round them got wider.


“What the heck is that?” Kelvin asked, pointing towards a certain direction while all eyes trailed towards the location and just like magic, a huge bear appeared from the bush and advanced towards them, it’s gnashed teeth showed vividly while liquid dripped from it mouth as all four figures moved backwards in fright. The bear had it’s four furs on the ground while it adjusted his eyes towards them.


Tension roamed round the entire woods as everywhere became filled with fear, the four figures watched as the huge bear leapt towards them while they all dived towards different position, Rio who was too late to notice it’s attack was too late to duck as the huge bear landed on him and rammed him against the ground.


Rio wailed loudly as the huge bear slash his cheeks and tossed him towards the other side of the road, Rio yelled in pains as blood dripped from his cheeks while the bear slowly manovoured towards him.


Meanwhile, Rio stood at a constant position as he slowly touched his cheeks and growl as he saw the blood on his hands, Rio growl in anger as he swiftly turned his head towards the scary bear which approached him.


Unknowingly to anyone, the chain around Rio’s neck glowed brightly while an intense aura filled the entire horizons, Rio who still stood at a constant position made eye contact with the bear, an infiltrating aura radiated the woods while Rio’s eyes glowed reddish and just like magic, the huge bear came to an halt and dived towards a different position why everyone looked dumbstruck.


Rio slowly rose to his feet while his eyes took their normal shapes, The three figures behind him slowly turned as they all faced Rio who bled from his cheeks while he made to speak, his hands shivering constantly as he struggled to speak


“I need to head home!” Rio muttered and dived towards the path that led back to where they all came from.


Moments after Rio left, Kelvin, Michael and Laura smiled sheepishly as they all came together, their lips etched into a smile while Laura made to speak


“Finally, we found him, he’s the missing piece!”……





🏚️🏚️🏚️🏚️RIO’S ABODE 🏚️🏚️🏚️🏚️


The atmosphere looked grim and lurked dangerously, the fierce wind blew wildly while dangerous aura radiated the entire field.


The sound of a sudden engine illuminated the entire horizons, revealing Rio who alighted from his bike and speedily hurried towards his home.




Rio yelled as he barged through the door, Lightening flashed several as drops of rains littered the entire surroundings, the sky became moody while Rio continually searched for Williams




Rio yelled once more, already sounding frustrated, the entire house was exceptionally quiet except for the sound of the door creak that could only be heard. Suddenly, a loud gasp filled the entire building whose aura was becoming deadly, amidst the silent room was a figure with black clothes and blood dropping from his mouths and nostrils


It was Williams!




Rio yelled terrified, stressing the word ‘Dad’ as if losing the entire world while he squatted low to Williams and brought him to his arms, sorrow moved round the room as William’s eyes still remained close.


“Ri…. Rio!” Williams stuttered. A tingling feeling of happiness flew down Rio’s spine as tears streamed down his face while he hugged William


“Who did this to you Dad?” Rio asked angrily, his face darkened while the wind kept blowing weirdly.


“Listen to me Rio, they are here, I…. I… I don’t know how they found me but they did and they will be back, you need to go now!” Williams yelled


“Who will be back Dad!” Rio yelled


“The huskibals, they have always been after you Rio, you need to go….. Now!” Williams Said, almost like a yell.


“Don’t talk Dad, you will be Okay!”


Rio mumbled and stood on his feet while he went to pick a pain killer and just before he could get to Williams, Rio Tripped on a wooden spike and descended towards the ground but while in motion the chain around his neck loosen and fell on Williams body.


Suddenly,the air seized, Sparks hunged round the air while it formed a huge mass of lightening that struck the entire horizons, the wind blew feriously while the sky turned dark, the building shook to hinges while the entire field lits up in explosion.


“What’s happening Dad?” Rio asked, scared and terrified while he squatted low to Williams. His gaze confused and innocent.


“Listen to me Rio, I don’t have much time left, you are a special kid okay. You possess something and bad bad people are after you, you need to go right now, always wear the chain and follow your heart!” Williams explained, his voice sounding lower and lower untill he rested his head on the ground with his eyes shut closed while blood dripped from his mouth.




Rio yelled as tears streamed down his face but it didn’t last for long as screechings of the huskibals (shadow fiery demons) followed suit just outside the building, the whole building became razed with deadly aura while Rio shook Williams but he was long gone. Rio gasped as he sighted a black smoke in form of fire just outside the building while he slowly stirred on his feet, took one last glance at Williams and bolted Into a Sprint while he held the chain in his left hand.


Moments after Rio had left the building, the entire building crashed to ashes while Rio slowly turned his back and gasped as several demons floated on the air and followed after him. The dark sky made things hard for him to see clearly, The shrienk alone gave a seering headache to Rio who kept running. They were Thousands of them.


It has been minutes, The huskibals were almost gaining on Rio, the dark sky brought an aura that made Rio’s skin to crawl with fear, lightening kept flashing while a beam could slowly be seen.


Just almost when Rio had lost his breath and almost when the huskibals had gained on him, Rio’s hand glowed weirdly due to the chain that he held, the chain glowed brightly and a portal which was no where to be seen, Magically came to view while Rio got unknowingly sucked into it……









Everywhere so silent, every path darkened, Anonymous aura littered all around as I jerked off from the place I laid. I wailed loudly as I felt nauseous all around while my eyes looked sour, Everything in my path darkened and blurry!


“What the!” I yelled, my eyes almost budging out of their sockets as I stared at the impossible while screeching of strange ominous sounds sounded few feet away from me. I pucked at the sight of what stood in front of me, my gaze awe while my lips moved a bit! Never in my entire life have I ever seen this!!


“What the!!!! What happened to me? Where the hell am I?”…..







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