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The Last Demon – Season 1 Episode 3




🗡️🗡️EPISODE 3🗡️🗡️








NOTE: These episodes are juts the foundation of the story, the main action are still coming okay? Sore for the late posts….





“What could it possibly possess?”


Rio mumbled amidst himself, his gaze firmly fixed on the chain, his hands wrapped tightly and firmly on th chain, the winds blowing wildly while Rio smiled and in motion, pulled it off….. Next Episode Commence and am back!



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🏚️🏚️🏚️RIO’S ABODE🏚️🏚️🏚️


The atmosphere looked grim as everywhere was so quiet and peaceful, the snowy night brought great calmness to the soul of nature.


Out of the extreme darkness that beclouded the night, a man walked out as he headed towards Rio’s room while the ground made slight sounds as he continually headed towards Rio’s room….. It was Williams


A slight sound could be heard as Williams barged through the door that led to Rio’s room, a low gasped escaped his mouth as he met a void room, everywhere was so silent while Rio wasn’t in sight.


“No! No!! No!!!”


Williams cursed under his breathe as if knowing what had happened while he walked through the passage and headed towards the varenda of the building.


Maybe it was a confidence or fate had it basically that darkness was nigh upon the night, on getting outside, the sky rumbled weirdly while lightening sparked feriously, it was something that hadn’t happened in a long time, the cloud became darker while Williams squinted his eyebrows somehow strange as if his cool demeanor all slipping away bits by bits.


The once call wind had become fierce as they continually moved in waves and blew feriously, Williams flinched as lightening flashed more darkly while he in motion, turned backwards and stood firmly, his lips etched while he made to speak


“Ha Zexol keh, (doom his nigh, let him be safe)…….




🌳🌳🌳🌳THE WOODS🌳🌳🌳🌳


Anonymous sounds littered all around the woods minutes after Rio pulled off the chain, a fierce wind blew through the entire horizons, an infiltrating aura engulfed the entire woods while a great amount tension quaked through the cold grounds of the woods


“Am…. Am…. Am catching a cold!” Rio stuttered, shivering feverently while he made to move but ended up falling on the ground and just before he could gain his widths, lightening flashed once again.


Meanwhile, up above the sky, screechings of strange ominous sounds could he heard not far above, the sky became a little brighten, having a mixture of flames as it gradually descended the Earth, Rio breathe huskily while he stirred on his feet.


A strange aura lurked behind him as a dimed shadow could slowly be scent and just before Rio could take a shape turn, a strong arm slightly hit him on his Thoraic region (the Lowe neck), causing his eyes to lits up as his eyesballs slowly turned white, everything became darker and darker and finally, a low thud could be heard as Rio fell to the ground while he completely lost track of the events of reality.


“What the fuck have you done Rio?” Williams muttered as he emerged from the woods and howered above the sleeping Rio.


A slight tear streamed down his face as he squatted low to Rio’s height, Williams flinched swiftly as screechings of shadow fiery demons sounded nearer and nearer untill it happened, fiery figures came in view as they floated not too far from where Williams stood


“Shit, we are as good as dead!”


Williams yelled and in motion, grapped Rio by his right arm and swiftly picked the little chain that laid on the ground, the chain glowed reddish as Williams hunged it round Rio’s neck and just like a spark of energy, Rio’s body shaked faintly while his eyes glowed but later took their right shapes.


“Hel ma te don!”


Williams mumbled amidst himself and bolted into a Sprint, the ground quaked continually as Williams kept running at intense speed. The ray of light that reflected on William’s body send chills all the way to his spine as Williams slowly raised his head up above the sky and behold, there were hundreds of them, all floating above the sky as they were just few metres behind them.


“Give us the boy!”


The shadow fiery demons yelled demonic voices while their mouths breathe fire, the whole woods became filled with extreme heat as the wild chased went on.


Leaves rustling, trees twitching, ground quaking feverently, wind blowing harshly, all this feeling mixed together as the wild chased still went on. Sweats trickled down Williams face as he ran speedily while the loud snares of sleeping Rio echoed round the forest.


“Give us the boy!” The shadow fiery demons yelled again


“Come get him bitch!” Williams retaliated while he kept running.


“Holly Molly!”


Williams yelled as a huge range of fire blasted a tree that was inclined at an angle few feet beside him, causing an explosion as the huge hardened tree cracked and then began falling, thereby, slowing the rate at which Williams ran as he had to reshaped his speed and take a new turn while the fiery demons gained on him.


Williams flinched as he ducked an outstretched fiery hand that aimed for his head while he bolted into an entirely new Sprint.


“Oh God, let it work please!”


Williams yelled and tapped the device that hunged round his waist, Creating an illustrative light as a flaming portal appeared, Williams smiled and wasted no time as he dashed through the portal and just before it could close, a shadow fiery demon stretched it’s hand towards Rio, it almost got to him but the portal closed up while the demonic hand got split into two different halves, one landing at the woods while the other landed at the other side of the portal.


The shadow demons breathe heavily while they came to an halt, fire erupting from their mouths while their faces took a shape of smoke. They all looked grim and huffed their noses as if scenting Rio while they all made to speak In demonic voices.


“Man ki dol (After them!)”….




🏚️🏚️🏚️🏚️RIO’S ABODE🏚️🏚️🏚️🏚️


The whole building became filled with extreme heat as a flaming portal appeared, revealing Williams and Rio as they emerged from it and headed towards a room.




Williams muttered as he took a quick glance of the view outside, the whole cloud was darkened, lightening flashed severally while the night cloud became lightened as fiery forms could be seen heading towards the building…… The shadow fiery demons.


“You gotta be kidding the shit outta me! How’s it possible?”


Williams muttered, his eyes scanning the entire house while he projected towards one side of the wall and brought down a frame of a picture that hunged round the wall, the wind blew pass him while a device could be seen at the other side of the wall.


Williams wasted no time as he gently tapped the device, the whole building vibrated out of phase, the ground quaked and splitted into two while a hidden passage magical came into view.


Williams took 11 years Old Rio and hunged him round his back as then began climbing down the the hidden passage at once, a loud thud echoed round the dark passage as Williams landed safely and began dashing out of the passage.


The whole passage was covered in extreme Darkness and as silent as a graveyard except for the sounds of the wild birds that illuminated the entire horizons. Soon, the whole passage came to an end as Williams and Rio appeared at the other end of the passage.


It was evident that the hidden passage had led them to a vase Placement. The joy of victory flowed down William’s soul as he heaved in satisfaction but it didn’t last for long as screechings of demonic sounds still sounded few feet away from were they stood.


“Shit!! They never get tired do they?”


William asked no one in particular as he yet bolted into another Sprint entirely, seconds turned into minutes and minutes into several minutes as Williams lost the strength and the will to continue his journey as he ran at a minimum speed. The fiery demons had almost gained and closed the gap between them. They went gaining widths.




William’s yelled as a huge mass of fire rained on his left foot, causing an explosion as Williams flew upwards and landed on the ground. And just as fate could seemed, it was a dead end, a huge waterfall laid behind him.


“Why him? Just let him go!!”


Williams yelled but no one gave an answer to him as they weren’t any sight of fiery demons anywhere at all. Suddenly, A loud gasped filled the woods as the ground reverberated constantly and became unstable, the shadow fiery demons began erupting from the ground in their smokes forms as they came in view, they were tons of them.


“Give us the boy!!”


Said the demonic figures as they plunged towards Williams, each saying the same exact word over and over again while Williams struggled with his bleeding legs and crawled backwards in fear.




Williams yelled as he struggled and manage to get back on his feet, the pain that cursed through his veins send a spark of dead feeling through his soul as he shifted backwards, the rocks behind him shaked and rumbled while they descended down the waterfall, a loud splash could be heard as the rocks landed on the water.


“Now might be a really good time to do your thing Rio! Come on! Do the damn thing already!!”


Williams yelled in fright while Rio continued sleeping in an awkward manner. Williams hummed in anger but it didn’t last for long as the snarings of demonic figures erupted behind him.


“Give us the boy!”


“El sa ma to jo!” They all said in unison while Williams had a confused gaze, still standing at a spot while the shadow demons ascended towards him.


Meanwhile, all this while, an hidden aura which hid itself so well infiltrated the entire horizons as the shadow demons still approached Williams and Rio.




The shadow demons yelled as a bunch of smoke mixed with demonic fire appeared from no where at all and Collided on them, creating a huge explosion that affected both teams as the fiery demons flew backwards and landed metres away.


Meanwhile, the same force created a huge wave that vibrated the ground, Creating a twist of plot as Williams found it hard to gain his stance while he stealthily descended down the mountain……






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