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The Last Demon – Season 1 Episode 10 [Completed]

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🗡️🗡️EPISODE 10🗡️🗡️









“Asmodeus needs to be stopped. This is my home, What do you need me to do?”……




Samael is Rio’s (Sathanas) guard, a prince of the devil who absorbed his brother’s Powers. So The Creakens are defeated but one still escaped. Rio has finally agree to take up his responsibilities, let’s see how this goes. Next Episode Commence…….







🛠️🛠️🛠️🛠️THE KINGDOM OF CROXX🛠️🛠️🛠️


The walls of the room were steamed and covered with heat as the candles that flickered round the room burned and brought a great heat round the room.


The room became brightened and five figures could be seen sitting on a round table, Lightening flash and a being mysteriously appeared and sat on a dark throne while he rested his back on the Throne. His aura was intimidating while his face was covered with a blue mask with red lines all around it.


“Any words from the Creakens!” Asmodeus veered and almost immediately, the realm became brightened and a portal appeared, revealing a red roped figure who walked out of the Portal.


“Speak of the devil”

Asmodeus mumbled as the red roped creaken approached the six authors of calamities.


“What happened?” Asmodeus asked.

“Am sorry my Lord, we almost had him and…… ”


The skeletal creaken couldn’t finished it’s words as he felt strong arms grapped it by the neck an lifted it off its feet, it’s trident falling frets from it’s hands while he struggled to breathe.


“Speak!” Asmodeus who had mysteriously appeared ordered while he chocked the creaken.


“Samael, he interfered! We almost had him but he interfered!” The creaken replied and dropped on it’s knees as Asmodeus released his grip on it. Asmodeus sneered angrily and sat back on his throne while silent followed after him.


“That son of a devil didn’t die then, how dare he!!” Asmodeus wailed and fisted his hands, the table broke and splitted into two equal halves as Asmodeus punch landed on it.


“What should we do my Lord?” The creaken asked.

“Your power has been weakened by Samael, go and retrieve it but keep an eye on them, Abadon will assist you in your task, Now Go!”..


Asmodeus ordered while the Creaken nodded and bolted into an opened portal while the remaining of the six authors of calamities heaved in satisfaction.


Asmodeus breathe heavily while dark smokes evolved round him. He slowly tilted his eyes towards the round table and they rested on a bald head man whose eyes glowed greenish.


“Speak!” Asmodeus Ordered.


“My Lord, Am afraid we might have an obstacle, We all know that Samael was the strongest of the four princes of the devil’s because of his ability to absorb. With Samael on their side, am afraid the creaken and Abadon won’t be able to pull this off by themselves!” The bald head man known as Azazel spoked in a dark grutttaral form while Asmodeus smiled in response.


“Oh, I know that more than anyone here and I have the perfect plan for that!” Asmodeus retorted and smiled, leaving everyone disarrayed and confused.


Almost immediately, A Whosh sound blew pass them, revealing that Asmodeus was gone while the room became dreaded….




Rumbling of the sky sounded all around as the sky thundered while darkness creeped into a dark room. Out of the darkness whose source of illumination came from the lightening that flashed in the sky, a dark squared glowing box could be seen glowing brightly in the dark.


A few feet from the glowing box stood a man with a blue mask while his deep black eyes rested on the box. A seering heat followed and the figure could be seen moving towards the box.


The box whose colour was bright blue suddenly glowed Reddish as the man’s hands made contact with it’s skin. The box sparked, Creating a force that threw the figure metres away while the wall cracked as the figure crashed on it.


It was Asmodeus, his Lips etched while he seethed with rage at each passing moment. Moments ticked and Asmodeus growl as he existed the roomed while the box began glowing blueish once again….








The atmosphere looked grim as drops of rain littered the entire surroundings. The trees around the path swerve the breeze as the wind blew fiercely. A car could be seen moving towards the road of crystal pearch as it led to Crystal College.


Suddenly, lightening struck and a huge tree which have been struck by the lightening cracked and descended down the road. A huge thud could be heard as the tree landed on the ground, thereby, occupying the road and enabling the car not to move forward as it came to and halt.


The figure inside the car whined down the windows of the car while he stared at the hug logged of wood that divided the road into two equal halves.




The man muttered and stared at his Wristwatch and then back at the road. Fear gripped him as he sighted some pairs of white glowing eyes erupting from the bush. The man punched himself and blinked but to hi suprise, the glowing eyes was gone.


“Damn it, am gonna be late!”


The deep grutttaral voice said and angrily alighted from the car while drops of rain fell on him as he began walking towards the huge tree. Finally, he got to the tree and scanned his entire surroundings while trying to look for something that would help but he got none.


“Whose that?” The man asked nobody in particular as he noticed some strange movement around him while he slowly began bouncing backwards.


Fear Spranged to the surface as the man sighted a red rope figure standing on the edge of the fallen tree, his deep white glowing eyes rested on the figure while it’s trident spark and a weird light revealed it’s skeletal body.


“Holly Cow!!”


The figured yelled and began bouncing backwards in fright while he kept staring back at the strange figure. Soon, he got to his car and opened the door of the car while he bolted in at once. He wasted no time as he tried inserting his car keys into the car but fear couldn’t allow him to do so as his hands shivered while the car keys fell on the marble floor of the car.


The man tried picking his car key and finally he got them but as he made to raise his head up, the figure gasped as the pair of white glowing eyes strangely appeared before him and sneered at him.


A loud thud could be heard as the red roped figure broke the car glass and grapped the man by the neck and brought him out. A white light glowed on the man forehead, Creating a trident pattern while crumbles of dust rose up and defiled the entire surroundings……







It was morning, the weather looked strange while little drops of rains sounded all around. Rio and Co could be seen heading towards the school while everyone turned to stare at them.


On getting to the school, Rio sighted Ciara and waved at her. Ciara on the other hand sighted his raised hands and frown at him while Rio slowly turned to face the rest of the team, Samael included.


“You guys go ahead, I will catch up in a minute!” Rio said while Laura stared at him.


“Don’t do anything stupid and make it quick, there’s so little time!” Laura retorted while Rio nodded and began heading towards Ciara’s direction.




Rio said as he approached Ciara while the remaining girls gasped and stared lustfully at him. It wasn’t a new thing as Rio was a Greek god in the school. Minutes later, the rest if the girls all swooped towards another direction, leaving Rio and Ciara all alone.


“Go away jerk!” Ciara mumbled.

“Come on! Just wanna be friends with you Okay? Nothing else!” Rio replied


“And what if I don’t wanna be your friend?” Ciara asked but Rio couldn’t reply as he got lost by just staring at her cleavage. Ciara who noticed his stares Chuckled and then flicked her hands while Rio got back to his senses.


“Oh…. Yeah, I…. I… Uhm, Am so sorry, I better go!” Rio said and made to leave but Ciara stopped him before he could.


” You’re not so tough for a bully you know? Guess what? Why don’t you come to the party tonight and maybe, just maybe we could talk!”


Ciara explained while Rio feel great joy in his heart as he stared at her. His gaze awe at the beauty that stood before him.


“Wait, there’s gonna be a party? Where why didn’t I know anything about it?” Rio asked in one breath.

“Here in the school dummy!” Ciara retorted and slammed a paper on his chest while she kicked him in the knees and escaped from his sight


“Ouchh, Am gonna get you soon Ciara!”

Rio yelled and dragged his leg towards the School library while Ciara giggled and was out of sight.


Moments Later, Rio arrived at the library and began Walking towards a table. On getting there, Rio halted and slowly tilted his head as if scenting something. He scanned the entire surroundings but he got nothing except a voice that jolted him out from his Fantasy.


“Hey, Are you okay?” Michael asked while Rio nodded and took a sit close to his.


“Did you guys scent that?” Rio asked

“Scent what?” Kelvin asked while Rio sighed.

“Never mind, so what’s the plan?” He asked


“The plan is, we need to get you Ready and that’s by awakening Sathanas, only he alone can defeat Asmodeus!”


Samael responded while the rest of the team nodded. The table made little sounds as Samael placed a box on the table. The box opened up and Samael dug his hands into the whole he brought out a portion containing some liquid in it.


“What’s that?” Rio asked as he sniffed the portion while he suddenly held his nose firmly.


“It’s a portion my Lord, it made with demonic herbs and use in restoring ones memories, we need try it out!” Samael explained.


“No fucken way am gonna take that, it smells like hell!” Rio said while Laura glared at him and raised her hands, revealing her claws as they slowly crept out.


“Okay! Okay!! I will drink it!” Rio said and gulp in the entire contain at once while Everyone stared at him as if waiting for some kind of miracle to happen


“How do to feel? ” Samael asked.

“Normal, I feel normal!!” Rio replied and giggled. Soon, he stopped and slowly turned his head around a sit catching some scents


“What’s wrong Rio? Are you sure you’re okay?” ..


Michael asked and just before Rio could respond to his question. A loud scream diverted their thoughts while they all spranged on their feet and followed the direction of the voice.


On getting there, the entire place was crowded but they fought their way through them. There, laying on the ground was a teen girl whose eyes were shut closed while she had a trident pattern on her forehead and it glowed greenish. Everyone gasped and moved backwards except Rio and Co who had feelings that it was somehow connected to the demon world


“What’s that!” Rio asked while Samael looked closer to it and then back at Michael and then to the rest of the team. And just when he made speak, a voice distracted them.


“Everyone move back, we need everyone to leave the premises!” The voice ordered while everyone swooped out of the room.




The whole school had been filled with crowd while everyone trembled on what happened to the teen girl. Almost immediately, a van entered the gates of the school and about three men and a lady alighted from the van and approached the school premises


“DPH, Demonology and paranormal headcourters, we need to see the girl!” The lady spoke while the crowd made way for them as they headed towards the room..


Mr Daniel emerged from the elevator and also headed towards the room while everyone took a peek on what ensured between them


“Am so glad you came, what the heck happened to her?” Mr Daniel asked the lady who squatted below the sleeping girl and tilted her head over. Her eyes were shut closed while the trident symbol glowed on her forehead.


“We have never seen this before, we need to take the girl with us for further investigation, we will let you know when we were done!”


The lady spoke and shock hands with Mr Daniel while she signaled the three men to take the girl and out her in the van. The Sound of the van filled the school as it does forward and soon, it was out of sight


Samael plunged towards the room where the girl late and bent low. He widened his eyes and gasped as he sighted a dark string of hair on the floor. He touched it and felt it while almost immediately, the string glowed white and vanished.


“Guys!!! We need to stop them!”Samael yelled and came out of the room while the rest of the team had confused gazes.


“Why should we stop them?” Laura asked

“That teen girl is been marked, she’s gonna cause a lot of damage when she wakes up and we need to stop them!” Samael explained, almost like a yell.


“Marked? By who!!” Kelvin asked while Samael made to speak.


“The creaken! It feeds on souls and now that he lost some of it’s powers, it’s gonna inhabit a human body and then possess more humans, after they wake up, they possess more souls for him and he comes for their bodies and then feed on their souls!”


Samael explained while fear surface. He didn’t wait for their response as he walked towards a silent placement and conjured a portal while the rest of the team followed after him…..





☔☔☔Pearch Falls☔☔


The blue van sped forward while the teen girl could be seen sleeping silently at the back sit.


“Why’s it so foggy all of a sudden!”


The lady asked as the whole place became covered with fog while the van kept spreading forward. Suddenly, A man with white glowing eyes and a Trident held in his hand stood on the road as the van approached him.


Lightening flashed and the sky Darkened as the man raised his trident up, lightening spark while the man diverted his Trident towards the incoming van.


A loud thud could be heard as the dark lightening collided on the van while the Van rose up and crashed few feet from where the strange man stood.


The lady and the three men struggled and crawl out of the van, wounded and weak as they all fainted. The trident symbol glowed and the teen girl opened her eyes as they glowed white while she also crawl out of the Van.


The man with the Trident strangely appeared beside the teen girl and walked towards the four figures that fainted on the ground. The trident trembled as the strange man squatted low to their height and began feeding on them……






Hi Everyone, I know this Episode is a bit confusing, we will understand it in the next episode.

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