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The Kevlar – Episode 6

James woke to hear the shower running and smiled. He got up from the bed and walked
into the bathroom. “Need someone to scrub your back?” He said as he pulled Violet to him nuzzling her ear. “Since the someone is here, he is free to scrub my back.” She said and gave him the sponge. “I think I’ll start from the front” He said turning her front to him. He kissed her
with the water running down their face. “I want you inside me” she whispered and got what
she wanted. They came down together to see that breakfast was already halfway and
speculative and amuing glances were thrown their way as they sat down to eat. Clara and
Natalia exchanged amused glances as they saw Violet’s face which was shining, Mary smiled
inwards as she sipped her tea. “Your face looks radiant dear and you’ve got that satisfied look, I itch for my paintbrush to do your face justice” the Contessa said with amusement sparkling her deep blue eyes making Violet blush hard and the women laugh softly.

The men raised eyebrows
as to get what the women are laughing at but were clueless. After breakfast, Mary and the
Contessa Valeria went to the greenhouse to tend to the flowers and cut some while Clara and
Natalia dragged Violet to the kitchen to hear all about Violet’s encounter. “So, tell us, is he
really good?” Natalia asked Violet making her blush again. Clara laughed and said “you don’t need to be shy, we can see that you guys worked magic on the sheets.” “Well, we sure did. It was spectacular.” Violet said with her face in a dreamy look.

They all sighed in pleasure as they
all thought of last night with their men. .

They changed the subject and talked about how
tomorrow which is christmas is going to be. “We share gifts on christmas eve, which is tonight because tomorrow is the christmas gathering. You’ll be surprised how many Kevlars there are because all the Kevlars would be around with many friends and town people who wants to spend christmas with the Kevlars.” Clara informed Violet who took all of it in with Natalia adding. ” Even though everybody would be outside in the snow, it is always fun and many
things to eat and drink.” “Wow, I can’t wait for tomorrow.” Violet said in excitement. The kitchen door opened with Mary and Valeria coming in with each carrying a big bouquet of
flowers each.

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They went to help them carry the flowers to the table and then the flowers were
arranged in vases to be set in each corners of the mansion.

Night came after dinner with everybody relaxing in the family room where the christmas
tree stood with its shining lights and glittering decorations with many gifts piles under the tree.

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Everyone was with his or her prefered drink and partner. Even the kids didn’t retire early
waiting to unwrap their gifts. Kelvin the patriach of the Kevlar family stood up with a goofy grin
on his face and said “hell, what are we all waiting for, let’s all see what santa has brought for us
for christmas.” They all laughed and made noises with Mary and Kelvin to share all the gifts.
“Looky here, this one looks like it’s for Tommy from his mama.” Kelvin said heartily with a father christmas hat on his head. Tommy rushed to collect his gift and tore the wrapper excitedly and screamed happily rushing to his mother to give her a big hug and a sloppy kiss “Thanks mum, you got me the batman latest collection.” He said getting a big kiss back from his mum. Gifts were passed and various exclamations were made. Natalia got a pair of silver earrings from her father, a painting of herself in stages of pregnancy by Valeria, a designer shoe from Alan, a beautiful blue sweater with her name on it from Clara, a new lingerie from Violet,
another pair of earrings from her mother but a gold one, she gasped and kissed Giovani as she
saw the beautiful silver bracelet with their initials encrusted on it and she got a designer
handbag from James. Clara got a rare collection of the complete work of a Jane Austen from
Valeria, James gave her a beautiful gold and silver watch, Kelvin and Mary gave her a beautiful
china set, Giovani gave her a cashmere coat, Natalia gave her an autographed book from her
favourite author and Alan gave her a pink diamond brooch with their initials on them and a pair of silver earrings. Mary got a painting of herelf and her husband in an embrace from Valeria,
Alan and Clara got her and Kelvin tickets to a Caribbean cruise while Giovani got her a silver hair bond with matching earrings and Natalia gave her a blood red Victoria secret lingerie with
James giving her a beautiful blue-green bowl with her initials engraved on it, Violet giving her a
new sweater and Kelvin got her a scrapbook detailing their lives in picture from when they got
married till recent times. Violet was surprised as to the amount of gifts she got. “I’m so sorry
that the gifts I had for you guys was small and honoured for these gifts you all gave me”. Valeria gave her a quick sketch and painting she did for her, Alan and Clara gave her a designer bag and shoe, Mary got her a cashmere sweater, Kelvin got her a pair of earrings, Giovani gave her a cashmere sweater too, Natalia gave her a pair of Victoria secret lingerie and James got her a
white gold chain which had a ruby pendant in shape of a heart. Valeria got a lingerie from
Violet, a silver hair bond and matching pairs of earring from Giovani, a ticket to a cruise to the
Caribbeans by Alan and Clara, Natalia got her a beautiful necklace, Kelvin gave her an expensive
set of art tools, Mary gave her a nice brooch with pendant and James got her a desiner shoe
and bag. The men also got presents ranging from engraved cufflinks to expensive shoes to
expensive ties and gold watches. The children too got their own share of many presents ranging
from new dresses and dolls for Sophia and Emily to a new puppy for Tommy and toys.

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Everybody were pleased with their gifts and they had a toast, for good tidings and happiness
which they drank to it. James and Violet went in to their room after the toast and prepared for
bed. “James, I want to thank you for this gift you gave me, it’s very beautiful and I hope I won’t lose it” she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “I thought of you when I saw it and I just have to buy it for you.” He said as he rubbed his nose with hers. “I’m sorry, I didn’t get you
any gift. I promise to make it up to you.” She told him. “You’ve given me a gift, a priceless one.

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And if u still feel like making it up to me, why don’t you take off that dress.” He said into her ear making her shiver. “Why don’t I.” She smiled and pushed him to the bed.

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