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The Kevlar – Episode 3

Twin sister mine, how are you doing?” James asked through the phone when he called his
sister the next day in his apartment.
“I’m alright, Mother said you called them yesterday so I
knew you’ll soon call me.” She answered. “How is Giovani? And my baby Sofia? With my best boy Tommy”. He asked which made her laugh softly “They’re all doing great, Tommy keeps
asking when he’s going to see his uncle Jamie since your last visit to italy and I told him he is
going to see his uncle jamie at the christmas gathering.” He chuckled and said. “I miss him too, I
really can’t wait to see you guys.” “Yea me too, oh! gotta go, Sofia is pouring her food on her
body. Love you.” She said and hung up. He shook his head and went to his work out room to
work out. As he was on the treadmill, his thoughts went to Violet and her family. Her father was an upright man who loves his family and he could see that they were all a tight bunch. He
slowed for some seconds when an idea got into his head, he contemplated on it for some time
and hoped it would work out. He smiled to himself as he stopped the treadmill, wiping off the sweats on his face with a towel. He went to his room and had a shower. After he finished
dressing, He picked up his phone and called Violet. “Hey Violet, I need to run something by you.

Are you free?” He asked when he heard her voice. “Yeah. I’m not doing anything at the moment.” She answered. “Good, let’s meet up at Rowley’s restaurant near piccadilly circus.”

“Oh alright. I’ll be there.”

Violet went into the restaurant and saw James already seated in a table nearest to the door
and took a seat opposite his. The waiter asked for their order which they checked the menu on
the table and told him their preference. “Thank you for showing up on short notice.” He said
and smiled at her. “No, it’s cool. I wasn’t doing anything important anyways.” She answered thinking about how she was glad to go out of her apartment. They talked about yesterday’s dinner and how it went then the waiter brought their food. “So, I’m here and we’re through with eating. What do you want to run by me?” Violet said when they finished eating and the table had been cleared. “Right. I have a proposition for you.” He started. “Ok, I’m listening.” “I
want you to pose as my fiancee for a while but most importantly the Kevlar christmas
gathering.” He dropped. “What?” She said with surprise in her eyes. “It’s simple. You help me, I help you. I like your family, and I don’t want to see the house and the farm in the hands of the bank.”[/B] He continued. “You knew?” She squeaked out. “I don’t just employ randomly.

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Background checks are run on all of my employees.” He answered and continued. “I’ll clear all
the debts if you agree to be my fiancee till after the christmas gathering.” “But you’ve got many women at your beck and call. There are many women who wouldn’t even hesitate to be your wife.” She said with mixed feelings of anger, and sadness. “They’re not women you could take to one’s mother. You’re beautiful and fun to be with and smart too.” He said carefully not wanting to ruin it. She massaged her temples as she thought about it with a frown on her face
and the anger won. ” I’m not a woman good enough to date, I’m not a woman you could take to your mother without dangling a price out? or until I pose as a fake fiancee? Your real fiancee would be real lucky because she’ll be courted and cherished without ulterior motives.” She said
with anger storms in her eyes, stood up quickly and went out of the restaurant. James sighed in
regret as Violet stormed out, at least he tried, He thought as he signaled for the bill. She
seethed with anger from the restaurant to her apartment. “He thinks I have no feelings. He
thinks I don’t want to have a man in my life.

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I’m a woman with needs for crying out loud! I want
a man who would love me, cherish me and want me for who I am without ulterior motives.”[/B]
She said to herself as she paced to and fro her living room then she sat down suddenly. He’s
offering to pay the debts, it’ll be a burden lifted away from her shoulders and her father’s. And
what she was to do was not that bad, it is quite simple to act like one’s fiancee. She thought.
She went to bed that night with an answer to give to James tomorrow morning.

“Excuse me sir, miss Violet is here to see you.” James heard his secretary said on the
intercom and wondered what Violet has come to see him for and checked his watch, it was
almost time for his monday meetings with departmental heads. “Send her in.” He answered.

James head came up when he heard the door close and watched Violet as she came in. “Hello,
Violet. I want to apologize to you of my behaviour yesterday.” He said as he stood up to meet
her. “No, you don’t need to apologize.

I’m here to tell you that I accept your offer, I’ll be your fiancee.” She said with little enthusiasm. “Look, you don’t have to do it. I’ll find another option.”

He said with his eyes on her strained face. “I’ll do it. I’m not going to let you talk me out of it.”
She said with conviction. “Alright, we’ll talk about this over dinner. I’m late for a meeting. I’ll call
you for the time and venue.” He said as he checked his watch. “Right, I’m sorry for delaying you.

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I’m on the 5th floor if you need to send word to me.” She said and exited his office. James went to his meeting and then found himself neck deep in work. He blinked a few times when his
secretary informed him it was closing hour.

He wanted to continue but remembered Violet, he
packed his files into the briefcase and got out of the office.

“You’re looking beautiful tonight.” James said to Violet as they were seated in the restaurant.

The waiter poured wine for both of them and left to see to their order. “Thank you. You look
nice too.” She said and picked her glass. James brought something out of his pocket and said
“may I have your hand?” She raised her eyebrow but gave him her hand and gasped when she
saw the big diamond ring he was inserting to her finger. “Perfect. What do you think? He asked
.”It’s huge, I hope I won’t lose it.” She said. He raised his glass and said “To us.” “To us” she
answeres and they drank. “What will we tell people who ask us about our love story?” She asked as they were eating. “We met, we fell for each other.” He said and shrugged. “If you say
so.” She said and got back to her food. “Thank you for the drive home” she said as she got
down from his car. “Wait, let me walk you to your door.” He said as he struggled to remove his
seat belts. “No you don’t need to, we’re not dating or anything. I can walk myself to the door.

Goodnight James.” She said and slammed the car door. James watched her as she went and frowned his face in confusion thinking what he did to her to get a cold shoulder.

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