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The Kevlar – Episode 10

Violet gulped her drink more as she continued
talking. “I didn’t know I’ll attach myself so much to you guys. You all are so incredible and loving that it made me feel like I hadn’t leave my family at all and it really hurts me to let you guys go,
I was leaving quietly so as not to look into all your faces and see the hate there because of me
decieving you guys. I’m so so sorry for all this.” She finished talking and finished her drink hastily trying to pour more in her glass from the wine bottle that sat on the table. “I like you, we all like you. Hearing this wouldn’t diminish the like we have for you. You’re already part of the
Kevlar bunch wether you like it or not. As for the fake engagement part, James is the one to
blame he pushed you into it.” Mary said to Violet with the rest of the bunch agreeing to what
she said. “”Yes, you’re a Kevlar now even though you’re british but not to worry your accent is a plus for us, it’s part of why I like you.”[/B] Clara said with excitment. “You’re also a Ricci now, we
Riccis are fond of you especially mother.”
Giovani said smiling at Violet who sat frozen and
wide-eyed as she listen to what they were saying. “Si, he’s right Violet. You’re now a Ricci too.

I’ll love to have you come visit us in Italy” Valeria said pleased with the decision. “Oh and you’re not going anywhere soon so those bags are going back in.” Kelvin inputed with Violet looking at them tears streaming down her eyes. “I’m grateful, thank you, all of you for having my back. I’m
so glad to be part of this wonderful family and Valeria, I’ll come see you in Italy and stay with
you till you get tired of me. I-I need to stop crying right?” Violet said laughing and cleaning away her tears with the handkerchief handed to her. Mary went to her and brought her up to give
her a deep hug with everybody getting up to give her the same.

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The women led her up to her
room and stayed with her for a while with Valeria bringing up James issue. “So what are you
going to do about James?” She asked. “I don’t want to have anything to do with him again.

Mary please can you put me in another room? This room keeps reminding me of him.” Violet stated and pleaded with Mary to change her room. “I don’t think you want to forget about him.

You have feelings for him right? You’re in love with him.” Natalia pointed out making Violet to shake her head violently in disagreement. “You’re wrong, I’m not in love with him. Maybe I liked him before but I don’t anymore.” Violet said to Natalia and tried to believe it herself.

“I don’t think it’s just only like. I’ve seen the way you kiss each other and the way you look at each other when you think no one is watching and the spark is there.” Clara remarked. “No! I don’t
love him. He doesn’t care much for me anyway so let’s just leave it at that.” Violet stated and tried to not think about it. They all sighed in defeat and heeded her request by not mentioning
it so they changed the subject and talked about Valeria’s art exhibition which was going to take
place tomorrow.

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James arrived at the house in the afternoon and was wayla!d by his mother in the
foyer. “Don’t you dare take a step further, James Timothy Kevlar.” Mary said threatingly at James who stopped and looked at his mother in surprise. “What’s all this about mother? Is it because I’ve been out all night and this morning?” He asked in confusion. “Take a look at
yourself, you look like you slept in your clothes which smells of alcohol and your face is swelled
up like you were in a bar fight.” She said in a strong voice making James to take a step back.

“I’m sorry mother, I got carried away. I didn’t mean to get bashed up.” He pleaded. “That aside,
why did you lie to me about your engagement?” James mother asked which brought James head up quickly and sharply. “I see that Violet as told you the truth. I’m sorry mum, I didn’t
want to hurt you I just wanted to make you happy and to stop you from nagging me about not
having a wife.” He said and pleaded to Mary running his hands through his hair nervously. “So
you think decieving me was the right thing to do? Decieving everybody?” She asked hotly
making him to squirm. “I’m sorry mother.” He pleaded with his heads down in shame.

“Fortunately for us and unfortunately for you, we all love Violet and she’s part of this family now and you don’t have a say on it.” Mary revealed making James to frown in surprise. “You
hurt her James. You made her cry.” Giovani added as he and Alan walked towards them. “I did? I didn’t mean to. I’ll go and apologize right now if that’s all what you guys want.” James voiced
out in frustration. “Don’t go near her James, she doesn’t want to see you.” Alan stated to James who paced around restlessly. “She’s not going anywhere James, she’s staying here after new
year for a while, decided that she needed a Vacation.” Mary made it known to James and walked away. James stormed off to his room and stuffed his clothes into his bags with his
passport and wallet. He picked up his bag and went down to look for his parents then went up
to them as she sighted them in the greenhouse. “I’ve decided to go back to London early, I’m sorry for everything Mom, please tell Violet that I didn’t mean to hurt her. I’ll call you guys.” He said and hugged his mother with his father giving him a pat on th back.

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“Be safe, son” his father
said and James turned to go. “Kelvin, do you think James and Violet would stop being hard-
headed and realise that they love each other?” Mary asked her husband as she settled her head on his chest. “I’m sure they’ll figure it out. We aren’t going to interfere, let them wallow in their anger a little bit. After they’ve calmed down both of them would come to their senses.” Kelvin
affirmed stroking her hair tenderly. “I hope so” Mary sighed and breathed in the heady scent of the flowers.

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